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  1. Clouds to the left of me, clouds to the right.....oh how I wish they would get their act together and produce some meaningful rain........
  2. The lightning around here has been insane. It did calm down for a short while but as Gord has said it seems to be kicking off again and to me seems even more fierce. I've had to rescue my terrified cat from down the road, I had to drive down to pick him up hecwas so scared. Wouldn't mind but I tried to get him in 3 times before the storm started earlier
  3. Bigger flakes descending now, sky looks full of it. Very gusty as well. View from my patio of the snow falling
  4. How lovely, another rescue putty cat off to a new home ....
  5. What a beautiful cat. I was a failed fosterer with this one last spring. Tabitha is not pure bred but ceratinly has some bengal in her somewhere. She has green eyes, is very vocal and exceptionally bossy (with me and my other cats) and eat, dear lord she eats like a horse. She also gets in a real strop at times when she wants her own way!!
  6. yes, it was many years ago for me also on my chestnut gelding, Charlie Brown. My boyfriend at the time would come with me walking his dog around the common. Used to have a warm blanket over Charlie's quarters, which I sat on and and then wrapped back around my knees......health and safety would have something to say these days though no doubt!
  7. How beautiful. After a life time of riding horses I gave up recently due to back issues. I used to love pottering about on them in the snow.
  8. One of the cold snowy winters of old. I was just over 3 for the winter of 62//63 and have a distant memory of snow piled up against the back door. The winters of the late 70's I recall would be worth revisiting and of course would love another 2010. I can also remember some good thunderstorms around these parts in the early 1990's, one in particular that rumbled all night and well into the following morning, we just don't seem to get thunderstorms like that anymore for some reason.
  9. Snowycat

    TV drama

    excellent acting though. Although I admit being a little partial to Sean Bean (especially in his younger years), I am enjoying The Frankenstein Chronicles, all very dark and sinister, but excellent nonetheless.......so after this the Schlegal sisters are a bit of light relief
  10. Left school with 5 old style 0 levels, Human Biology, Geography, English Language and Literature and Domestic Science and 3 CSE's in Biology, History and Maths (easily my worst subject). At 39 I embarked on a degree at Wolverhampton University as a part time student while working full time. It was a tough few years to be honest as my employers only allowed me time off to attend lectures if I made the hours up I had lost.....that sort of fired me up and made me more determined to succeed. I started off doing a complementary therapies degree but took so much stick from traditional doctors about it being "wacky" I changed courses and completed a degree in Human Biology and Health Sciences. Have to admit some of the biomedical parts were tough as my maths is not brilliant and I did not have basic knowledge of chemistry having attended an all girls church school that favoured teaching domestic science, divinity and needlework over science I did managed a 2:1 and although it fried my brain completely I did enjoy doing it and I have no doubt it paid off enormously as it opened the door to jobs with higher grades in the years after. Would always support anyone undertaking further education.
  11. Not that I'm a fan of leather but yes I think I would. Would never countenance wearing real fur as I only like my fur on its original animal models so its no difference to wearing synthetic fur to me. The only real leather items I possess is my saddle and bridle. Have given up riding recently it seems leather saddles are now hard to sell, synthetic saddles with tree altering capabilities appear to be the way to go
  12. couldn't open the door too wide as I didn't want the cats getting out in it, but its torrential, tortoise is out in though
  13. We have a storm, very heavy rain with occasional hail with thunder and lightening.....yay!!
  14. aha, 3 rumbles of thunder and a very sharp heavy shower, does that take our area out the no storm club??
  15. well, we had a fair few heavy bursts of rain in Tettenhall where I work but no thunder. Got home to Penn at teatime to be informed they all had a loud clap of thunder amongst all the heavy rain......one clap only.... but its a start!!!!
  16. found this information, not sure how reliable. The narrative suggests the third riddle is very old, if I have read correctly it may be from a 10th century manuscript!! https://www.csmonitor.com/1998/1208/120898.home.home.1.html The also mention the Exeter book p, c700's being a source of many a riddle https://en.m.wikisource.org/wiki/Anglo-Saxon_Riddles_of_the_Exeter_Book
  17. while I was searching for these, I seem to recall Mother Goose nursery rhyme came into the equation but can't recall why. Have to go to work now but will have another look later when I get home if only to satisfy my own curiosity .
  18. yep, thats it!! Think the first two riddles are excellent...!
  19. suspense was killing me so I've cheated and looked them up I can see the first two but don't quite get the third riddle though.
  20. mmm .....second thoughts if second riddle is anything to do with the war of the Roses then it won't be chaucer as he married the sister of Kathryn Swynford who was rather attached to John of Gaunt so would be a lot earlier than the War of the Roses.
  21. love medieval stuff, fascinates me. Could, by any chance, the second riddle refer to the war of roses. Yorkist white rose and Lancaster red rose? Will give the others more thought. They are not from chaucer are they?
  22. I love autumn also as long as it is dry, crisp, misty and cold. Don't like a wet and windy autumn when the leaves are soggy and wet sticking to everything making everywhere slippy. It us a horrid job cleaning the garden of wet dirty leaves. I think it was autumn 2009 around these parts that, as far as I can recall, was a beautiful autumn. I have 5 sycamore trees at the top of my garden and I was almost knee deep at one point at the top of my garden that year with beautiful crisp leaves. In the evening I could hear the badgers and other wildlife crunching through the leaves.
  23. yes, this is the main issue for me, its been so awfully dry this summer and, unless I'm mistaken, comes on the back of a fairly dry winter as well. I'm beginning to feel around these parts we will dry to a crisp and wither away. So many trees locally are looking tired and some look ready to throw the towel in and we are only half way through July. There seems to be a frequently present pesky wind that seems to add to the drying effect. I have a wood leading onto open farmland at the back of me and all this dryness does worry me somewhat. The wind has dropped a little since first thing this morning and now we are in full sun again so yet another drying day coming up. Whilst I am conscious and respectful of what folk in parts of Cornwall have endured during the last 24-hours, I really am hoping for some decent rainfall here sooner rather than later.
  24. Snowycat

    TV drama

    You may enjoy Jamestown then, I certainly thought it was excellent. The young lady playing Mercy (the maid) plays the part brilliantly, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamestown_(TV_series)
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