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  1. aaw sorry Knocker, has the light bulb gone in the woodshed? It will need sorting in time for when the winter model discussion gets going though. In the socialist spirit would be happy to re-distrubute sone of my light bulbs to you to help out if you want .....joking apart though, those days were pretty grim. As well as rationed lighting and heating I recall many people working in areas supporting the car industry with parts went on to endure 3-day weeks including me, mum and my dad. Dire days indeed.....thanks red robbo!!
  2. She didn't have to, he worked out for himself quite quickly the amount of money he'd need to borrow to fulful all the promises he had made was really very very scary indeed.
  3. I recall those awful days....cold, dark and depressing. Funnily enough my work colleague's son, now in the RAF, came home with the Corbynitis bug....full of it he was. His mother listened very carefully and patiently to all he said then carefully and patiently herself explained the issues and probems caused way back then by nationalised governments etc etc. She left him to muse things over and make his own decision.....being a bright boy he saw the light and needless to say his Corbynitis has been cured.
  4. I do worry about my job as well to be honest. Albeit only part time work it does help to make ends meet easier and, more importantly to me, enables me to support a number of local animal charities on a monthly basis. I knew Corbyn had private medicine in his sights. Quite foolish really as private medicine does have a significant role to play across many clinical disciplines. The insured part of the market goes down each year and he will just make that worse. A number of private hospitals also do routine nhs surgery, i.e., hips, knees, feet, shoulders, hands etc thus creating extra capacity in the NHS and I suspect he would stop this. He aint worked out that both these negatives on private health would see NHS waiting lists get longer as well as possibly put people out of work as some private hospitals would struggle. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/08/labour-plan-hit-millions-workers-hiking-medical-insurance-tax/
  5. Snowycat

    TV drama

    oh I soooooo wanted Bennett to have miraculously survived that vicous attack......
  6. Can't see anywhere where I'm trying to make anyone feel quilty about anything to be honest.....
  7. Genuinely glad you got to enjoy the recent hot weather stainesbloke but being so sarcastic about those who genuinely don't enjoy the heat as much as you is not particularly friendly from where I sit. Firstly intense heat such as we have experienced over the last few days causes some real issues for people who suffer from a range of medical conditions, in particular those making breathing difficult, so spare a thought for them struggling to breathe in such intense heat and secondly Kuwait, unless I'm mistaken, is a country well geared up for heat so is able to cope.
  8. I agree, the past few days have been unbearable. I'm also worried it has really knocked my 17-year old cat for six all this heat and it hasn't done me many favours either having to work in an office with no opening windows (other than 2" with a struggle!!) and no air conditioning. Happy for pleasant summer weather but not the oppressive heat of the last few days.
  9. Yep, I went to an all girls church school.....(although I was a rebellious student risking detention by wearing the rim on my hat down)....and you are spot on with this. At school for me domestic science was a core subject and it was hands on practical stuff; we took the raw ingredients in and actually cooked the food at school to bring home - rice puddings, cheese and potato pies, egg custards, stews, soups - just basic stuff. I can recall trying to get sloppy stuff like stew home on the school bus - not funny if it tipped up When I worked at the PCT they actually piloted a scheme running cookery skills for some people to get them going on the cooking front, shocking to realise some kids had cake for tea every night - a different flavour cake maybe but still cake - dreadful nutrition. As an old fashioned girls school we also had to study mothercare - cooking was a good skill to teach..... not sure about mother care though
  10. Find that really odd thinking to be honest. I usually find, being a vegetarian and a coeliac (the latter meaning I simply have to cook my own food) that if you shop around in Lidl or Aldi or other supermarkets you can often purchase good wholesome vegetables and cook a variety of your own dishes to eat fresh or freeze them for another time. Buying packaged convenience food is far more expensive.
  11. Skies looking towards Birmingam way from my garden....does it look promising?? Desperate for a good downpour...
  12. yes, very true.......and you can do a degree in some of the weirdest of subjects.
