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  1. started again in sittingbourne , still got around 8in parts where i have cleared the snow were ice, now covering with snow again, will be so sad when it all goes
  2. my poor dog went out for a wee and skidded across my patio going down to the garden and then again coming back, bless her , just looks wet but its a sheet of ice where i cleared the snow from it yesterday
  3. measured 9in in the back garden this morning so had 3in overnight, really hoping it doesnt thaw and it can add to it
  4. at least 6in in my back garden in Sittingbourne, all the schools closed,, been snowing on and off all day, hope it stays
  5. thought it would be too wet but laying really quickly and got constant large flakes, want it to carry on
  6. started 10 minutes ago as rain but now snow, hopefully all that coming down towards us will be snow too
  7. wind has changed a bit and dew points still dropping http://www.xcweather.co.uk/
  8. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/cold-weather-alert/#?tab=coldWeatherAlert
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