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  1. I don't understand why more people don't use portable A/C units. Obviously not everyone can afford them, given they cost around £230 new (plus they cost about 50p per night to run), but it's surely a worthwhile thing to save up for. Climate change will clearly make summers less bearable. They do a great job in a small bedroom, where you can at least escape to for a while, and of course it makes sleeping bearable too. Even if it's only been in the low 20sC during the day, it still gets to the mid-20Cs upstairs in my house, so whacking the A/C on for a couple of hours reduces the temperature down to something more comfortable for sleeping. If it's been hotter outside then the house is warmer and I keep the A/C on all night. I recently bought a new one bought also have a second-hand one (made in 1999) and my parents have one they bought in 1998. Both still work fine because they're obviously not used that much, so new ones bought now should, in theory, last for many years.
  2. Is it just me who doesn't consider this week to have been a heatwave? I noticed local BBC news describing it as a "mini" heatwave which is more accurate. Much of the SE & E Anglia didn't hit 30C - and stations which did hit it only just scraped it. The temperatures for the rest of the week didn't exceed 27-29C. I appreciate it's been more of a heatwave in the west of the UK though, where temperatures reaching 30C is obviously rarer.
  3. Where are the hottest temps likely to be on Sunday then? It seemed to be the Midlands but now it seems to be more like the usual London area (if I'm correct).
  4. If we don't hit 30C in mid-Essex this summer then it'll be the first year not to do so since 2009. (Mid-Essex being either the Andrewsfield or Writtle stations.) I posted something similar a year ago and then we had 7 days of >30C temperatures; 6 of them in a row!
  5. Every summer in the models thread, whenever temperatures fail to break 30C in a hot spell, many people say things like "ah well, 27C is still hot and usable!". It's the same as a possibly snowy spell in the winter delivering no snow... but people in that thread don't say "ah well, it's still cold and frosty!". I don't like heat but I like extremes, so if it's going to get to 28/29C then I'd rather it got well into the thirties - both are unpleasant but at least the latter's rarer and meteorologically more interesting!
  6. Surely that'd be giving temperatures of close to 20C if not higher?!
  7. Sadly I found in the past that the MeteoBlue site never tallied up with what was said on Weathercast (or if hourly temps were reported by the MetO on Twitter or something). I'm not sure why!
  8. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have all stations - at least it doesn't have my two local ones (Andrewsfield 03684 and Writtle 99127). I can't believe the MetOffice is still so bad at providing this basic info free of charge.
  9. Argh... as I feared, the Belgium and French sites I linked to above now redirect to Weatherpro.com. Are there any websites where you can view MetO hourly data in tabular format, as you used to be able to via Weathercast? Thanks.
  10. I had bookmarks in my browser to take me to my local MetOffice station data on weathercast.co.uk, where it was shown in a useful table format. I noticed last night that they now forward to a WeatherPro website and so does the main weathercast.co.uk website. I don't know what's happened. However, after some Googling I found the data's still available in the same table format on the Meteoservices.be website, e.g. www.meteoservices.be/be/home/weer/weer-wereldwijd/waarnemingen/obsid/99127.html It looks the same as Weathercast and I've just found what seems to be a French version at www.meteo24.fr Hopefully these sites won't go the same way as the Weathercast one, but sadly I wouldn't be surprised if they do given they appear to be foreign versions of Weathercast.
  11. Writtle (nr Chelmsford in Essex) has now had three six-day 30+C spells: It's clear that this year's has been the most intense, meaning mid-Essex has experienced its hottest spell of weather on record.
  12. Frustratingly, the Writtle station has been offline since yesterday morning. Strangely though, the @EssexWeather Twitter account posted a maximum figure for it and it's not clear how that was obtained. Someone else asked them but got no reply. Does anyone have any ideas?
  13. In terms of mid-Essex, Writtle got to 34.8C (slightly lower than last Friday) and Andrewsfield reached 34.1C (higher than last Friday). My own station recorded 34.6C (also higher than last Friday) and is my 3rd hottest day since my records began in Sept 2013. Writtle's temperature today is its 5th hottest; its top five are now: 1.) 25/7/19, 37.7C 2.) 10/8/03, 35.7C 3.) 3/8/90, 35.2C 4.) 31/7/20, 35.1C 5.) 7/8/20, 34.8C Notable therefore that three of its top five are from three different 'heat events' in 2019/20.
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