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  1. yes very hot and I don't have ac ? record was 43ºc at airport 14june 1981 19july 1991 and 1august 2003 all the same temperature,but today seems hotter 46,4ºc alvega No, i don't think the european record will be beaten ?maybe if this was in the end of july now the sun intensity is lower
  2. when it gets really hot in the interior is normal to happen the formation of those clouds at the end of the day with the humidity of the air ? and it can rain with 40ºc 29ºc at 8am in lisbon, today is expected to be the hottest day in history for most of the country, I am not sure if the european record will be beaten. yesterday the highest temperature registered was 45,9ºc, but today will be +-2ºc higher
  3. the hotest night is yet to come, I think there is a chance for some records ?
  4. that only shows the temperature every 30minutes and still was below 30ºc
  5. not 30ºc overnight in faro, saturday will get the highest overnights ? they are saying highest temperature was 45,2ºc today
  6. portugal in the last 30years had been the country with most fires and most area burned and last year it had more area burned than all european coutries combined, of course there were warnings but it was over 40ºc that day and because of that weather a downburst also formed and helped spread the fire very fast. Every year is the same thing because we have the wrong trees and not enough control in winter of the forests.
  7. over 23ºc at midnight :rofl: 30ºc forecast for tomorrow :yahoo:

    1. alexisj9


      Was going to say where lol, enjoy it, here it's foggy and cool in comparison, although warmer than it should be at night in October. 11.2.

    2. Blade


      I am from portugal lisbon :pardon:we had a tropical night today and during the afternoon we might reach 30-31ºc which is extremely extreme for the season :rofl:

  8. Have you guys seen the heat comming for iberian peninsula? After a september with the highest temperature ever registed in Europe in September with over 45ºc in spain now octuber might go over 40ºc :bomb:

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    2. Scorcher


      Very cool weather in Portugal at the moment though- my friend is in Porto and it's cloudy and 17C! Cooler than Manchester today!

    3. Blade


      porto is one of the coldest places in summer

    4. Scorcher


      17C though, well below average! Even Lisbon was only 22C- some places in the UK were warmer

  9. Have you guys seen the heat wave comming to portugal?:cc_confused: it will be epic for september now the sun intensity is a lot weaker and smaller days :fool: I can see 26ºc+ 850hPa everywhere!!!

    1. karyo


      I'd rather focus on positive things, like the snow in Svalbard.

    2. Spikecollie


      It's pretty hot here in France too, 35c today here in Limousin. Great for outdoors stuff, but the drought is getting worrying...

  10. 0mg! 45ºc forecast for some cities in portugal 7th september l0000000000l :rofl:

  11. OMG! 27ºc low so far in Lisbon! :)

    1. shuggee


      Urgh - horrible!

  12. OMG! Later this week will be really hot in portugal! temp 850hpa above 24ºc :)

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    2. MP-R


      How hot it will be though will depend where you are. I was just in Puerto Banus with identical 850hPa temps but it was predominantly 30-33C at the time.

    3. Blade


      but is not the same situation man... you have to look at conditions in this case portugal will receive eastern winds so they willbe continental and hot in summer, puerto banus is next to the sea always receiving some fresh air except if they have north winds if you went 100km north you would have 40ºc not just 30-33ºc lol

    4. MP-R


      Supposing the winds are from the east then you're right. Where in Portugal are you going? The Algarve would be quite pleasant.

  13. good weather in lisbon +36ºc :yahoo:some cities are above 40ºc :bomb::bomb:

    1. Blade


      +42,2ºc in tomar :)

  14. Low of 25ºc in Lisbon :diablo:

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    2. lassie23


      32-33c :shok: no fan?

    3. Blade


      nah and very few people have ac in portugal everyone opens the  windows after 10pm lmao :D

    4. lassie23


      no burglars?

  15. 35ºc+ in lisbon at the moment feels like summer :yahoo:...and google was predicting 30ºc go back to playstation forecast:wallbash:

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