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  1. Hello Claret 047, it seems to me whatever she does won't sit well with some of you guys. If she speaks what she says is wrong but if she doesn't speak at all, then she's wrong again for saying nothing. Can you relay exactly what you wanted her to say? Have you a vision or view on how Corbyn will handle the ISIS terrorist threat in this country should he be elected?
  2. whilst I completely agree with this sentiment .........you'll never sell this to Mr. Corbyn in any shape or form; unless, dare I suggest, he does a U turn on his views...Not sure how the police feel about this themselves? admittedly a few years ago but I had a close friend who moved from the regular police into the armed division and a few of his previous colleagues were less than supportive of his move.
  3. Sorry Ed, you have taken offence where none was intended to be honest and I am not interested in political point scoring especially on a day like today and I take offence you suggest that. I simply made an observation the authorities in the UK have to try and make ground to protect the public and prevent these attacks from happening in the future while all the while looking over their shoulder and justifying the actions they take to prevent further attacks happening. In doing this juggling act possible terrorists slip through the net only to resurface having committed a terrible atrocity of the type we have very sadly witnessed recently....how many times do we hear these people were known to the authorities. Police being "everywhere" won't prevent these attacks. These perpetrators are silent and almost hidden - which person in a crowd has explosives strapped to him or her? Which van in that crawling line of traffic will veer off course into a crowd of people to cause maximum damage? So indoctrinated against our way of life are they, they would be quite capable of doing this in the presence of mass police presence.
  4. Sorry, no doubt will be a vastly unpopular view but unfortunately in this politically correct world we live in we have to appease the human rights activists, however wrong that be. I agree wholeheartedly, when you break the law of the land you live in and commit these awful crimes and atrocities, whilst I don't suggest a Guantanamo bay, you surely must accept your human rights are somewhat withdrawn. Like him or loathe him I have a sneaky suspicion terrorists may not be so free and easy with America under Trump. I may be wrong and time may tell but he won't be so easy on them if they strike across there.
  5. Not sure I agree with this HP. To me does it not show she has a high level of confidence in her ministers and empowers them to do the job they were appointed to do? Is Amber Rudd not HomecSecretary? In my area of work we fielded the person with the most knowledge, information and experience to carry out the job in question. By this I mean, however toxic the job, the Director of Commissioning did not automatically chair all meetings, he trusted in his team members to do the job on his behalf.
  6. Absolutely, there is nothing wrong with admitting you have made a mistake and do a U turn. Labours manifesto is so full of promises the gullible will buy. Corbyn will never afford to keep those promises so if he does get elected 'I'm afraid x' amount of years down the line these people will be disenchanted with things he didn't fulfil and, as you say, the ecomony will be down the drain. I do agree the root cause of all this mess is Cameron and Osbourne.. .....Cameron should have stayed on to see Brexit through instead of running off in a tantrum......didn't he pledge to carry through the referendum result whatever that was? I am dreading a labour government, the last one was bad enough....
  7. the other thing that worries me is I spoke to my financial advisor today and he feels Corbyn does not understand economics at all.
  8. GP's are incentivised to do most things to be honest. QOF and all that.
  9. Quite right. I turned the tosh off after 10-mins. Don't know who I wanted to slap the hardest......no, thinking again that would always without doubt be Farron, what a silly man he comes across as. The saying.....couldn't run a bath springs to mind again. Nevermind, just over a week to go, done my postal vote anyway now and will post tomorrow.
  10. be interesting to know if he knows how much his other election promises will cost....
  11. Can't see Jeremy Corbyn surviving either if labour do manage to get in, do you? Short memories? We know the labour party were in shambles after the EU ref - has all that angst we witnessed really been put to bed I wonder, I think not. I'm quite sure if he does become Primeminister the old cracks in labour will surface pretty quickly and we'll have a government consumed in turmoil to get rid of him rather than focussing on leading the country through a difficult Brexit process - free school meals aside, this really is the important issue. I've followed this debate with interest and whilst labours manifesto appeals to many with its public sector spending pledges I have to ask have they really the money and skills to deliver it? I suspect not and he knows it, where is all that money coming from??? I also agree with the views about nationalisation, he'll drag the country back 40 or 50 years (yes, I am shuddering)n- where will the money comevfrom to support this? More importantly he may come across as sincere but he will never deliver a decent brexit deal, he'll be steam rollered into anything the EU cares to demand - his public sector spending plans under more pressure if he caves in to a large EU demanded financial settlement perhaps. The EU will say jump Mr Corbyn and he'll say.....how high? Putting it all together to me its picking the best of a bad bunch to be honest but as my friend told her local labour representative the other day...... the labour party simply couldn't run a bath at the moment.
