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  1. Absolutely agree here and I think the labour party scrapping at the moment is so very irresponsible, they really should bottle it for a few weeks.
  2. He's still in charge of the country I'm afraid however much he wants to lick his wounds and in his position, like it or not, he should step up to the plate and be responsible enough to deal with the situation as it is.
  3. yep, thats just what my cats do and sit by the door waiting for me to open it even though theres a cat flap
  4. I'm afraid David Cameron is still primeminister and unless I'm mistaken (which I may be) I would have thought the power to act is his and his cabinets alone so I'm really not sure why you think it would be done almost overnight . At the moment I would think it very unlikely that Boris or anyone in the leave camp actually has the authority or mandate to trigger article 50. Perhaps DC should have gone immediately and handed the power to act swiftly to someone else in the cabinet - I don't know, playing the petulant school boy now is clearly not the right thing to do for this country unless, as others have suggested, he can use this to force the EU to alter its current course. Theresa May is very capable to caretake until the conservatives get their butt in order and didn't actually come across as enthusiastic remain MP so could fit the bill to fill the vacuum.
  5. You've talked around my question, I am genuinely interested to see what part of the UK you came from? Is there a lot of immigration in the part of France you now live? If so, where are they migrating from? With respect I think you have not taken on board what people have said on here about immigration. You do seem to believe we are all racist just because we favour controlled and carefully managed immigration, as do other countries around the globe, rather than mass uncontrolled immigration we are currently subjected to. My reasons for out were actually multifactorial and not just linked only to immigration. I posted a link earlier of 10 peoples views on voting out, it makes for enlightened reading as a number of reasons I voted out are covered in this piece. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/25/meet-10-britons-who-voted-to-leave-the-eu
  6. Where did you hail from when you lived in these shores just out of genuine interest? I think you have have spent too long in rural France perhaps and are out of tune with the mood in large swathes of this country.......the divisions were there long before the referendum was run.
  7. read a post yesterday/earlier today from someone wondering why leave voters votes so, an interesting article about it; http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/25/meet-10-britons-who-voted-to-leave-the-eu
  8. Well as a last post on the matter before I get a delude of criticism, I must disagree with that entirely, didn't my post explain that? I've worked with 3 successful polish surgeons/physicians and had 3 polish families for neighbours over the years - all of them outstanding colleagues/wonderful neighbours to have. It was a pleasure to have worked alongside them and have them as part of the community I lived in. You miss the point - its the quality and skill set that needs better management. Only yesterday I had a discussion with another consultant of African descent who says how difficult and time consuming it is to get a first class african doctor into this country to work and yet conversely known eastern European criminals can walk in to ply their criminal trades in this country and yet its nigh on impossible to a) reject them in the first place and b) get rid of them when they are here.
  9. Yep, I can vouch for his views. I think you'll find a couple of us from around these parts did warn about this but were more often than not condemned as racist or riff raff by some on here - almost as if our view was unimportant and irrelevant. I think in some areas the economic Armageddon constantly shoved at us, while always a consideration, was not their main concern. Without opening up old wounds uncontrolled unmanaged immigration has caused alot of strife and anger around these and other parts of the country. Just a small example is there has been a lot of eastern Europeans moved into some local areas and not all of them are good hard working decent citizens, quite a number have been quite the opposite hanging around at a loose end in gangs in town centres and its not a popular sight! I've not looked at my stocks and shares portfolio and when I do it will be with one eye shut, however, as more sensible posters on here say with the right leadership from hereon we can put the anger behind us, emerge stronger from this and put the country back on track again. I'm sure it will take time with lots of ups and downs along the way but with the right attitude we can do it.
  10. Not sure why such a toxic individual was given a knighthood in the first place tbh. A right bully boy.
  11. I agree with this sentiment, we need to re-vist the original idea of the common market. Nothing wrong with that, just didn't need or want all the other EU crap that seems to have developed over the ensuing years and was set to get ever worse....
