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  1. Well she's really pretty. I've made a felt Christmas wreath. It is still up with chrissie decs ar the moment but will post a photo when I get the decorations down. I've made my own greeting cards for a while now and try to make some for charities to sell. I've a cupboard full of real gemstones as I had a fad on making jewellry. I've made about 6 quilts. The biggest being my log cabin quilt, mum is hand quilting that at the moment. I also crochet and have done umpteen cross-stitches. I am retiring at the end of the year so hopefully will finish off all the UFO's Some photo's attached.
  2. This is a photo of my Great Great Uncle's grave. May have told before but it is an amazing story. Samuel Farlow was killed at the Battle of Fromelles. He had emigrated from Wolverhampton to join his sister in Australia and signed up to fight for the anzacs. His body lied undiscovered until around 2009 (if my memory serves me well). He was discovered in a burial pit behind what was then enemy lines at Pheasant Wood. The Australian army contacted me having found my family links to Samuel and my greatgrandma Clara on ancestry when they realised he was on the list of missing anzacs from the battle. We went through the process of DNA (long story) and Samuel's remains were confirmed as being found. Members of the family were invited to attend the re-burials in France July 2010. I used a passage from a Wilfred Owen poem on th headstone. My other Great Uncle, George Starr, was never recovered, he died aged 19 around Merville au Bois.
  3. Saw a very strange object in the sky early one Sunday morning in September a couple of years ago Was hanging the washing out so didn't get a photo. It was a low flying black object appearing and disappearing through the low cloud too large I felt for a bird. We do get buzzards but they can be be seen soaring in a large circle and they do call - this was silent. It flew in a straight line and was completely and utterly silent. To me it looked like a stealth bomber and although RAF Cosford is not far away I doubt it was a stealth bomber. We get a few chinooks but you hear those a week before they get here so it wasn't one of those. It was really early of a Sunday but a number of local people who were up and about saw it also.
  4. yes of course and they explain all of that and try to 'debunk" things. Electrical fields is another possible cause of spooky feelings. I was convinced my garage was haunted, always felt terribly spooked in there, wasn't sure if it was the ghost of the headless squirrel Button the cat bought home once. When I had it revamped and turned into a utility the previous owner obviously had some dodgy DIY electrical skills and the electrical wiring was awful - so that explained my spooky feeling - it feels fine now.
  5. We need to tune into the following episode......does Dick love Mary though
  6. Not into spirits such as gin, whisky, vodka et al . However, with regard to the other spirits, I have been overdosing on the paranormal shows over the last week - Ghost Adventures, Ghost Chasers and (cringe perhaps with plugs in my ears because of all the screaming) Most Haunted. I sort of sit on the fence with this which is why I probably watch them - I'm curious. However, I have to say there have been some real odd goings on without a doubt. I have physically never seen anything myself but do recall hearing a cough in my ear once and as I live on my own I felt that was odd - might have been a cat coughing though but who knows. I do recall a strange happening after my dear father died. My dad had a real sense of humour and as we all knew he was dying we asked him one day to let us know if there was a life after death. With his usual dry wittiness, he said he'd give us ring from the other side. Strangely on the afternoon of his funeral I got home to my house alarm going bonkers, which was oddly strange as I had not set it. It turned out the explanation was the board had somehow shorted so the alarm had malfunctioned. They always say ghosts exploit their surroundings to communicate so I sort of scratch my head. Mum and I often think - was this a coincidence or not.
  7. My cats haven't unusual names but a friend of mine has a black oriental cat called Pyewacket, shortened to Pye,
  8. Sooty is lovely, looks so very content A new home is being vetted for my foster mum Meredith today. It gets so hard to let them go She is a beautiful cat and so playful and loving. I'd keep them all if I could but its not possible
  9. We had a fair amount of rain here this morning but nothing biblical. Although we do need a great deal more to really help the gardens etc recover from the recent drought what rain we thankfully had will certainly help the gardens along especially with another hot spell looming on the horizon. It wasn't enough to top my pond up so I'm having to use (treated) tap water to get it back up to its normal level. It was really cool in the howling wind this morning but its noticeably more muggy this afternoon since the wind has dropped. The wind buffeted the apple tree somewhat and some apples have fallen prematurely but at least my beans stayed upright
  10. Thanks.....and hope so just had a further blink and you've missed it heavy shower.... sun out again now
  11. All very disappointing so far. Earlier today we had heavy/torrential rain forecast for Penn in Wolverhampton - where did that go then We've had a few showers overnight and occasionally through the day but really nothing of any note so the gardens are still bone dry - what little rain we've had has really done very little. That pesky orangey thing in the sky is showing itself again now So hope tomorrow delivers some meaningful rain. It has been very windy. I have taken the hanging baskets down for the time being and have had to tie the runner beans 4 ways to keep them stable and prevent them from blowing over completely.
