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  1. 49 minutes ago, Spikecollie said:

    You might have missed my comments regarding China where people "eat anything that moves". I think it was probably the one country which I have visited where I experienced true culture shock. I visited Hangzhou for a week's work but as usual I made the absolute most of the time I had. I will never forget going to one supermarket which stocked normal brands like Coca Cola and Budweiser (not that I would buy either of those brands!) and having a wander around the fruit and veg areas. Nearby were some large plastic tubs containg dozens of enormous toads which were clambering on each other in order to get out of the tubs. There were toads hopping about on the floor!

    While the animal husbandry practices of many countries go against my own beliefs and I would like to see much more worldwide respect for our fellow sentient beings, it is a morally difficult terrain to navigate - who are we to say what you can eat and kill and how...

    There is no doubt that the food habits in China can and do contribute toward outbreaks of species jumping disease. Over population adds to this. Unless we address these issues as a global community the resultant problems will not go away.

    Yuk and yuk,  I can well believe it.  I’ve read comments on the meat markets in China in here, its all very horrific and it would haunt me to the end of my days.  The morals of it all belong in the medieval era in my humble view or in a HBO production like Deadwood where years ago they did feed dead humans to the pigs 😱😱 - poor pigs!!! 😂😂   In a modern educated world one would hope all human beings could strive to adopt an acceptable code of behaviour to all things living even if they are animals specifically bred for food, as you say it is just about having respect for all living things..  You are so very correct though it is very difficult terrain to navigate and I confess I avoided biomedical ethics at university like the plague for that very reason ......would have driven me to drink I fear.

  2. No offence intended whatsoever to anyone anywhere but I do wonder if the time is fast approaching where the WHO and indeed the rest of the world needs to sensitively try bringing China to the table to discuss bringing them into line with modern food hygiene levels.  As an animal lover I find their practices very unpalatable (no pun intended) to say the least but on a practical world health  level, China needs to pay heed to the fact for some reason (at least from what I can remember) these novel viruses often emanate from their country so surely they must be asking a simple question - why us?  

  3. Nope,  terrible destruction of wildlife without solid evidence it appears.  I know they are destructuve little critters but causing this suffering is awful.  I've had badger families in and aroundmy  garden ever since I lived here, 20 years.  I did have to ban them from the garden a couple of years ago because of the damage they do digging but it is so upsetting to see them destroyed in this way.


    Haven't searched for evidence as it depresses me to read about all this destruction but I feel I did read some research once that suggested vaccinating badgers, however impractical it may seem, against TB works.  

    It seems to be just a further example, if ever we needed one, of MP's/government officials/parliament believing what they want to believe or what is convenient to them rather than facing up to truths/evidence of the matter.

    It seems the country has gone mad 🙄


  4. I'm sure there are more scientific studies out there but suspect whether cold or hot temperatures kill more people is not so straightforward because of how cause of death is recorded.  


    For me the difference is if you are cold you can make efforts to warm yourself up (accepting of course the elderly sometimes can't or don't to this and develop hypothermia) whereas in extremely hot temperatures it is very difficult to get away from intense overbearing temperatures - not everyone has aircon and the elderly and infirm cannot always take showers.  

    It is preference and it would not do for us all to be the same I guess.  My moan is - I hate this heat intensely and simply cannot wait for it "to do one".  Not only does it affect my own health, I have an 87 year old mum to be concerned about and pets to try and keep cool, so no it doesn't suit everyone to be burnt to a crisp 



  5. 18 minutes ago, DiagonalRedLine said:



    Apart from quite a decent storm last year in May, and the impressive overnight light show in July some years ago, feels like thundery activity in some parts has decreased. Pretty sure here, we used to get one or two decent afternoon thunderstorms (almost) every year back towards the 90’s and early 2000’s. And I think a few instances of some strong overnight continuous thunderstorms. It’s possible that selective memory could be getting in the way, though it still feels like thundery activity, along with intense, torrential, downpours to go along with it, seems fewer in the last 10 years. Bar a few odd exceptions. 


    My neighbour and I discussed this only yesterday.   You are quite right we used to get far more thunderstorms than we currently seem to get.  I well remember storms, both as a child and an adult, that used to rumble on through the night and sometimes well into the following morning.  I do also remember afternoon storms as I would often feel panicked about getting home from work in time to get the horses in out of the storms when I could see them building up during the afternoon.  Does anyone know what, if anything, has changed climate wise for the UK to explain why thunderstorms seem more of a rarity these days other than in the SE of the UK?  

