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  1. Well I haven't had much chance to catch up on the weather other than the news forecasts. Yesterday afternoon we had some heavy downpours and I was expecting it to get going through the night into this morning. Woken up to bright sky's with sun in between. Can anyone tell me if that is it now and it has missed us all together or if things are just delayed? Would love to catch some T&L in the mix of it all.
  2. Absolutely chucked it down here about an hour ago. Local roads flooded. Bright sunshine now with huge Clouds building. Exciting.
  3. Absolutely stifling here in burnham-on-sea. It has reached 44 deg in my conservatory. Wind has just picked up and more clouds around now with some pretty impressive ac. Fingers crossed ......
  4. Well at 1.30 last night there were distant elevated flashes lasted about 5 minuets. Then this morning we were woken up at 5.30am by decent thunder. I was expecting this to be 'it' but if it was then 'it' was disappointing. Oh well...... That's us over with now then.
  5. I know how you feel. I'm in b-o-s, saw about 5 distant but very bright flashes about an hour ago no thunder. 2 hours ago I was sat on the beech watching the beautiful sunset to my right and the lightening over the quantocks to my left was amazing
  6. This is all very exciting. I really hope we get something tonight in somerset, and tomorrow night. However Saturday is bristol harbour fest, and it would be great if the action would hold off for a couple hours. There could be a few soaking wet bristolians otherwise. I am on my sun lounger lying in wait...... :-)
  7. Hi everyone, as I have explained before I am a complete armature I am already getting excited about the potential for stormed in the coming days. Now all these charts and lingo I get a bit lost in, I'm in somerset. Am I in a good spot or is it all going to brew over me then move on? Local weather didn't really offer much tonight. Amateur **
  8. Hi I heard those also! Looking very dark out there now and the gulls going mad!
  9. I can still here constant rumbling. Lots of lightening still going on. Bright and sunny to the back of my house, pitch black to the front. Glastonbury are getting wet!!!!!!
  10. Well there is quite a good show going on here! Few c-g and thunder :-)
  11. Well that was an interesting school run. Absolutely hammered it down with frequent rumbles and one flash. Being so close to Bristol Channel though I think it was over Wales way. It's is pouring it down right now and skies to my west/ south west are very very black (again Wales way) Not seen rain like this in a long time.
  12. Hi all, complete weather novice here. Been watching this forum for ages. I'm a complete beginner and don't know a lot but enjoy the prospect of a good storm. In burnham-on-sea, somerset and it's gone very dark with reasonably heavy rain at the mo.
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