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  1. 20 hours ago, snowbunting said:

    The last time I rode in the snow, I was a teenager. Icouldnt resist getting on my 4yr old baby quarter horse and have a canter up a snowy field... heaven.

    yes, it was many years ago for me also on my chestnut gelding, Charlie Brown.  My boyfriend at the time would come with me walking his dog around the common.  Used to have a warm blanket over Charlie's quarters, which I sat on and and then wrapped back around my knees......health and safety would have something to say these days though no doubt! :laugh:

  2. Lovely photo, which was nice to see.  Traced my Prideaux family roots back through Bristol, Somerset and currently to Devon so far.  The Prideaux family orignates from Cornwall so wonder if there are any earlier ancestral connections to Cambourne Parish Church.  Many Prideaux's of course in and around Cambourne but not sure whether they link into my branch of the family as yet.

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