  12. Lol, I've already done this. Found I think it was a north American rain dance and performed it in the kitchen one evening last week..................my cats thought I had lost the plot and........nope it didn't work!
  13. Good point, I don't honestly know the answer to that one. My beans are not all that good but then I think I did read somewhere that beans don't like it all that hot weatherwise. I am worried about my cooking apples though as I think they will start to fall before they are fully developed due to the lack of water.
  14. Yup, it is really horrible today - I am starting to avoid looking at the weather. Netweather had thunderstorms by us on Friday but these have been removed. To make it all worse my cats don't know what to do with themselves and mums neighbours cat has gone on walkabout and hasn't been seen for 24 hours . My old girl (19 years) is struggling despite my really looking after her needs. The garden is dying despite my watering it regularly to keep it going - some plants hate tap water as well. It will cost a fortune to replace the plants. You guys down south are looking at some pretty hot temperatures coming up and I really don't envy you at all. It won't be long before certain food stuffs start to go up in price. The grain harvest will be down which in turn will effect the price of certain foods. The only critter in my house who loves this head it is the tortoise, he is literally going round like he's turbo charged and I cannot keep up with him . I've devised a device to put on his back to try and stop him flipping on his back as he can't right himself.
  15. Heatwaves .......and people who keep telling me to enjoy it while it lasts!!
  16. I'm with you snowgirl30, can't wait for this weather to break and go away, I really find the constant heat and dry too much and it does aggravate my health issues somewhat. I have a fairly large garden and trying to keep the garden going on my own in this dry weather is exhausting and I think I have lost the battle - a number of plants have simply frazzled in the sun. If the heat was interspersed with thundery break downs to appease the gardens it might help but we've not had that. My friends husband is a small farmer and he is struggling with crops and livestock and is desperate to see rain. The crop yields will be down due to lack of water .....so no doubt some food stuffs will go up in price. The potatoes went up in Sainsburys last week. I also have woodland and fields of crops on two sides of my bungalow and it is so dry it has worried me and my neighbours. Quite a few people I know who do love summer and heat are really fed up with it now. I am dreading what this week will throw at us......need a break from it now.
  17. We have lovely steady refreshing rain. Everything in the garden getting a much welcomed soaking.....hopefully more to come tomorrow too.
  18. Clouds to the left of me, clouds to the right.....oh how I wish they would get their act together and produce some meaningful rain........
  19. The lightning around here has been insane. It did calm down for a short while but as Gord has said it seems to be kicking off again and to me seems even more fierce. I've had to rescue my terrified cat from down the road, I had to drive down to pick him up hecwas so scared. Wouldn't mind but I tried to get him in 3 times before the storm started earlier
  20. Bigger flakes descending now, sky looks full of it. Very gusty as well. View from my patio of the snow falling
  21. How lovely, another rescue putty cat off to a new home ....
  22. What a beautiful cat. I was a failed fosterer with this one last spring. Tabitha is not pure bred but ceratinly has some bengal in her somewhere. She has green eyes, is very vocal and exceptionally bossy (with me and my other cats) and eat, dear lord she eats like a horse. She also gets in a real strop at times when she wants her own way!!
  23. yes, it was many years ago for me also on my chestnut gelding, Charlie Brown. My boyfriend at the time would come with me walking his dog around the common. Used to have a warm blanket over Charlie's quarters, which I sat on and and then wrapped back around my knees......health and safety would have something to say these days though no doubt!
  24. How beautiful. After a life time of riding horses I gave up recently due to back issues. I used to love pottering about on them in the snow.
  25. One of the cold snowy winters of old. I was just over 3 for the winter of 62//63 and have a distant memory of snow piled up against the back door. The winters of the late 70's I recall would be worth revisiting and of course would love another 2010. I can also remember some good thunderstorms around these parts in the early 1990's, one in particular that rumbled all night and well into the following morning, we just don't seem to get thunderstorms like that anymore for some reason.
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