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  1. Can I help put this to bed? Don't assume people are not around to talk. I have spent time today talking with a neighbour. He is well into his 90's and as a young man fought under Monty at El Alamein as a desert rat - he had a tough time. He believes the UK should vote to exit the EU. He believes he and his fellow soldiers fought and died to keep the sovereignty of this country intact allowing us to be independent with our own borders free to make our own rules and govern ourselves. He feels the UK is not the country he fought for and is sad to see what the country has become including the influx of so many immigrants. He also believes the young people in this country seem to think the elderly should not have views.......so perhaps, with respect, those of you bumping your gums about NOT using the experience of 2 world wars as a valued point for exiting the EU let it rest....
  2. Blimey, arent you worried about joining a "potential federation of countries" when you're not sure of your fellow members....
  3. Actually its my uncle if you read the post and no I don't assume anything.We've had many a discussion when aunt and uncle have returned for visits. He was a small businessman for many years, worked exceptionally hard at his engineering business, made alot of money and retired to Lanzarote. He believes, having voted to join the common market years ago, that the EU is a complete and utter mess and the UK's best interest is to leave the EU and return to developing trade agreements with Europe. However, living in Lanzarote, like so many others on here who live abroad, and might I say are looking out for THEIR best interests, if we leave the EU his standard of living would not be so easy so he would have to return home. Therefore living abroad in a EU country if he could vote of course he'd vote to stay in but that would obviously be a personal vote to protect his way of life - as I say thank god he can't vote!
  4. Exactly, brilliant observation exceptionally well put. My aunt and uncle sold up and moved to Lanzarote some years ago. They know they may have to move back home if we vote to leave the EU. His was a "better" life style choice and he could afford to do it. Fortunately he cannot vote in the EU referendum as an ex-pat. If he lived in this country he would vote out........
  5. As I say don't know the first thing about the paper so don't know if that's a compliment or an insult, can't say that I care either. What I do observe, however, is the "in camp" are failing to come up with any coherent or convincing arguments for staying in the EU other than maintaining the status quo. Chin up as you get older you'll get wiser....
  6. Yawn yawn.....what Express? Do you mean do I read the Daily Express or our local Express and Star? Then no don't think I've ever picked up the former to be honest and the latter was useful purely for the hatched, matched and desptached. In fact don't think I've read a newspaper in a very long time, most only print drivel. I'm quite capable of making my own decisions based on my own observations of the world around me without being swayed by what the newspapers have to say, one way or the other.
  7. You'll never ever get EU reform, if you think you ever will you need to wake up and smell the coffee. David Cameron failed miserably in that quest and I believe a stronger politician wouldn't necessarily do any better. The EU system is akin to a mad dog out of control and will never be modified. Its time to be brave step up to the plate and take charge of our own destiny and put the "great" back in Great Britain. After all why did we fight two world wars for? Didn't resisting an overpowering major europen country who wanted to dominant everyone have something to do with both of them? Isn't Mrs Merkel et al not trying once again to tell the rest of Europe what we can and cannot do and take control of us? We need to get out and make our own way in the world and re-engage with Europe on a different platform, a much stronger one. If you have no faith in your own country's ability to lead this change then shame on you...this country can lead the way out of the shambles known as the EU - have some faith in the UK's ability to succeed on its own. The money squandered on the EU is needed here in this country - on our roads, rail, nhs, education, care and nursing homes so and so forth and not supporting poor EU countries.
  8. Whatever the specifics of what it was called , it was meant to be a "common market" not the beaurocratic nightmare the EU has down the years steadily become - my relatives who voted in back then bitterly regret it. The fundamental flaw is we are no longer in control of our own country - the EU maniacs in Brussells govern us with petty rules and regulations and, if we stay in, these controls will get ever worse. Common sense says trade agreements with Europe will continue and, as pointed out, the worlds trading platform doesn't end at iEurope. The arguing about how much money we will save by voting out is again semantics....whatever the exact figure may be............the bigger picture is we still PUT MORE MONEY into the EU than we ever get back. Think hard about whats to come, why do all the poorer countries in Europe want to join the EU? Do you really think they want to put into the EU pot? Of course they don't, they want to take money out of the pot - I do not want to be a part of that and words fail me anyone else would - how many times was Greece let off the hook. Would you really surrender to your neighbours half of your wages for him to spend it for you on what he likes in his own house.
