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  1. Hi and yep I totally agree that has been the problem. Someone kindly posted a link to problems with bean plants and the soil been too cold when planted out was on that list. Can't see any evidence of pests, fungus or any other disease. They have recovered to a degree with a couple of beans appearing!! Didn't plant them out until well into June though but I think there must have been some coldish nights in June,
  2. Listen to classic fm all the while now, they often play some of the greatest movie music...... Currently playing the John Dunbar theme from Dances with Wolves ( so I''m day dreaming of riding off into the distance with a young Kevin Costner, ha ha).
  3. Have ridden horses all my life and so, as a little girl as you might have expected, this was a insprational theme tune for me
  4. I agree Versailles theme is good, brilliant series as well. another favourite of mine, the Borgias, I was absolutely gutted when theybfailed to finish the story with a 4th series
  5. Oh, so very many to mention spring to mind......Downton Abbey music is beautiful, Brideshead Revisited, theme from the earlier Pride and Prejudice, Game of Thrones, anyone remember the UFO theme....i'm sure I'll think of more later
  6. Just harvested my charlotte potatoes, excellent crop and very tasty. Runner beans doing ok but dwarf beans were a waste of time this year. Loads of tomotoes.....just hope they ripen now.
  7. Me, I'll have a moan about it For me the summer (certainly around these parts) has been....shall I say.... inconsistent. Its either been too cold, too hot, too wet or too windy for me. The latter has really hacked me off....had to prop my beans up last night, take the hanging baskets down off the front before they blew away. Thought the baskets around the back had some shelter....nope....came home from work tonight only to find one of the fucshia baskets destroyed, all broken bits on the floor.....the wind must have weakened the stems - lovely double pink flowers. The consistent wind has also dried the garden up so much and now.......it's too dry!! Nice reasonable temps with regular rainfall every so often to water the garden.....and without that pesky wind would have been nice
  8. Oops! Can't keep up with my Jesse, he was semi feral I guess when I took him in. Get daily dead voles, (he eats the mice if I can't get them off him), came home to a dead vole and dead rat side by side in the car port last week, keep telling him I don't want all these pressies! The worst was coming home to a live squirrel in the kitchen, which he'd bought in through 2 cat flaps!!
  9. We're having some of the runner beans for lunch tomorrow though.....hope they are OK.
  10. Thanks for the link, will have a peruse. They are very sad looking plants
  11. Thanks. I did harden them off before planting out but didn't warm the soil beforehand, I think I do remember a few colder nights after planting out so perhaps this was the problem....they caught a cold I'll leave them a while longer to see if a miracle happens although I believe we are in for more chilly nights over the coming days.
  12. What tell tail signs would I be looking for? I Can't see anything to the naked eye, no flies at all although the leaves look all crinkled up and stunted. Pulled some up and can't see anything obvious around the roots. Disappointing as I had a lovely bumper crop last year.
  13. Can anyone with more knowledge than I have hazard a guess at what's happened to my dwarf beans this year? They're depressing me and I'm just about to pull them out. Grew them from seed and they were doing really well until I planted out beginning June, I just wondered if it was the colder nights earlier in the summer. I did noticed vine weevil in my sweet peas so treated them with vine weevil killer and did all the beans at the same time. I put copper tape around the pots to keep the slugs out. My runner beans are Ok and I've just harvested my first batch of charlotte potatoes are they're just fine.
  14. I knew one Kardashian sister was Kim, because thats also my christian name, no idea about Rihanna, knew Brad Pitt was now married to Angelina Jolie, didn't know the Beckham question but then I''m not a football fan, I guessed it was probably George Clooney for the last one - btw she's very welcome to him he never has and still doesn't do anything for me!!
  15. Mine seem to. They have two and will chase each other through them or play with toys inside the tunnels. Jesse hides in them when it comes to going in the kitchen at bedtime - he thinks I can't see him, lol.
  16. How sweet, what are their names? ,look like the 3 musketeers sitting there
  17. My weigie, Lewis (after Lewis Hamilton)...in his tunnel. my foster kitties, the back panthers. Very happily all going to be re-homed together in a lovely quiet village in Shropshire, just mum to be re-homed now.
  18. Wild guess, is it the Colour of Money with - was it Paul Newman?
  19. Is this psycho?? How about.... "Shocking. Positively shocking"
  20. Another easy peasy one for early morning....classic film, musical Please sir, I want some more..
  21. Wierpig spotted this one...Out of Africa
  22. Spot on, it was Karen Blixen's speech over Denys Finch Hatton's grave from Out of Africa. how about.... Of all the gin joints in all the towns, she had to walk into mine....
  23. Yes, Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, music from the film is good as well.
  24. Easy one... Houston, we have a problem...,,
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