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  1. h2005__uk__

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Here in Essex we've not been doing too well with temperatures if it's extremes you're after. I recorded a high of 29.5C at the beginning of the week and the nearby MetO station recorded about 28C, but the rest of the week has been no higher than about 27C. London's not been doing much better either. Maybe this weekend could see the turn of the SE to get some real heat? Amazing run of weather though. I don't overly like hot weather, but I put up with it if it's meteorologically interesting (i.e. above the magic 30C mark!).
  2. h2005__uk__

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    I know GFS undercooks temperatures, but yesterday it had mid-20s for mid-Wales when the actual max was 31C, then today it had a high of 25C and some places there reached 33C!
  3. h2005__uk__

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Tweet from meteorologist Simon Lee: https://twitter.com/SimonLeeWx/status/1004079867846152199
  4. h2005__uk__

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Do you have a link to that please? I can't seem to find ground temps for ECM.
  5. h2005__uk__

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    What sort of ground temps would those uppers give at this time of year?
  6. PS. I suppose it depends whether you want the maximum of the day and the minimum of the night, or the max/mins of a day.
  7. The Met Office don't seem to use the 'official' method for the 'day's extremes' pages on their website, as on there, they define the time ranges as: Highest maximum temperature - (0900 to 2100 on the date shown); Lowest minimum temperature - (2100 on the previous day to 0900 on the date shown) I've been playing around with some of my weather data recently and have been using these ranges, but the problem is that on the rare occasion a maximum occurs during the night, it gets missed. On the other hand, using 0000-0000 or 0900-0900 seems to have its drawbacks too.
  8. Hi Are there standard time ranges for maximum and minimum temperatures? I believe the data through Ogimet takes the max as being the max between 6am and 6pm, with the min being between 6pm and 6am (the following day). However I'd have thought that could miss some minimums in the winter when often the minimum is just before sunrise at nearer 8am? Would 9am - 9pm for max and 9pm - 9am for min be better, or even 6am - 9pm for max and 6pm - 9am for min?
  9. The WeatherPro app has a 'Feels Like' temperature and I was wondering what formula they use to calculate it. I've found various formulas online, including one used by the Calculus software, but they produce lower results compared to the WeatherPro one. For example, with a temp of 28C, wind speed of 12mph and humidity of 44%, WeatherPro has a 'feels like' temp of 31C, but the formulas I found come out at around 29C. Does anyone know which is the most accurate formula? Preferably one that can be used at all temperatures. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, that's interesting - I'd also wondered whether there was too much 'mass' in the screen which was contributing to overheating. However, I painted the inside white and this, along with the fan running in the sunniest conditions, seems to have removed the spikes when the sun is out. The temperatures I record are very close - almost identical sometimes - to the local MetO stations (and closer than other unofficial stations). For those interested, I used the 1937 Met Office Stevenson screen spec (and used option #4 for sheathed instruments) and slightly scaled down the measurements. I think the link was originally posted here ages ago but I've re-uploaded it - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8tmm78to11a4pdk/Met Office Stevenson screen.pdf?dl=0 I also created a SketchUp model which I'll post a link to as well.
  11. Thanks for reply. I've attached pics of my screen - it's about 25x25x25cm in size. I've not yet painted the inside, but I have fitted a fan at the (north-facing) back, which blows air from outside to the inside. I think it's helped and the screen seems to perform better than my old screen, but the readings are still a bit 'spiky' when the sun comes out. Anyone got any further advice? Thanks!
  12. Hi What inside colour would people recommend for a small, wooden, double-louvred aspirated Stevenson's screen? I've read black is best as it'd prevent any light being reflected onto the sensors, but I'm worried the black surface would store heat. Also, should the fan (for aspiration) blow air onto the sensor or away from it? Thanks
  13. As with previous years, predict when and where the first 20C of the year will be! I'll go for my home turf of Writtle and 24th March.
  14. First post-5pm sunset for me since the clocks went back will be coming this week!
  15. Thanks - do you know what the UK standards are called? I'll see if I can find them - would be interesting to see. It'd also be good to see any other examples of what's considered to be falling/rising etc. in terms of pressure.