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  1. Unfortunately I don't have a super duper camera and can only take snaps with my ipad or phone so I can't really get the quality of photos others do sadly.  I have a deer at the bottom of my garden and noticed the other day they have a little fawn, which was somewhere in the undergrowth.  The photo was taken from the top of my garden, which was the closest I could get without scaring them, 


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  2. 3 hours ago, TEITS said:

    I agree with the rest of your post. However my argument with the above is if we struggle to use the signals to make a forecast then how can we be sure we are correct in analysing how it went wrong. For example even last years beast from the east seems to cause some debate whether it was caused by the SSW or MJO or both? Even when I look back at the incredible Greenland High during Dec 2009,2010 I am not sure what allowed such blocking for Dec.

    Love the puddycat TEITS 😍  i wouldn't know where to start with any of it but I'm sure all you good folk on here with so much knowledge will make a good attempt to decipher it.  I wonder whether it's like having all your ducks sitting pretty in a row and along comes an eagle and takes them all out.  I'm sure it's not that simple but is it a case of you can have so many positive variables working towards a cold pattern but along comes a negative variable, which is so influential, it over rides the other positive ones.

  3. 18 hours ago, Catacol said:

     few  dozen such spells that really sank into my memory. Feb 81 when a child in Glasgow I will never forget. 85, 87, 91, 96, 10.....and some not bad stuff in 09, 12 and 13. 96 to 09 was 12 years of utter cold weather despair. l

    Although I can't recall how the MetO performed back then  I remember 79 well and the run of cold winters that followed in the early 80's.  I was 20 in 1979 so in the flush of youth going out to disco's (everyone cringe) in flimsy summer clothes in freezing weather late at night when dad said I should be in bed!  I'd even throw wellies in the back of the mini and call to check on the horses at 2am on my way home. Sometimes I expected to see a polar bear or two across the fields as it really was so cold and snow, my feet and hands got so cold.  We had real fun in those snowy winters bombarding my ex's car with snowballs while out on a local pub crawl as the weather was not suitable for driving and I even remember someone coming to the pub on his ski's. What happened to change these winters.  the next winters in my memory are 09/10 and December 2010.   It's the same with thunderstorms, I call recall  some real thunder days - they are a rare event around here in recent summers.  It does seem to me also the MetO longer range forecasts have not been useful at all 

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  4. 7 hours ago, Polar Maritime said:

    No gas here as live very rural, Have an Esse oil range which does the heating hot water and for cooking, That's always ticking away on low 24/7 this time of year. In the living room we have an open fire which i light when it starts to get chilly as so I don't have to turn the range up. I have woodland so all my wood is free and seasoned for at least 2 years but it's a labour of love as it's hard work! 

    Yes, I bet it is.  My logs àre dropped off on my drive so I then have to stack them and it is hard going and I don't have to chop mine up.  I've lost count of the times I've squished my fingers and dropped logs on my feet 😩 and it hurts!  

  5. 6 minutes ago, Snipper said:

    So who is paying for the replacement of the many fires that are not deemed to be cleaner?

    It's a good question.  I wonder how they will check and monitor existing fires.  I have a tree surgeon friend who (obviously)  has a ready supply of logs for his 2x burners.  He does season them but whether they would meet potential new standards would be open to question; I think the burners are his sole source of heat.  In fact most people I know will use wood from whatever source they can in an attempt to keep heatng bills to a minimum - kiln dried logs are not cheap.  

  6. I've a DEFRA approved multi fuel burner and I only burn kiln dried wood, from a supplier who is approved, so hoping I will be OK.  I would be most unhappy to be banned from using my burner as it works every day during winter.  Absolutely invaluable when keeping my cat family quiet.....



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  7. Best car I ever had for getting about in the snow was my Mini 850.  Was driving it around with it in those winters late 70's/early 80's and it always got me around in the snow.  In fact I came home in deep snow one night after being out with my friend and some quite thick snow caught us out.  I chugged along from Shifnal to Wolverhampton to get us home - the only casualty was my number plate which became loose and I had to somehow tie it back on with hair ribbon.  My current Mini cooper coupe really is not as good in snow as my old mini whom I called Lucy

  8. Lovely fleecy jackets Jethro.   Used to make my own dresses years ago but haven't made any clothes for years.  Reading the model thread, which (dare I say) is somewhat fraught some days, it seems the little ones may well be needing them soon.

  9. Oh dear.  Having worked most of my life for public facing services, I really do understand how cautious (particularly in these modern days) one has to be to avoid any possible criticism or backlash I really do, however, there must be some sore bottoms at the met with all the fence sitting.  Every base is covered in that summary other than hot sunny weather - rain, wind, snow, frost, fog, and mild weather 😂  I realise fhey can only forecast what they think they can see and if its not clear to them I see the issue but why they bother with these forecasts I'll never know.

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  10. I'm reading the hunt for cold, strat thread and other weather related threads daily but as I'm not a professional meteorologist or one of the exceptionally knowleagable amateurs on here I don't post.  However, FWIW it seems to me the met are really hedging their bets with these forecasts, which to me screams .....they really do not know what weather type will prevail.

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  11. Hook's Ray Sawyer has died aged 81. Wore the distinctive eye patch

    dean ford - lead singer of 'marmalade'... 72

    So sad, but I guess time moves on.  The golden era of music.  Leave a radio on in my allocated room for my foster cats so when sitting/playing with them I'm listening to GOLD.  Such a great time for music the 60's, 70's and 80's, so many great bands. 

  12. 54 minutes ago, Essex Easterly. said:

    You can get small GPS collar trackers for that, comes with an app for your phone too 

    Thankyou, yes you can.  A friend of mine has one for one of her cats Reuben as he goes off on hunting trips into the woodlands.  They are excellent, she can pinpoint Reuben quite accurately to bring him back home.  They are expensive though which is the drawback.        

  13. Oh dear, I must be getting old, spend too much time talking to cats, watching crafty TV programmes, too much sci-fi - not sure which but I genuinely wandered onto this thread thinking it was about pretty white flecks of fluffy white stuff.  What on earth are snowflakes if not fluffy white stuff 🤔🤔🤔

  14. 6 hours ago, jethro said:

    Been busy spreading Christmas cheer, this time not fairies. Made to adorn the door in the white garden I created at work last year, got two big fireplaces to dress tomorrow. I love this time of year, wreath making beats digging every time 🙂


    Beautiful, I swore I'd never make another wreath for my front door again after last year.  I relented and have done one but I was reminded why I was reluctant to do it - trying to put sharp holly in them has ripped my fingers to ribbons and my hands got so cold 😪  I can't dress my lovely fireplace unfortunately as the log burner is lit everyday so I've dressed my display cabinet instead 😁


  15. 10 hours ago, jethro said:

    That's beautiful.

    Here's my last fairy of the season, this one is for my daughter. Just got some Christmas bunting and a baby tweed coat to make, then I'm packing my sewing machine away for a few weeks.


    Do you give them names?  She is very pretty. 

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