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  1. My weigie, Lewis (after Lewis Hamilton)...in his tunnel. my foster kitties, the back panthers. Very happily all going to be re-homed together in a lovely quiet village in Shropshire, just mum to be re-homed now.
  2. Wild guess, is it the Colour of Money with - was it Paul Newman?
  3. Is this psycho?? How about.... "Shocking. Positively shocking"
  4. Another easy peasy one for early morning....classic film, musical Please sir, I want some more..
  5. Wierpig spotted this one...Out of Africa
  6. Spot on, it was Karen Blixen's speech over Denys Finch Hatton's grave from Out of Africa. how about.... Of all the gin joints in all the towns, she had to walk into mine....
  7. Yes, Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, music from the film is good as well.
  8. Easy one... Houston, we have a problem...,,
  9. Is it Blade Runner......if it is, I'll put my hands up.....never seen the film....I cheated
  10. Yep it is, named one of my cats Scarlet - she's hissy missy just like Scarlet O'Hara!!
  11. Another..... Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn
  12. Theres a clue in the quote, but one of my all time favourite films, need a box of hankies each time I watch it.... Now take back the soul of Denys George Finch Hatton, whom you have shared with us. He brought us joy, and we loved him well. He was not ours. He was not mine
  13. I'e driven minis for a whlie now. Had a mini 850 back in 1977 as my first car so when the new mini came out I simply had to save for one. I've recently changed the car and now drive a mini cooper coupe, I think the colour is called lightening blue........I love it!!
  14. Snowycat


    Yes Freddie was magnificent, what a voice ....I tell you what as well.....purely from a female perspective.......that performance in those tight jeans and white t-shirt at the Live Aid concert .....such a shame he batted for the other side
  15. Funnily enough my mum gave up with it as well so you're not on your own there! I was actually inspired to read the book because of the TV drama was just so superb with Mark Rylance as Cromwell and of course the books often have more detail in them Really does offer an altogether different view of Cromwell.
  16. Serial read my way through the Song of Fire and Ice books (Game of Thrones etc) and simply couldn't put them down; can't wait for next installment, The Winds Of Winter. Other good reads recently were Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall, Anthem for Doomed Youth and All Quiet on the Western Front.
  17. Snowycat


    Yep, Fleetwood Mac near the top of my list on my list also but so many others ....Eagles, Genesis, Simple Minds, Eurythmics Roxy Music, Dire Straits, Queen, Bryan Adams. Some of the 60's/70's bands were fabulous - Rolling Stones, Doors, America, Byrds, ELO to mention just a few. Only seem to,listen to Classic FM these days...
  18. nope, begin to feel drained and lethargic when it gets about 21-22c so don't know how on earth those temps would make me feel.... I guess!
  19. Hello Knocker, we will always agree on cats then. I adore them, my feline family will keep me amused for hours. My friend has two siamese (not sure what colour points they are) and a black oriental called Pyewacket! I came home to a squirrel running around the kitchen a few weeks ago.....I know the culprit was Jesse. My mum had a wonderful maine coon called Josh, all 19lbs of him and we were devastated to lose him with a soft pallet tumour, he was a fabulous cat. Mum is 84 this year but has just adopted a rescue blue norweign forest cat she's called Molly.
  20. Ha ha, cats are soooooo good at getting what they want. I do foster for a local cat charity and the charity always says, when advertising for homes, that they are looking for suitable slaves to adopt their cats!
  21. Yep, he gets so carried away with the bloomin pot when its hot he sometimes tips himself up and find him on his back with his legs in the air!!! Yes, I leave the cats unattended if an afternoon but never leave the 5 together unattended just in case. I don't blame you keeping yours in at night, mine are all in as well every night.
  22. She's a lovely cat. There's 5 cats here of mine, the old girl Scarlet (16 now) is on the settee just out of view. Do they get on......well ..I do have to "police" them rather alot and have a complicated rota system for sharing the great outdoors. Lewis and Rupert get on great and they both love Scarlet so all 3 go out to play outside together in a morning (while Butty and Jesse stay in the craft room) and I get them in lunchtime before I go to work. The latest stray to adopt me Jesse, is a bit mad and chases Lewis around all the while so I teamed Jesse up with Butty (Butty is a bit like Vinny Jones in a bad mood) and they go outside of an afternoon.....they have many dust ups but sort of tolerate each other!! They all love the log burner and it does seem to have a calming effect, in fact I thought I might have to have it on all through summer lol. They are settling slowly I think. At night Butty sleeps in the craft room on his own, Scarlet with Jesse in the kitchen and Lewis and Rupert on my bed!! I literally must be mad....
  23. Aagh bless him or her? Lovely to see a black cat. Fostering atbthe moment and have 3 black panther kittens but black cats are the hardest to rehome These are my cats soaking up the heat from the log burner and a short video (if it plays) of the tortoise playing with his pot (not for small children!!) IMG_0250.MOV
  24. Its going ever darker and have just heard a few rumbles of thunder here in Wolverhampton......
  25. I'm just going technically, being "european" is more of a concept is it not but causcasian is the correct term technically, well at least in medicine we've always (or used to anyway) describe someone as caucasian, never yet used the term european in medical reports
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