  12. We've had some thunder rumbling around...dark clouds towards Shropshire ( or over bills mother as they say) not sure if it will come to anything....
  13. just a genuine question - do the children eat the meals though? my mum paid for my lunch at school but was called into the head because I refused to eat them and he was worried....they were awful that is why I refused to eat them. Took a packed lunch as soon as I was able.
  14. Have to say though looking a bit more critically at how the the winter fuel allowance is allocated is very much warranted. My uncle as an OAP has had it for years and how silly is that when he lives in Lanzarote!!!!! My mum is an 85-year old widow and of course she gets the allowance, however, she freely admits with the careful financial planning she undertakes to manage her house she could manage withoutbit if it was withdrawn.
  15. Absolutely....it was a complete and utter shambles but I have to say a great deal of problems were caused by different organisations with the nhs umbrella digging their heels in only wishing to use "this" clinical software and refusing to use "that" software and "this" software wasn't compatible with other things to enable an electronic health record to work a nightmare really.
  16. New Labour made huge changes to the NHS but do remember they saddled the NHS with PFI debts which spiralled out of control. They opened the door for the private sector to provide NHS services - ISTC, AQP's, and,as I understand it, paved the way for foundation trusts . Using private providers for routine operations is not a bad thing to be honest. I work in a private hospital now who have NHS contracts to provide a basket of procedures for the NHS. What it does is create extra capacity in NHS hospitals, the down side, of which many find unpalatable, is it leaves the NHS to pick up the more expensive complex cases because the private sector can't deal with people with complex health issues if having routine operations - they don't have critical care facilities if things go belly up. Foundation trusts are another thing - empire building comes to mind. I do so hope social care gets momumental investment. As I've said before I sat as commissioner on the DTOC (delayed transfer of care) meetings - they were dreadful meetiings - trying to get people out of hospital into EMI nursing or residential homes or trying to get care at home was a never ending task. Throwing money at NHS services is not always the answer to the problem sadly, sometimes its far more complex than that!
  17. Ed, any political party voted into government "meddles" with the NHS, after 25-years NHS service I have witnessed the meddling first hand, its not unique to the tories.....
  18. Just found a link to the interview..... http://www.suttonguardian.co.uk/news/15281012.Sutton_MP_spars_with_BBC_host_over_Syrian_refugees/#comments-anchor
  19. I didn't see the interview but apparently I'm told by someone who did Tom Brake quoted Sutton had accepted 20 people but the interviewer corrected him .......Sutton had accepted TWO!!!!
  20. I think all of this is very true. I recall she sat on the fence a great deal during the EU debate and certainly didn't come out supporting the remain campaign with any strength or conviction....she was rather quiet through it all.
  21. Lol, each to their own opinion but I will say I simply cannot think of ONE person I know this side of the border that has a smidgen of liking for Ms. Sturgeon in any way shape or form. Can't agree with Mrs May's opinion on fox hunting though, that is a negative for her in my book.
  22. Your statement "the great running away" implies cowardice on the part of those involved.....and that is the offensive bit.
  23. Yes....and its still an extremely offensive remark for those involved, jeez show some respect for those who risked their lives.
  24. Unfortunately and sadly this is very true. Having worked in the commissioning of NHS services for many years it is a constant battle to meet the ever spiralling demands placed upon it. Oh how many times commissioners have thrown some money at a problem area to try and solve it to no avail.....demand, activity and expensive medical break throughs will outstrip capacity everytime. So much effort, time and stress goes into this believe me. Its almost as if we need to start to redesign the NHS from the basics again.
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