  12. I believe it was 63% or so I'm told
  13. Just as Osbourne's family were for out....
  14. Another economic view. Seems this chappie was gagged by Cameron et al.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/10758301/Diplomat-who-won-EU-exit-essay-prize-silenced-by-government.html http://www.iea.org.uk/sites/default/files/publications/files/Brexit Entry 170_final_bio_web.pdf
  15. Don't have any problem at all with the French either here in the UK or in France but if your talking about partnerships, it seems France also had quite a good partnership with Argentina during the Falklands re. Supply of exocet, which as I recall all to well cost the life of British servicemen. This article is interesting particularly the last paragraphs. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17256975
  16. Sorry alexisj9, nearly missed this one and sorry I didn't include non eu people coming to work here on permits, which I do include. If they come to the UK to work with the skills we actually need here in the UK I can't see why there would be any issues with it. As I've said before I work with three medical consultants, two of which are non eu and must have been immigrants originally as they return to their country of birth to visit parents/family, one of whom is a superb oncologist. I do favour very much an Australian type points system and feel it wouldn't take any more time/red tape spent on it when its set up as it seems we currently spend trying to track and export undesirable human eu/non eu human imports. I've done with it all now though with mums and my postal vote in the envelope ready to go. We just keep going round and round in circles and....... before someone like MM challenges me about my interest in weather.... yes, I've followed the Netweather convective/storm thread in the summer and the winter threads looking for snow for a couple of years now and you all get crotchety with each other in the winter model thread
  17. As the saying goes.......cannot see the wood for the trees.......
  18. CS, I think one of the issues is that although you may say immigration may be from countries outside the EU unfortunately they are using the EU as a means of entry, thats all so very plain for people to see. We've had alot of angst about football hooligans over the last couple of days bashing each other up, however (although I'll no doubt be labelled a racist again), should we not be concerned more with incidents such as those listed below? Do we really want to allow people into this country that believe this type of behaviour is the norm? How much has it cost the authorities to deal with it. I found the original report on BBC but included the daily mail link as the question is being asked why it is being so hushed up. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3637105/Why-did-police-quiet-sex-attack-Syrian-UK-refugees-Girl-14-assaulted-gang-kept-crime-list-covered-BBC-Newsnight-team.html http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/muslim-waitress-assaulted-in-french-riviera-for-serving-alcohol-on-first-day-of-holy-month-of-a7072581.html I do truly believe no-one has issues with genuine EU workers wishing to genuinely live and work in this country, however, as someone who lives in an area where immigration is an issue for local people, this is not the case. This country really has attracted some pretty awful low life from both EU and non EU countries and at the moment we don't seem able to sort the wheat from chaff in terms of who we admit and allow to stay in this country.
  19. Errr, like BMW moving plants to non eu countrues http://www.automotivemanufacturingsolutions.com/focus/bmw-globally-german http://uawire.org/news/producer-of-upholstery-for-bmw-and-porsche-to-move-its-factory-to-ukraine Daimler http://europe.autonews.com/article/20160113/ANE/160119869/daimler-still-plans-mercedes-plant-in-russia-despite-weak-market I posted links the other day of UK job losses a few years ago when Ford moved to TURKEY - TURKEY Dave - OMG TURKEY Pot, kettle, black
  20. Yes, I tend to agree with that sentiment.
  21. Thats probably a fair assessment tbh, figures she would be looking out for herself professionally. Spent many years working with local GPs to try get them to work closer as a team with secondary care services and/or deliver services in primary care or at GP level where possible/refer more appropriately to hospital (a) for the benefit of patients and (b) to try and work smarter cutting out waste/try reduce the overall cost of healthcare. It was a tall order I'm afraid with most of them. As independent businessmen/women they always seemed mostly (although some were ok) to put themselves first always looking for financial incentives to do anything asked of them. Secondary care staff would happily attend service redesign project meetings to work with us to try and see how a service could be improved or delivered more effectively GPs nooo, they would often be looking to put barriers up or want a fee for this or an additional incentive payment for that.
  22. Well actually, how opportune, re my previous post about Ford closures, it seems Osbourne was heavily involved in getting the loan for Turkey to facilitate the move of these factories across in Turkey.
  23. Just stumbled across this old article. Did these Ford plants in Southampton and Belgium actually close or was it thwarted? If they did close with the loss of jobs, then its not good evidence that being in the EU protects it member countries is it? Oh dear no, one of the factories actually went to Turkey with an EU loan to set it up. Intresting also to see how Germany was cushioned against some of the loss......wonder how that came about.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/car-manufacturers/ford/9634350/Fords-closures-the-big-picture.html
  24. These are my pets. I seem to be adopted by stray cats that come into my garden and never leave for some reason. I have 5 cats of my own - Rupert, Lewis and Butty (toasting themselves in front of log burner), my old girl Scarlet and the latest Jesse reading wolf hall with me. Plus a tortoise who was willed to me, he is at least 50- years old I also foster for a local cat charity and currently have a mum and 4 kittens.
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