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  1. .............much to the point, as we saw with the Somerset flooding, it is important to understand the complexity of such issues, and realise that problems rarely arise from a single (or even a few) issues. Invariably, what we are seeing is the concatenation of multiple issues, some local, some regional and national, and some international. Significantly, underpinning the EU's Habitats Directive are the 1971 Ramsar Convention and the 1979 Berne Convention, both of which would continue to apply after we have left the EU. The real point, therefore, about the EU is that it is unnecessary. It simply adds another layer of government and adds to the confusion and lack of accountability in areas where clarity and certainty are required. .
  2. I wonder how the folks in Cumbria and Somerset will vote given interpretation of the EU directive about dredging rivers in these areas led directly to so much heartbreak for them losing homes and livelihoods amounting to ££billions . Interesting article about it all, the last paragraph being key.... http://www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=85880
  3. You've obviously not been to West Bromwich and surrounding areas in the Midlands conurbation then have you....
  4. ..and of course we shouldn't genuinely forget in the heyday of the British manufacturing industry many years ago - ship building being just one example - higher education would not have been the norm for most families, so wasn't it the uneducated hard working class man that made this country such a succesful manufacturing ecomony at the time.
  5. Aha, quote button working. This is a very true observation. Some of the soft subjects offered at degree level education these days are really quite strange as well. Some of the younger students I came across when studying as a mature student were quite franky as thick as a brick.
  6. Sorry but I can't get the quote button to work so this is in response to SP1986. Now I've finished laughing I have to say what an awful thing to say about EU "inners" being generally more educated than "outers". I had always respected your opinion on here but not anymore.....you are virtually reinforcing Knockers condescending opinion about outers coming from the lower orders and in my case riff raff from the West Midlands. I have known some very clever people and while the majority are delightful (a) some of them just aint got one jot of common sense and couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag and (b) some of them are very rude with inflated opinions of themselves. I'm an outer but also have a 2:1 science degree, which I attained on a part time basis while holding down a full time job. So I think you need to be careful insulting people like that.
  7. I've given up MIA. One of the EU remainers was bemoaning in another thread the other day about how the NHS is under so much pressure, under staffed, over subscribed, under funded and asking how more funding could be raised to put this right.......I couldn't believe I was reading it.......err light bulb moment.....I know where the extra cash to spend on underfunded NHS and social services can be redirected from - does anyone else??? It also seems another of DC's chums has deserted him and its an interesting read http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36357212 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3603793/Why-quit-EU-Cameron-s-guru-Friend-strategist-Steve-Hilton-breaks-ranks-Brexit-say-Britain-literally-ungovernable-unless-power-self-serving-elite.html
  8. Well so sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings on that score .........we've only been around these parts a few years, my ancestral seat dating pre 1066 is actually Cornwall ....shock horror.....
  9. Yes, thats quite correct, they have gang turf wars in the West Midlands..........but I guess the duchy of Cornwall isn't affected by these types of worries or concerns....
  10. Ok I see that but there is never really an appetite for western governments to punish Saudia Arabia for some reason.
  11. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............its is precisely the consequences of history that informs my observations for treading very carefully with any future actions that are taken across Europe just as a final observation, you know absolutely nothing about my circle of associates and are therefore not at liberty assume anything about it.
  12. Forgive me Captain Shortwave but isn't that what we desperately tried to do in Afghanistan, Iraq x 2 and Libya? Not sure we made friends and influenced people in this regard, the post mortem of these events, certainly in the minds of many, would suggest we made the world a more dangerous place with our heavy handed policies - and before I get shot to pieces - I have no personal view in this regard.
  13. You made the association of immigrants and Nazi Germany, I didn't make that association in the post at all. I merely made an observation that Kent is really quite right and that if we keep trying to force a square peg into a round hole we run a very real risk of fueling unrest and trouble, which no-one truthfully wishes to see. We all thought the shocking history of the holocaust would avoid a repeat but didn't we witness similar atrocities in Yugoslavia? I truly love your utopian view of the world, unfortunately its idealistic and doesn't resemble the harsh reality of the world we live in, sorry.
  14. I'd give it neck Kent, I have. I can think of NOBODY on gods earth in their right frame of mind would ever ever wish to see a repeat of the holocaust caused by the Nazi uprising, perish the thought, it was the stuff of nightmares. My great uncle was attached the news team who went into Belsen and never spoke of it. However, its just plain common sense to me that the more immigrants you try and push on a population the more they will rebel and fuel these risings, its just adding fuel to the fire.
