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  1. My concern is whether government local or otherwise view it as a possible revenue generator, i,e., your solid fuel stove needs a licence to say it complies with legislation and of course we'll have to fund the licence. Just a thought.
  2. Bless her. Not all mine get on harmoniously. Button, 2nd from left, dislikes Rupert my black and white boy and shouts at him frequently......but amazingly that burner knocks them out and peace reigns.
  3. It's a good question. I wonder how they will check and monitor existing fires. I have a tree surgeon friend who (obviously) has a ready supply of logs for his 2x burners. He does season them but whether they would meet potential new standards would be open to question; I think the burners are his sole source of heat. In fact most people I know will use wood from whatever source they can in an attempt to keep heatng bills to a minimum - kiln dried logs are not cheap.
  4. I've a DEFRA approved multi fuel burner and I only burn kiln dried wood, from a supplier who is approved, so hoping I will be OK. I would be most unhappy to be banned from using my burner as it works every day during winter. Absolutely invaluable when keeping my cat family quiet.....
  5. Best car I ever had for getting about in the snow was my Mini 850. Was driving it around with it in those winters late 70's/early 80's and it always got me around in the snow. In fact I came home in deep snow one night after being out with my friend and some quite thick snow caught us out. I chugged along from Shifnal to Wolverhampton to get us home - the only casualty was my number plate which became loose and I had to somehow tie it back on with hair ribbon. My current Mini cooper coupe really is not as good in snow as my old mini whom I called Lucy
  6. Lovely fleecy jackets Jethro. Used to make my own dresses years ago but haven't made any clothes for years. Reading the model thread, which (dare I say) is somewhat fraught some days, it seems the little ones may well be needing them soon.
  7. Oh dear. Having worked most of my life for public facing services, I really do understand how cautious (particularly in these modern days) one has to be to avoid any possible criticism or backlash I really do, however, there must be some sore bottoms at the met with all the fence sitting. Every base is covered in that summary other than hot sunny weather - rain, wind, snow, frost, fog, and mild weather I realise fhey can only forecast what they think they can see and if its not clear to them I see the issue but why they bother with these forecasts I'll never know.
  8. I'm reading the hunt for cold, strat thread and other weather related threads daily but as I'm not a professional meteorologist or one of the exceptionally knowleagable amateurs on here I don't post. However, FWIW it seems to me the met are really hedging their bets with these forecasts, which to me screams .....they really do not know what weather type will prevail.
  9. Hook's Ray Sawyer has died aged 81. Wore the distinctive eye patch dean ford - lead singer of 'marmalade'... 72  So sad, but I guess time moves on. The golden era of music. Leave a radio on in my allocated room for my foster cats so when sitting/playing with them I'm listening to GOLD. Such a great time for music the 60's, 70's and 80's, so many great bands.
  10. Snowycat


    Thankyou, yes you can. A friend of mine has one for one of her cats Reuben as he goes off on hunting trips into the woodlands. They are excellent, she can pinpoint Reuben quite accurately to bring him back home. They are expensive though which is the drawback.
  11. Snowycat


    I'm sure my neighbours would be horrified but I'd love one to find my where my cats are when it comes to rounding them up to come back in
  12. Oh dear, I must be getting old, spend too much time talking to cats, watching crafty TV programmes, too much sci-fi - not sure which but I genuinely wandered onto this thread thinking it was about pretty white flecks of fluffy white stuff. What on earth are snowflakes if not fluffy white stuff
  13. Thanks Jethro, will try that next time. Will also try when I cut the conifers. Forgot to say your daughters cake looks amazing.
  14. Beautiful, I swore I'd never make another wreath for my front door again after last year. I relented and have done one but I was reminded why I was reluctant to do it - trying to put sharp holly in them has ripped my fingers to ribbons and my hands got so cold I can't dress my lovely fireplace unfortunately as the log burner is lit everyday so I've dressed my display cabinet instead
  15. Do you give them names? She is very pretty.
  16. here is my felt Christmas wreath
  17. Goodness me, that is absolutely fabulous! Even some of the bake off contestants couldn't match that
  18. I've 5 of my own and I foster cats for local rescues in my pen, Barrie is due to come into care in the next couple if days. In the picture is Rupert, Scarlet (whose 19) and Tabitha. Lewis is by my pillow and the 5th one Button was in his very own boudoir
  19. Beautiful Ed, what is her/his name? This was my bed when I woke up the other morning, they were all piled on top of me! There is another one by my pillow. Not sure why it uploaded twice, it said upload failed first time.
  20. I dip a damp wettish cloth or kitchen wipe in the ashes of the fire from the previous night and use it to clean the glass. The chappie who installed the multifuel burner gave me this trick and it has worked a treat for me now for 5-years - the glass is clean. My heating thermostat (situated in the hall) is set to 15 but I do use the burner as the main source of heat.
  21. Fabulous, hope you did well at the craft market, they are remarkable, so pretty. I've started (yet!) another quilt. Its a children themed one. I have started it to give to a local cat rescue. She can either auction it, sell raffle tickets or run a scratch card for it when I've done to raise funds.
  22. oooh yes, the holy grail of quilting ......a long arm quilting machine I would love one but they are expensive and you need the space for them. Trying to quilt three layers of double bed sized fabric together under a normal domestic sewing machine is a herculean task - that is why things usually become UFO's at that stage
  23. That's being crafty to me! It is a godsend to be practical in this way. My father turned his hand to most things when I moved into houses - he did so much in my bungalow and indeed in his own home for himself and mum. Sadly he is no longer with us so mum and I have to bring craftsmen in when we want things doing now. We have often totted up what dad would have saved us in labour hours - saved us an absolute fortune down the years he did.
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