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  1. None of the models are going for 30+C at the weekend as far as I know but, interestingly, WeatherPro is showing 30C for Essex and 31C for London.
  2. In that video, the MetO are forecasting these maxes for London: Tue 29C; Wed 29C; Thu 30C; Fri 31C. However, their website has these: Tue 25C; Wed 23C; Thu 23C; Fri 23C. Significantly different - I don't think I've seen such a variation between a video forecast and an online forecast from the same body. Is this a stark example of the weather apps and models struggling, meaning human input is required? Do the online forecasts have no human input at all then?
  3. Yesterday at 9am I recorded 18C & 85% humidity... this morning at 9am it was 22C & 82% humidity. Therefore feeling very oppressive, especially compared to last week when it was 22C with just 52% humidity.
  4. I think people saying 'oh well it'll still be nice if it's mid-20s' are missing the point. As others have said, we're weather enthusiasts on here so will be interested in extremes. In the UK summer, that's 30+C depending on your location. My employer doesn't understand the benefits of A/C so it gets to 26-28C inside even when it's 'only' mid-20sC outside. That for me is very unpleasant... and with no interesting weather either. I'd accept it being hot inside (and even hotter) if it meant something interesting was happening with the weather. Similarly, it annoys me in winter when there's 1cm of snow and it causes disruption. I'd rather it be 20cm of snow - there'd be more disruption, but at least it'd be interesting weather-wise. So the apparent downgrading of the forthcoming plume is, for me, disappointing.
  5. Are the people going for Gravesend aware that the MetO station there shut down because a theme park is to be developed on the land? https://www.kentonline.co.uk/gravesend/news/famous-weather-station-closed-191601/ Obviously won't make a difference if you still want Kent as your county hotspot (the nearest MetO station to Gravesend is now East Malling, also in Kent), but you may not want Kent if you chose it because of the famously 'hot' Gravesend!
  6. I could feel the increase in humidity here (Chelmsford) as early as this morning. I'm currently recording 22.2C, 62% humidity. This time yesterday it was 20C but just 50% humidity.
  7. Why are so many still expecting to see very hot weather in the coming week? The models have delayed it and watered it down, the BBC/MetO don't seem sure, the weather apps don't support it now (I know they're not 100% reliable, but still), there's a risk of an easterly flow/cloud cover and we've had a cool, wet period so the ground's not already warm. The only thing seems to be these weirdly high uppers?
  8. What do people reckon about the temps for mid-Essex next week? The weather apps (not 100% useful, I know) had 26-27C for early in the week, then it changed to 28-30C, now it's 26-27C all week. Today's GFS, which has pushed things back, seems to be indicating 30C here may not be reached until late next week. I'm a bit cautious about the possible cloud cover issue, as that's restricted temps during hot weather before, e.g. late July 2014.
  9. The ECM's thundery low seems to have spooked WeatherPro, which uses a blend of models - down from highs of 30-31C to 26-28C for SE England next week now.
  10. Elizabeth Rizzini on the BBC London (radio) weather said she thought next week could get to, or close to, 30C.... she also said 34/35C is showing on some models but she thinks that's a bit far-fetched. Presumably just her opinion, but how can she think that when virtually all the evidence is pointing to London easily reaching at least the low 30sC?!
  11. The WeatherPro app has picked up the signals. Last night it was showing a max of 26C for next week in London, now showing 29C on Wednesday. I expect it'll soon be throwing up a 30C.
  12. Thanks. Where did that calculation come from? Is it something you created?
  13. Halfway through June and I've recorded an average max of 18.5C so far, skewed by the 1st and 2nd which were 25C and 27.1C. Looking back at past Junes (my data goes to 2014), the number of days not reaching 20C ranges from 6 (2018) to 15 (2014 & 2015). So far this June, 12 days haven't made it. I suspect it'll end up beating 15.
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