  13. Another good reason for Corbyn not to be elected to No. 10..... the introduction of El Gato would cause even more tension and strife.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/election-2017-40263942/palmerston-v-larry-tensions-in-westminster-on-tv-broadcast
  14. I quizzed my local tory candidate about this fox hunting, Paul Uppal. Sad he wasn't elected really as he's a decent chap and has worked hard locally and is very recogniseable on account of this .....whereas the labour goon was never seen canvassing at any point locally, wouldn't recognise her at all. Paul Uppall did say he, as well as most he knows, would always vote to support the ban, which is good news. Unfortunately, as years of riding experience in the heart of Shropshire can verify, the bad sad news is the ban can and often is ignored and is very hard to monitor. They close ranks when questioned about it all. The local hunt dogs have often got it wrong and family pets - cats, rabbits etc have been victims of their frenzy. Out of interest, I just wonder how close these packs of manic dogs sail to the dangerous dogs act.
  15. alexisj9, not sure I agree here. I'm not keen on social media stuff at all and unfortunately have had to succumb to one of those "uselessbook" accounts (you know the one I mean) on account of the cat rescue work I do, its great for finding lost cats and finding homes for kittens (all homes and potential owners vetted thoroughly first I might add). Anyway, I was horrified at the unyielding bombardment of anti tory pro Corbyn bilge appearing on my feed which increased daily in amount up until the day of the election. Fortunately it was never going to influence me towards labour in a million years but I could see how the continual tidal wave of narrative via social media could influence some. An example was the fox hunting stuff. It seems TM made a comment about personally not being against fox hunting which was quickly turned into rabid anti tory news feed propaganda on social media saying she was bringing fox hunting back!! Very much anti hunt I contacted the PM's office via the website to be told she was not planning to bring fox hunting back but was committed to giving MPs are free vote on the subject.....not quite the same but mischief could be made very quickly via social media. Ban or no ban, it makes no difference, they hunt the poor foxes anyway.
  16. He may (no pun intended) adopt this view. However, Theresa May, in part, is cleaning up the mess he and his partner in crime left behind them. Osbourne and Cameron said they would carry through the will of the people with the EU referendum whichever way it went. It seemed to me they started this terrifying trend of denying the results of a democratic vote.....the two most senior politicians at the time simply walked away and disowned a democratic decision in a referendum they had initiated. That moment is the platform on which all this dissaray is based on itvseems to me. In days gone by this man would have been hung, drawn and quartered for treason,
  17. Best post in the thread by a mile and so hits the nail on the head. On reflection whilst there is no denying May and the tories ran a shockingly dismal campaign, which came back to bite them, I believe another dimension to this is the marxist brothers Corby and McDonnell should shoulder some of the blame for the mess we are in for irresponsible desperate vote grabbing promises they could never have kept. In so doing they have almost caused social unrest. They promised the world, his wife, the kids and the dog everything for free; free child care, free social care, free tutition fees. Whilst promising this they promised to nationalise water, rail, post and energy, Corby fluffed free child care because he didn't know how much it would cost - he just said it would cost a lot. Nationalisation plans had not even been costed. I cannot find the interview but my neighbour told me whilst flicking through news channels on Friday morning he came across an interview with McDonnell who actually admitted labour may not have been able to fund all they had promised. Here is a starter, disability caps would stay under a labour government, http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/general-election-20107-latest-labour-manifesto-benefits-freeze-cap-jeremy-corbyn-a7739471.html So who, it seems, fought a campaign on lies and deceit? McDonnell appears to have a history of bending the truth for his own ends - denies being a Marxist on TV but is then filmed preaching marxist ideology - very much the dangerous game of politics of envy. Shocking, shocking, shocking.......