  9. Yes, it was such a shame the yes vote for an independent Scotland lost out. Nothing personal as I have Scottish relatives but a great deal of us did hope the yes vote would prevail.....
  10. Without any doubt I'm definitely voting to come out. Interestingly amongst family, friends and work colleagues I've yet to speak to anyone who is voting to stay in the EU- there is only one colleague sitting on the fence and quite openly she's that is because her husband is a farmer. Our local newspaper undertook a poll and the result was a massive thumbs down to staying in the EU
  11. Its not about refusing them assistance its purely and simply we cannot keep accommodating them here in the UK and we caanot encourage them to think travelling here is the answer to their problems, As I said months ago in a previous post on this argument, the west is damned if it gets involved in a middle east crisis and its damned it it doesn't - we cannot win whatever we do. We need to let them get on with whatever they want to do in their own countries and if that is to fight amongst themselves even if it is their want to do this but we need to keep our noses well out of middle east affairs. I note Russia who is probably more involved in the Syrian crisis than anyone with "Pukin" arming Syria to,the hilt is notably silent on the whole issue - why isn't the Merkhl woman bleating at him. You said it, they live in COMPOUNDS that is hardly integration IS iT
  12. Well said, absolutely right. The message needs to be sent that they need to stop trying to move to into Europe. If we continue to accept these migrants it sends the wrong message.
  13. Perhaps we should look again at taking a small number of genuine christian refugees but the middle east muslim countries should be offering sanctuary to fellow muslims. The UK will be a muslim country in a few years time if we are not careful and I don't want this to happen, I will be appalled. A huge proportion of these migrants trying to to get into Europe appear to be young men and we should not be accepting this, who knows where it will end, they need to be sent back. Nigel Farage saw the writing on the wall ages ago and he is dead right in that we need to ditch europe asap - trade agreements will stand firm I do believe. That ridiculously silly women in Germany with her open border policy is at the root of this problem and she needs to sort it out without crying to the UK, who are not part of the open border agreement. Cameron is actually right that continually accepting the burden of migrants is not the answer it sends the wrong message and they will keep coming, uncontrolled migration into the west is not the way forward.
  14. Thank you lassie, its hard work though. The little monsters get bread and jam. I do shut the gate after their tea to try and keep them out overnight as they can do damage rooting around and digging for stuff but they often find a route back in such as they have the last couple of nights I'm trying to make friends with a stray cat to get him sorted out but a little monster is getting back in to pinch his food - I can always tell its a little monster because the dishes are flung round the shed. Will be spending time this morning trying to find the hole they've made
  15. These are the evening visitors to my garden, bless the little monsters!
  16. Everything has taken for ever this year to bloom, think the nights were a little cold for them earlier in the summer and we've had a dreadful pesky wind for what seems most of the summer months and so the baskets have taken quite a bashing. One plant that was splendid this year was my climbing rose, it was an absolute picture. Anyway this is my garden complete with a 50 year old tortoise playing with his pot
  17. Agh, what a shame for all those horses, innocent creatures wrapped up mans troubles......
  18. Aagh he is very cute, whats his name? One of my cats is a character, Butty (after Jenson Button) bought home a headless squirrel for me once; what on earth he thought I may have wanted it for I don't know, right proud of himself he was.
  19. Blimey, bit close for comfort, I live in Penn in Wolverhampton, which is not too far from this!
  20. I think it is Tunis also
  21. Wasn't it just fabulous. Those tiger cubs are stunning (as is the mum and all the other tigers).......think I missed my vocation in life, it must be the best job ever. What a privilege to be able to work with them. I can really see the wild tiger in my domestic babes, similar characteristics in so many ways especially my cheeky new male tabby cat. Just check the TV schedule though Jax as I have a feeling the second one is tonight and the last installment tomorrow. Don't want to see any of the poaching scenes though........know it goes on but my blood starts to boil.
  22. Many thanks for posting about this series, really looking forward to it. My 4 felines are domesticated but still fancy their chances at times. I've searched for it in my SKY planner but says it is on this week, Tuesday I think.
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