  15. NFU took a long time to deliberate and may have advised remain officially.... However, the grass roots story, certainly locally, is the farming community is split and a great number of farmers are for leaving the EU. I work with a farmers wife.
  16. We very often used to wistfully look around the globe to see how healthcare was funded in other countries of the world to see if we could learn different ways. Something will have to change soon with NHS funding. CCG's now have a list of procedures of limited clinic value, procedures that are not supposed to be routinely funded without either a threshold being reached or a clinical argument being made for funding.....not sure how robustly commissioners monitor it though. I guess its a form of rationing.
  17. Thats fine knocker, my post was well an actually well intentioned response based on my own experience and I don't actually think at any point I accused you personally of blaming the elderly but other sources often do. Get as nasty as you like, not really bothered to be honest.
  18. I read earlier today that, believe it or not, an underpants bomb has been suggested as a possible cause
  19. Spent 9-years in NHS commissioning and we were constantly trying to ensure (a) VFM with the best care possible was delivered across our patch and (b) work with the hospitals and GPs (the latter particularly exhausting!) to try and balance the books. Believe me its a many edged sword and have seen both sides of the coin having worked in NHS secondary and primary care services across my 25 years service. I won't comment on the rapidly rising people needing treatment as we know where alot of this pressure on services is coming from but I do get annoyed when people blame the elderly as I know its not always this cohort of people who cost the most ( and remember they have paid into the purse for many years). Huge efforts were made to streamline and redesign services to try and reduce the ever increasing burden placed on A & E services, avoid hospital admissions, facilitate early discharge where possible and to reduce both new and review hospital out-patient attendance. I attended the DTOC meetings weekly for well over 12-months and to say the atmosphere was charged is an understatement; the discharge nurses were so terribly stressed in trying to discharge patients who had been stabilised medically but needed social care input (not medical care). Social services were actually embedded in the hospital and patients, on admission, in whom it was judged would need social service input once medically fit for discharge were allocated a named social worker. The big big big issue is finding nursing/ residential home placements if they cannot cope at home, arranging the right package of care in their home or getting the council/social services to do home adaptations. As for investing in the coalface, not actually sure what that really means. Not sure how people would feel about paying in more for the NHS to be honest either, I wouldn't pay anymore having been hands on with it all. I work in private health now and people take out private health insurance because they want to avoid, where possible, the whole NHS thing but of course they still have to pay into the national service, they can't opt out.
  20. Mmmmm, I thought it was quite a clever hatchet job to be honest.....sorry.
  21. From previous posts, I suspect you may be an ex-policeman? How would you prove the risk to society is current from these people? I suspect its a real time consuming problem and while they go about it, do they not disappear while on bail?
  22. Yes, ifcdude, very worrying. I posted links a few pages back to an incident that happened in Wolverhampton a couple of years ago when a elderly couple of Italian descent were horrifically battered to death in their own home by a young polish criminal, it shocked the whole of Wolverhampton at that time - I was of course berated on here as a racist by some. We've also had big issues with immigrant tent cities in the city centre. I also personally had the strange incident of the tent in the woods at the back of my property. I found a tent two summers ago whilst rounding my cats up. It was so odd I called the local police who advised me to wait for them to come. When they came the tent was empty but the rubbish in it, food cartons so and so forth made it obvious someone had been living in it a while. Kids camping were ruled out by the police. It was only a couple of weeks later when a neighbour raised the alarm that he had removed a group of eastern europeans from wandering around another neighbours back garden. .......apparently in a thick accent they claimed to be searching for the wood on the seven cornfields......they were sent packing with a flea in their ear for trespassing. How they would know of the woods and why them wanted to go there was never established. Mum had read in the paper some illegals had gone walkies in Wolverhampton.......but lest I be accused of all sorts I'll just point out Wolverhampton housed a polish tramp for years who lived on the ring road. He was looked after by the people of Wolverhampton very well, my father and I took him dinner was Christmas day and I even rescued a cat some idiot left with him once. Google him, he is on Wiki.
  23. I've pointed this out before, we CANNOT refuse them entry, we have to prove they pose a CURRENT risk to society, which is not so easy to do and a great deal more problematic for the authorities.
  24. Against my better judgement to make a comment on here again, I will say I have also read many views and reports on various websites and what is striking is the comments at the foot of these reports. For every pro-eu comment there are at least 3 or 4 anti EU views. I've also looked at pollstation and curiously the out is running at 82%.
  25. Not going to bite any more ......but you might be running short by now https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=elastoplasts&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=24982080414&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9426051737572446885&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=t&ref=pd_sl_3owfvdlue1_b
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