  6. Yes, I feel it was a decent ending in the end with the characters perhaps ending up where they should have done.  Jon was never bought up to be a king and was never comfortable with the idea.  At least Drogon was seen heading east most likely taking her back to Valaryia, I suspected Dany would end up back in Valyria, albeit not deceased.  I didn't really get the Sansa line though, the HBO series made so much more of Sansa's character than the books ever did - can't wait for the last 2 novels to be released to see Martin's conclusion. 

  7. Not seen final episode until tonight but will go with Tyrion for king in that case.  He would make a compassionate leader, was Cersei’s brother (although Cersei stole the throne for herself and of course the Baratheon’s usurped the throne originally) and lastly there was always the gossip that Tyrion’s father was not Tywin Lannister but rather a Targaryen, which is why Tywin hated Tyrion so much.  

  8. 14 hours ago, Snowyowl9 said:

    Something to watch in the future,I keep saying this but havn`t started yet.

    If you like reading I'd read the novels as well. The HBO series does alter the storyline of some characters and misses out some characters altogether. Still waiting for the final novels and it will be interesting what GRR Martin's conclusions will be.  I am currently reading "Fire and Blood" which is the Targaryen history 300 years prior to GoT.  Next stop is the "World of Ice and Fire" which is the history of Westeros.  I do enjoy GRR Martin's novels - Fevre Dream is a good read - a vampire story set deep in the American south on board a paddle boat steamer. 

  9. I've been hooked from the beginning tbh.  I've also read all the books, which are truly excellent.  I agree this last series has been very rushed sadly but I have still enjoyed every minute.  I wonder if they will leave a few loose ends as there is so much talk of spin off series.  I was personally disappointed in Cersei's end, I so wanted a public execution by Drogon 😂 purely on account of all her evil doings - she got away far too lightly.  Surely now they have to prevent Danny from taking the iron throne as she has demonstrated she could be a tyrant.  Do hope they leave Drogon be though, I was so sad when the dragons perished but in Dany's hands he can do so much damage.  I have half wondered in a mad moment whether Jon Snow may marry Sansa to rule together for the good if the realm as they are no longer half brother and sister but cousins.  It was a comment either Tyrion or Vary's made (can't remember) when it was said Westeros was always more peaceful and prosperous when Stark's and Targaryen's ruled together.  I shall miss GoT but am so looking forward to the spin off I believe is being made - no dragons sadly but white walkers should feature.  

  10. Unfortunately I don't have a super duper camera and can only take snaps with my ipad or phone so I can't really get the quality of photos others do sadly.  I have a deer at the bottom of my garden and noticed the other day they have a little fawn, which was somewhere in the undergrowth.  The photo was taken from the top of my garden, which was the closest I could get without scaring them, 


  11. 3 hours ago, TEITS said:

    I agree with the rest of your post. However my argument with the above is if we struggle to use the signals to make a forecast then how can we be sure we are correct in analysing how it went wrong. For example even last years beast from the east seems to cause some debate whether it was caused by the SSW or MJO or both? Even when I look back at the incredible Greenland High during Dec 2009,2010 I am not sure what allowed such blocking for Dec.

    Love the puddycat TEITS 😍  i wouldn't know where to start with any of it but I'm sure all you good folk on here with so much knowledge will make a good attempt to decipher it.  I wonder whether it's like having all your ducks sitting pretty in a row and along comes an eagle and takes them all out.  I'm sure it's not that simple but is it a case of you can have so many positive variables working towards a cold pattern but along comes a negative variable, which is so influential, it over rides the other positive ones.

  12. 18 hours ago, Catacol said:

     few  dozen such spells that really sank into my memory. Feb 81 when a child in Glasgow I will never forget. 85, 87, 91, 96, 10.....and some not bad stuff in 09, 12 and 13. 96 to 09 was 12 years of utter cold weather despair. l

    Although I can't recall how the MetO performed back then  I remember 79 well and the run of cold winters that followed in the early 80's.  I was 20 in 1979 so in the flush of youth going out to disco's (everyone cringe) in flimsy summer clothes in freezing weather late at night when dad said I should be in bed!  I'd even throw wellies in the back of the mini and call to check on the horses at 2am on my way home. Sometimes I expected to see a polar bear or two across the fields as it really was so cold and snow, my feet and hands got so cold.  We had real fun in those snowy winters bombarding my ex's car with snowballs while out on a local pub crawl as the weather was not suitable for driving and I even remember someone coming to the pub on his ski's. What happened to change these winters.  the next winters in my memory are 09/10 and December 2010.   It's the same with thunderstorms, I call recall  some real thunder days - they are a rare event around here in recent summers.  It does seem to me also the MetO longer range forecasts have not been useful at all 

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