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  1. 1981 Elton John - Song for Guy - remember this being on the radio as we drove to Cheltenham in snow Christopher Cross Arthur's Theme - think because we went to the cinema to see the film - hilarious Bucks Fizz - Land of Make Believe and this .... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5jhocSCSZzk
  2. Nope, terrible destruction of wildlife without solid evidence it appears. I know they are destructuve little critters but causing this suffering is awful. I've had badger families in and aroundmy garden ever since I lived here, 20 years. I did have to ban them from the garden a couple of years ago because of the damage they do digging but it is so upsetting to see them destroyed in this way. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/21/badger-cull-success-claim-attacked-experts Haven't searched for evidence as it depresses me to read about all this destruction but I feel I did read some research once that suggested vaccinating badgers, however impractical it may seem, against TB works. It seems to be just a further example, if ever we needed one, of MP's/government officials/parliament believing what they want to believe or what is convenient to them rather than facing up to truths/evidence of the matter. It seems the country has gone mad
  3. This wind is driving me insane. Good job I lifted the hanging baskets down yesterday as there would be nothing left of them by now! It’s broken bits of my roses and dahlias and my runner beans are tied to everything I can think of to tie them to but how they are still standing upright I’ll never know
  4. I'm sure there are more scientific studies out there but suspect whether cold or hot temperatures kill more people is not so straightforward because of how cause of death is recorded. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-44956310 For me the difference is if you are cold you can make efforts to warm yourself up (accepting of course the elderly sometimes can't or don't to this and develop hypothermia) whereas in extremely hot temperatures it is very difficult to get away from intense overbearing temperatures - not everyone has aircon and the elderly and infirm cannot always take showers. It is preference and it would not do for us all to be the same I guess. My moan is - I hate this heat intensely and simply cannot wait for it "to do one". Not only does it affect my own health, I have an 87 year old mum to be concerned about and pets to try and keep cool, so no it doesn't suit everyone to be burnt to a crisp
  5. Well I'm a bit confused now. Do I need to ignore the Netweather automated weather forecast? It has removed or reduced the thunderstorm risk for my area although other weather forecasts have suggested I am in the severe risk - has the risk area changed at all?
  6. My neighbour and I discussed this only yesterday. You are quite right we used to get far more thunderstorms than we currently seem to get. I well remember storms, both as a child and an adult, that used to rumble on through the night and sometimes well into the following morning. I do also remember afternoon storms as I would often feel panicked about getting home from work in time to get the horses in out of the storms when I could see them building up during the afternoon. Does anyone know what, if anything, has changed climate wise for the UK to explain why thunderstorms seem more of a rarity these days other than in the SE of the UK?
  7. Thunder and lightning in Wolves and the sky looks like armageddon ....
  8. Thunder and lightning in Wolves and the sky looks like armageddon ....
  9. Yes, I feel it was a decent ending in the end with the characters perhaps ending up where they should have done. Jon was never bought up to be a king and was never comfortable with the idea. At least Drogon was seen heading east most likely taking her back to Valaryia, I suspected Dany would end up back in Valyria, albeit not deceased. I didn't really get the Sansa line though, the HBO series made so much more of Sansa's character than the books ever did - can't wait for the last 2 novels to be released to see Martin's conclusion.
  10. Not seen final episode until tonight but will go with Tyrion for king in that case. He would make a compassionate leader, was Cersei’s brother (although Cersei stole the throne for herself and of course the Baratheon’s usurped the throne originally) and lastly there was always the gossip that Tyrion’s father was not Tywin Lannister but rather a Targaryen, which is why Tywin hated Tyrion so much.
  11. Dany's dragons would certainly come in useful at the moment....
  12. Came across this article discussing a possible end for Deanerys Targaryen. It is tied into the promised Prince Azor Ahai and the prophecy in the novels. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a27074546/will-daenerys-targaryen-die-game-of-thrones-season-8
  13. If you like reading I'd read the novels as well. The HBO series does alter the storyline of some characters and misses out some characters altogether. Still waiting for the final novels and it will be interesting what GRR Martin's conclusions will be. I am currently reading "Fire and Blood" which is the Targaryen history 300 years prior to GoT. Next stop is the "World of Ice and Fire" which is the history of Westeros. I do enjoy GRR Martin's novels - Fevre Dream is a good read - a vampire story set deep in the American south on board a paddle boat steamer.
  14. I also could see Dany returning to Valyria with her remaining dragon after realising she has somehow lost all.
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