  18. Hello HP, I agree with these sentiments except on ISIS. Have spent alot of time over the last week reading up on ISIL, ISIS and also this wahhabism thingy, malarky or strain of islam to understand it all a little more, very complcated and it made for really alarming reading. I'm afraid and I fear the conclusion I have reached is there really is no reasoning with them whatsoever or at least in the near future....they will not listen or change their trajectory.
  19. Have worked in many aspects of health both NHS and private for 30-years now in varying specialties. Neuro-rehab being one of them where I saw some truly terribly depressing cases where one can only say a million prayers to say thank you I have been spared - congenital brain disabilities, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, strokes resulting in locked out syndrome, brain aneurysms, awful head injuries including one that broke my heart of a maintenance man falling from a ladder - all patients under 65. Every single one of them should have the best of the best to care for them. Now in spinal surgery and have seen people bought into clinic on a trolley because they cannot sit or stand because of spinal accidents/problems, thankfully a large proportion of these patients can be sorted. Conversely, however, there has been the occasional patient who wishes to seek help in overturning a DHSS decision.......unfortunately however many MRI scans and examinations they have, significant problems are never found.......is it right to deflect available care from those who truly need it......that's all I'm saying.
  20. Of course we should take care of the sick, disabled and elderly, however, there is no denying there is a large swathe of people out there who play the system at the taxpayers expense to avoid actually working. There has to be a system in place to sort the wheat from the chaff unfortunately however unpalatable you find it.
  21. I've no particular political allegiance tbh. Voted for Maggie Thatcher back in the day. Voted labour to help Tony Blair into government during the 90's, voted UKIP in the last GE. My last word; I have voted conservative this GE mainly to help keep Corbyn out of number 10 as I feel a labour government will not be up to the job in any way shape or form and that scares me most if all. If I'm honest most people I know are voting Tory with heavy heart as they also, despite not being happy with the tory government, they are the best iof a poor bunch.
  22. Respect all points of view of course ...but you'll still vote for her to be leading home security.
  23. do you have any confidence Corbyn won't either? Out of the two of them Corbyn is more likely to roll over for his tummy to be tickled for being a good boy!!!
  24. Hello Claret047 I think chionomanic (hope I've spelt that right!) has summed up well. Unfortunately I agree with him you cannot keep on spend, spend, spend on what I was bought up to call the never never and this is what Corbyn is promising to do. It is what the last labour government did and someone had to at least try and sort the financial mess out. For what it is worth I think the tories have gone too far with their austerity measures over the last few years and I hope if re-elected they will take note and adjust public spending accordingly. I can see the merit in some tuition fees being paid by the state (i.e., science for example) but am I happy to fund, as a taxpayer, some of the silly degrees on offer these days, then no I am damn well not. I try to keep out of the NHS arguments as, having worked in it for many years, well, some real tosh is banded about believe you me. I feel we have very much to fear from comrade Corbyn as I call him (I think he is a cat person so I should like him I guess!!) (a) I fear he will run up such a debt for this country it is your children and grandchildren that will have to pay for it further down the line, someone will have to pay at some point (b) I can remember all too well nationalised industries - the gloom and doom of 3-day weeks, power cuts due to strikes so we were cold and sitting in the dark with candles being held to ransom by union leaders with an over inflated belief in their self importance. Do you remember those days in the 1970's? He'll never ever be strong enough to curtail the reemergence of union powers. How will he pay for this nationalisation programme? Will Richard Branson hand over Virgin rail to national control without a fight for a cut price deal (c) he'll never deal with security issues, national or international, he's far too weak. (d) do you really believe if elected he won't be challenged again as leader? They know too well his weaknesses and they will challenge him again. Am I happy with the tories - not at all but I'd not be worried if they are re-elected later this week - I'm sure they have learnt some harsh lessons over the past few weeks. I am, however, unhappy but also fearful at the thought of a future labour government. Vote labour - not in a million years. Its not right wing press that influences me, I don't read the papers!!!
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