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  1. Spent most of my time riding and playing about with horses as a child but I do remember loads of activities to keep my occupied with both my maternal and paternal grandma when I stayed with them - cards, monopoly, crocheting grandma squares to make big blankets. The two games that stick in my mind were french skipping, it was the game we played most days in the school playground during lunchtime along with a game consisting of throwing a ball up against a wall and then doing increasing difficult things like throwing it under your leg, turning round in a circle before catching it etc, when you dropped the ball you were out.
  2. Hoping for a cold winter. Not only because I do like cold, snowy and frosty weather rather than the mild windy wet mush of the last 3-winters but also because I do feel a cold frosty winter may kill off some of these garden pests. I seem beseiged by slugs and snails and have an awful problem with vine weevil this year - will need to name the house Slug Hall or Weevil Manor soon Heres hoping to a cold one.
  3. This one sticks in my mind.....for some reason...
  4. Can't take to the name Amelia.
  5. Ha ha, I agree. Think I'd probably smack a few people.....
  6. If it gets too chllly in the mornings will put the heating on for a short blast to make having a shower more comfortable, not been cold enough just yet to do that though. Not been using the central heating at night now at all for 3-years other than the odd night when lighting the burner wasn't feasible. Had a log burner fitted September 2013 and I have found It does heat the bungalow enough to avoid using the heating - be interesting to see if it kept the place warm enough if we had weather as cold as 2010..
  7. I think the first film I was taken to see was Oliver as a child. My grandma took me to see it and I got very upset when I thought Sykes was going to hurt bullseye. Another film I was taken to see was Mary Poppins.....the song Feed the Birds made me cry for years after. Another two cinema visits that stick in my mind were Flash Gordon as my boyfriend at the time was very drunk and his friend and I nearly strangled him as he was so annoying and the other was ET, my friend and I went to see it and we were two young adults in sea of children....we loved the film all the same!!
  8. Thunder rumbling around these parts, sky an ominous yellowy grey colour.
  9. Grief, that sure was intense. There was a deafening crack with lightening at one point so I do wonder if something was hit hereabouts. So glad that little lot didn't arrive after dark, it would have scared me to death!! Even the cats sat up and took note!
  10. Braveheart....once was enough ....total rubbish, only good thing about it was the music ...or any films to do with football....such as Bend it Like Beckham .....
  11. Here you go lassie23, as she was back then. She did have a proper figure though, no stick insect I feel the pain too Well into my 50's now and still hang on to my size 8 jeans but no matter how I try somehow can't seem to get them on!!
  12. Do you mean Sherilyn Fenn? The one who who played Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks? She was very pretty. Its been ages since I watched the re-run of Twin Peaks and I can't recall if she survived or not. If she did, and I think she did, I wonder if they'll bring the character back for the new series of Twin Peaks.
  13. Lovely photo, which was nice to see. Traced my Prideaux family roots back through Bristol, Somerset and currently to Devon so far. The Prideaux family orignates from Cornwall so wonder if there are any earlier ancestral connections to Cambourne Parish Church. Many Prideaux's of course in and around Cambourne but not sure whether they link into my branch of the family as yet.
  14. Can always sit through classics like Sense and Sensibility, Dangerous Liaisons, Wuthering Heights,etc again and again. Can always watch the old classic musicals over and over - Oliver especially with Mark Lester and Ron Moody and - dare I say it - the sound of music with Julie Andrews - such lovely songs to sing along to, whatever your're doing.
  15. Looked outside earlier and must admit there seemed to be an odd almost eerie light outside, weird.
  16. Indeed, he is a very beautiful cat. We did rehome the 3 black kitties I fostered, all 3 to the same home.
  17. Unsure to be honest but may have something to do with it I guess. Someone else mentioned to me it was something to do with all the funny cat videos on the internet, black cats are perceived as not coming across as well as other colours when filmed
  18. Sorry off topic I know but the cat charities will tell you that sadly black cats are the hardest to rehome for some reason....we therefore always refer to them as mini panthers!!
  19. Not much happening around these parts. We have heavy rain and although I have heard a couple of rumbles of thunder I haven't seen any lightening. Most of the action is passing us by it seems.
  20. Managed to pick 4 ....yes 4.... little beans off then for tea, very tender and nice. The runner beans have done OK though
  21. Weekend at Bernies - has anyone seen it? I found it one of them funniest films I have ever seen. For drama haven't seen Dangerous Liaisons in a while, wish they'd put that on again, terrific film
  22. Hi and yep I totally agree that has been the problem. Someone kindly posted a link to problems with bean plants and the soil been too cold when planted out was on that list. Can't see any evidence of pests, fungus or any other disease. They have recovered to a degree with a couple of beans appearing!! Didn't plant them out until well into June though but I think there must have been some coldish nights in June,
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