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  1. All this whataboutery and straw man nonsense that's been spread about 'BLM'............... It's classic 'divert and dilute' tactics. Somehow 'BLM' has become 'nasty marxists looking to overthrow civilisation' - what a complete load of utter nonsense. It seems to have been completely forgotten that BLM stands for 'black lives matter as much as any other lives', and is squarely rooted in the undeniable fact that a vastly higher proportion of black people were being killed by the US police than white people of equivalent social status (and still are). It then grew to be a wider movement cent
  2. "Write-off"??? Since the beginning of June the weather has been by and large shorts and T-shirt weather, more than warm enough to enjoy being out and about most days. There have been a good few really nice days, and I can't recall a single 'howling gale, cold and rain' day since the end of May. Sure next week is a bit more unsettled, but it's not going to be wall to wall cold, wet and windy, and there will be dry and bright periods, before hopefully things start to settle down again (I know this is way out in FI but just to illustrate): In other words British summer weather.
  3. No need to panic about charts 10 days hence, especially rainfall charts. For the same date from latest GFS: To me the medium term semi-reliable outlook isn't looking too bad at all: And the longer term outlook is, as always, FI, with currently no particularly strong signals for anything - we might see a summery spell, we might see a 'May '21 revisit', or we might just see standard UK summertime weather.
  4. I think that matches the existing deal? So not a bad outcome as French and Italian leagues have had to take significant hits on their renewals I believe. And I guess it's contingent on no 'key' clubs disappearing off on their own...........
  5. Exactly Nick, option 3 for me every time (see my longer reply a few comments up from this)
  6. Good, let them go, take the long view. It's MUCH BETTER that they disappear into their own little enclave. What no-one seems to be thinking about it is what makes football such a great sport, and neither are they thinking about what makes 'tradition'. For anyone who's followed a club through the different levels of the football league, they'll know that just because your team isn't playing Liverpool doesn't make the game any less important, and the winning of, say, League 1, any less fantastic. If the 'big six' b*gger off it will, within at most two seasons, make the game in England much mu
  7. Fairly grey and still this morning in Hudds so I thought I'd get out on my bike. Went along A62 through Marsden and over Standedge, was pretty foggy at the top, but almost immediately cleared and by the time I'd dropped down to Diggle it was bright sunshine. Followed the road round then back up past Dovestones, again was bright sunshine all the way up, but I could see the fog bank at the top. Sure enough almost exactly at the crest I was back into fog, and by the time I got to Wessenden Head it was really thick (not that that seemed to be having much effect on the speed of the passing cars, an
  8. Well, a really nice day here, the odd light shower but predominantly sunny - and for the first time this year I can feel some real warmth in the sun out of the wind. Probably about 2 cms of lying snow this morning, which is still largely intact in the shade, but mostly gone where the sun has got to work. Whilst this is a decent cold spell, sitting in the sun this morning having a cup of tea has really got me looking forward to spring.........
  9. I don't think the wind direction is due to veer to a true easterly until Thursday, (and then only briefly before swinging to a southerly), and by then it's pretty slack so largely irrelevant
  10. Agreed, but that is about cut-off time for heavy showers, especially in terms of progress inland. After that isobars widen as HP exerts more influence, wind slackens, and convection reduces, making it largely dry for the bulk of our region for tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday (the first Atlantic front dies over Ireland) and Friday. After that it's less certain, but right now we're looking dry and cold for the next seven days from midnight tonight.
  11. It's true, I find the GFS ppt forecasts to be remarkably accurate out to about 60 hrs
  12. Yes, we usually do well from these types of setups for that very reason
  13. We did well in Hudds., a decent covering. Already starting to melt though, be mostly gone by this afternoon I expect
  14. So, not wanting to be Mr Grumpy, but having been on here model watching for 16 (!) years: FI = anything beyond T180, and what Operational models are showing is the slight favourite amongst a wide range of possible outcomes. no point viewing these for any local detail, or really even with any great confidence. T144 - T180 = most likely broad synoptic pattern i.e. likely to be warmer / colder / wetter / drier than average, but in terms of local detail, barely more reliable than FI. T72 - T144 = broad synoptic pattern likely to be accurate (but not 'nailed on'!). Detail starting to
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