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  1. Everything has taken for ever this year to bloom, think the nights were a little cold for them earlier in the summer and we've had a dreadful pesky wind for what seems most of the summer months and so the baskets have taken quite a bashing. One plant that was splendid this year was my climbing rose, it was an absolute picture. Anyway this is my garden complete with a 50 year old tortoise playing with his pot
  2. have been following the conversation with interest but haven't posted in this thread before. I feel things have changed with regard to thunderstorms over the last few years. I can recall as a kid growing up in the mid to late 60's ( yes I'm ancient) being terrified and crawling into bed with mum and dad because of some pretty ferocious night storms. Whilst I am ready to accept remembering childhood memories can be selective, I really DO recall some frightening nightime and late afternoon storms in the 1990's possibly because as I was so worried about whether my horse was safer inside or out during these episodes; events that went on for a good few hours. Certainly I can't recall anything remotely similar during the summer months over the last 10 or even 15-years. Yes, we've had storms but not so severe and they have few and far between and usuallly short lived affairs, last year and this year so far have not delivered at all........heres hoping......
  3. Agh, what a shame for all those horses, innocent creatures wrapped up mans troubles......
  4. Aagh he is very cute, whats his name? One of my cats is a character, Butty (after Jenson Button) bought home a headless squirrel for me once; what on earth he thought I may have wanted it for I don't know, right proud of himself he was.
  5. Blimey, bit close for comfort, I live in Penn in Wolverhampton, which is not too far from this!
  6. Hi, my least favourite season is summer. Not happy with intensely hot weather at all, don't mind early morning warmth but by afternoon if the sun is blaring down on me constantly I can get pretty damn miserable. Like it to go rainy and thundery late afternoon in the summer so it waters my garden rather than me fighting with the hosepipe. If we've had a hot dry summer I always feel the gardens start to go tatty halfway through August. I also find the light nights and light early mornings can be difficult with sleeping. Love cold snowy winters, 2010 was beautiful especially when the snow had just fallen......the peace and quiet it seemed to create was wonderful. The top of my garden and wood beyond looked like a scene from Narnia, really pretty. Don't mind autumn so long as it is dry so that when the leaves fall they are bright and crispy when you walk through them. Trying to clear the leaves up when its a sodden autumn is horrible. Spring is pretty with all the bulbs, plants and trees bursting into life.
  7. I think it is Tunis also
  8. Wasn't it just fabulous. Those tiger cubs are stunning (as is the mum and all the other tigers).......think I missed my vocation in life, it must be the best job ever. What a privilege to be able to work with them. I can really see the wild tiger in my domestic babes, similar characteristics in so many ways especially my cheeky new male tabby cat. Just check the TV schedule though Jax as I have a feeling the second one is tonight and the last installment tomorrow. Don't want to see any of the poaching scenes though........know it goes on but my blood starts to boil.
  9. Many thanks for posting about this series, really looking forward to it. My 4 felines are domesticated but still fancy their chances at times. I've searched for it in my SKY planner but says it is on this week, Tuesday I think.
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