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  1. Love the puddycat TEITS 😍 i wouldn't know where to start with any of it but I'm sure all you good folk on here with so much knowledge will make a good attempt to decipher it. I wonder whether it's like having all your ducks sitting pretty in a row and along comes an eagle and takes them all out. I'm sure it's not that simple but is it a case of you can have so many positive variables working towards a cold pattern but along comes a negative variable, which is so influential, it over rides the other positive ones.
  2. Am posting this with my flak jacket and helmet on just in case I get shot at, however, as someone who reads the threads daily summer and winter I feel the unkind posts criticising those who have tried to understand and use the background signals to give an indication of the winter weather are a little unfair. Unless I am mistaken yes there was talk of some major cold and snow and isn't that what Austria and parts of North America have experienced? What would the negative posters be posting today if that cold blob of vortex had landed over the UK instead of Chicago? I don't recall anyone saying extreme cold would drop on any particular post code in the UK for definite. As @knocker says there is so much information to learn from this winter, the background signals etc that did or didn't come together favourably for the UK and all these variables will absolutely add to the body of knowledge for the future.
  3. Snowycat

    Crafty people

    Latest quilt offering from me, my log cabin quilt. Mum aged 87 (bless her) has just hand quilted it and I'll finish off with the binding.
  4. Although I can't recall how the MetO performed back then I remember 79 well and the run of cold winters that followed in the early 80's. I was 20 in 1979 so in the flush of youth going out to disco's (everyone cringe) in flimsy summer clothes in freezing weather late at night when dad said I should be in bed! I'd even throw wellies in the back of the mini and call to check on the horses at 2am on my way home. Sometimes I expected to see a polar bear or two across the fields as it really was so cold and snow, my feet and hands got so cold. We had real fun in those snowy winters bombarding my ex's car with snowballs while out on a local pub crawl as the weather was not suitable for driving and I even remember someone coming to the pub on his ski's. What happened to change these winters. the next winters in my memory are 09/10 and December 2010. It's the same with thunderstorms, I call recall some real thunder days - they are a rare event around here in recent summers. It does seem to me also the MetO longer range forecasts have not been useful at all
  5. Snowycat

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Still just about snowing here but we are quite high up here in Penn
  6. Never thought I would post in any model thread for fear of being blasted by some members but I do read daily what all the knowledgeable folk post in all these threads in the hope of learning from you all (my science is more biology).....and of course looking forward to any cold snowy weather coming our way as well. However, as disappointing as it is turning out to be I really do hope you all won't be hard on yourselves as things so far haven't turned out as positive as you all were thinking with background signals and SSW's. To have understood and gathered as much knowledge as you all have, to share the knowledge with others and articulate it all so well has truly been a delight to read over the winter months and I really applaud you all for it.
  7. Yes, I bet it is. My logs àre dropped off on my drive so I then have to stack them and it is hard going and I don't have to chop mine up. I've lost count of the times I've squished my fingers and dropped logs on my feet 😩 and it hurts!
  8. My concern is whether government local or otherwise view it as a possible revenue generator, i,e., your solid fuel stove needs a licence to say it complies with legislation and of course we'll have to fund the licence. Just a thought.
  9. Bless her. Not all mine get on harmoniously. Button, 2nd from left, dislikes Rupert my black and white boy and shouts at him frequently......but amazingly that burner knocks them out and peace reigns.
  10. It's a good question. I wonder how they will check and monitor existing fires. I have a tree surgeon friend who (obviously) has a ready supply of logs for his 2x burners. He does season them but whether they would meet potential new standards would be open to question; I think the burners are his sole source of heat. In fact most people I know will use wood from whatever source they can in an attempt to keep heatng bills to a minimum - kiln dried logs are not cheap.
  11. Lol, there's another on the settee 🀣🀣🀣🀣
  12. I've a DEFRA approved multi fuel burner and I only burn kiln dried wood, from a supplier who is approved, so hoping I will be OK. I would be most unhappy to be banned from using my burner as it works every day during winter. Absolutely invaluable when keeping my cat family quiet.....
  13. Best car I ever had for getting about in the snow was my Mini 850. Was driving it around with it in those winters late 70's/early 80's and it always got me around in the snow. In fact I came home in deep snow one night after being out with my friend and some quite thick snow caught us out. I chugged along from Shifnal to Wolverhampton to get us home - the only casualty was my number plate which became loose and I had to somehow tie it back on with hair ribbon. My current Mini cooper coupe really is not as good in snow as my old mini whom I called Lucy
  14. Snowycat

    Crafty people

    Lovely fleecy jackets Jethro. Used to make my own dresses years ago but haven't made any clothes for years. Reading the model thread, which (dare I say) is somewhat fraught some days, it seems the little ones may well be needing them soon.
  15. Oh dear. Having worked most of my life for public facing services, I really do understand how cautious (particularly in these modern days) one has to be to avoid any possible criticism or backlash I really do, however, there must be some sore bottoms at the met with all the fence sitting. Every base is covered in that summary other than hot sunny weather - rain, wind, snow, frost, fog, and mild weather πŸ˜‚ I realise fhey can only forecast what they think they can see and if its not clear to them I see the issue but why they bother with these forecasts I'll never know.