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  1. thanks MIA, to be honest I've had an artificial one for a couple of years now. Expanding feline family with needles dropping off and getting in paws etc.....hope Mrs MIA is doing OK.
  2. I'm a a vegetarian who doesn't drink so no problem for me either.......could be sad about the christmas tree though!!
  3. Really sorry to hear your wife is so poorly MIA, as others have said many genuine thoughts go out to you and your family. I very much hope she's soon on the road to recovery.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-36683220
  5. Thanks for this Nights King. I agree and have signed.
  6. Long since lost any interest in your views.........thats if I had any interest in the first place....
  7. Hello Mike, for what its worth might I also respectfully point out that they also fought to retain sovereignty, the right of self determination, the right of self self governance, and to prevent one mad tyrant trying to dominate the whole of Europe, so on and so forth. Although I wasn't alive at time, wasn't this scenario also repeated in 1939???? Please do forgive me and I'm sorry if it offends you but it was just one (but not all) of the many reasons my mum, almost 84 now, decided to vote out, that being from enormous respect for (a) for the 19-year old uncle she never knew because he was blown to pieces together with 4 horses in Nothern France (as per the war diary for 4th April 1918) and (b) the great uncle killed at the Battle of Fromelles whose remains were discovered and reburied with full military honours in 2010. Whilst yes after their unthinkable suffering on the battlefields of France they would wish enduring peace in Europe (and across the world) I rather think these old soldiers, having given their lives, are currently turning in their grave at the state of the current undemocratic EU, which is a far different beast to The Steel and Coal Agreement set up way back then.
  8. No, gave it up 2-years ago when I had a torn knee ligament
  9. Hello claret047, just a little negative from our experience recently with elf and sayftee. They came along our corridor and offices deciding it didn't meet health and safety regs as it was too dark and gloomy. Now we've had to put up with new LED lighting and we're all fed up with it, far far too bright, some of us have had headaches, migraine and a touch of vertigo with them. However much we tried to say we don't want lights that bright for working under all day......... because it was elf and safytee they wouldn't alter it and we have something we don't want or need. They've had to concede to knocking some of the lights out now - all rather pointless in my view. Another dafty for me - I believe (from the people who own the riding school) there is elf and safytee ruling saying they can't teach children to ride a pony for more than 40 mins at a tiime - how silly if thats true! When you get some kids in the saddle they don't want to get off the pony they love it that much!!
  10. He's pinched that from Sue Perkins She said on Thronecast last night that British politics at the moment is a bit like Game of Thrones.......now which politician fits which GoT character....
  11. Left..... if you read my previous posts, never once suggested anyone one cohort is a murderous bunch or made any assumptions of anyone of the same nationality would be or for that matter given any racist abuse.
  12. Agh yes but Cameron was bowled a yorker, got out and went off to the pavillion for his tea and a sulk, rather like a lot of opening batsman in my experience....
  13. Whoops, once again the remain bile surfaces again I see and what a flippant attitude to a rather nasty murder of an elderly defenceles couple. No wonder you need to hide behind a helmet!
  14. Not scored a cricket match for eons but do all village batsmen wear them now, especially if facing spin?
  15. Yes it is Nick I agrre but we need to let it drop though. Polish pilots were magnificent in helping us to win the Battle of Britain in return for our support when Germany walked into Poland uninvited and many chose to stay in this country after the war. I've already said I've had 3 lovely polish families as neighbours and attended school with many polish descendants, they were great. However, please do try to understand there has very sadly been a darker side to this of late with many polish criminals plying their criminal trends in our towns and cities, why we even had a dreadful cold blooded murder of an elderly couple in their bedroom (with a claw hammer) in downtown wolverhampton by one of these criminals. Although retaliation is never the answer and no-one took revenge locally, can you try to image how the family, friends and local residents around these parts felt about it all?
  16. Well we can agree on this. Juncker is quite frankly a complete and utter imbecile for the position he holds and, I belive, a dreadful liability to the EU.
  17. Aha, so that's where Osborne is then
  18. Kent, not sure what has happened with quote system. The post you replied to was not one of my original posts, what seems to have been quoted by me was actually part of a Nick Sussex post I did actually respond to earlier this afternoon.
  19. You are probably right. Its only been a couple of days. We all deserved a weekend at least to catch our breath, perhaps there will be clarity at some point this week.
  20. Sorry, I sadly think its you that have been in denial but I have no desire to fall out with you or anyone over it, as you yourself said we need to heal and move forwards. At least one other poster and I have tried to explain on here how deep feelings have been running across large parts of this country and it is especially felt around these parts - you simply have no idea. Over the last couple of years I have witnessed arguments in shops and near fisticuffs in the A & E department - so no I'm not in denial as I have witnessed it first hand; this is why immigration needs to be far better controlled. I think it has also been pointed out by a few that as the people perceive they are being ignored they turn to right wing parties to fight their corner, haven't we sadly seen that in other parts of Europe. I would be horrified to see this happen in this country, so its best addressed now before it does get out of hand.
  21. Yup, totally agree. If mine are anything to go by, they are brilliant negotiators and always get what they want exactly on their terms!!
  22. But he chose not to do that did he and without any official mandate to take over his authority then no-one has any authority to act. DC himself has caused all this inertia and frankly Osborne is no better. Amazing really, its only politicians that can talk the talk and get away with walking the walk.
  23. But that is terribly disrespectful and if you feel some were racist over the vote, then that is essentially an awfully elitist view, and frankly no better in my books. You call us all racists over immigration then come out with that whopper!! A huge number of people I knew voted out and absolutely none of them fitted that category. BTW had to laugh about the lib dems doing well at the next GE, theres a spent force if ever there was one!
  24. Dodgy Dave and his merry bunch appear also not to have penned a contingency plan in response to the event of Brexit and given they are the current elected government thats even worse to be honest. It now looks to me that they never even considered Brexit would happen - no risk management thinking beforehand was there!!
  25. He should I feel still be making an attempt of some sort to add a sense of calm and order to the proceedings. Sorry but he's been awfully good at waffling in the past and should be doing it now. Not familar with protocol in these situations, should he perhaps have resigned straight away and could he then have nominated someone to take his place as acting prime minster? Would that have been a more positive option?
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