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  1. First of all it wasn't an 'open top bus tour', it was a stationary open top bus parked right outside the ground, and the club had been advised by the local council safety team that it would be a good idea to quickly make an appearance in front of the crowd, after which the police could then start dispersal operations hopefully more easily as the crowd would have seen the team, and more importantly seen them leaving, rather than, as happened outside Anfield, there were still huge crowds milling around celebrating well into the early morning. Unless you consider that 'the right way'? Secondly, there's a trophy for every divisional winner every year, and it most definitely is counted as silverware - what was that big shiny cup shaped thing Bielsa and the team were parading around? I've no idea where you got the idea it's not counted as winning a domestic trophy from???
  2. And now Champions!!! Leeds United promoted to Premier League as champions | Football News | Sky Sports WWW.SKYSPORTS.COM Leeds United will return to the Premier League after a 16-year absence as champions of the Sky Bet Championship. All without kicking a ball!!! It seems Leeds aren't the only team who can stumble when the pressure really comes on......... That brings Fulham back into the race for the second automatic promotion place - Wednesday could be an exciting end to the Championship season with West Brom, Brentford and Fulham all vying for that second spot.
  3. Championship: Leeds United promoted to Premier League after 16-year absence - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Leeds United are back in the Premier League after 16 years away as West Brom's defeat by Huddersfield seals promotion. At last!!! It's been a long and more often than not painful 16 years, but finally done it!
  4. Exactly Mark, models looking much more favourable for settled and warmer weather, which is great for those of us stuck at home with one eye on our gardens and the other on our deckchairs ?
  5. mobile phones, computers, myriad electrical white goods, textiles, steel, car parts (and more general manufacturing raw materials), pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc etc. China is in essence the worlds de facto manufacturer supporting the current global economic system. The only way to change that is to radically change the economic system - maybe this will be the shock needed to do that?
  6. Exactly Matty, it has been clear for a good while now that the speed of transmission could not be explained by touch / physical transmission alone, and this is the key piece of information that is not being publicised. If people knew that they could catch it simply by 'breathing someone else's air', and that in a confined space that 'air' could remain contagious for as you say 'upwards of 4 hours' then that would I'm sure I have a dramatic effect on peoples behaviours. Think of all the environments where infection is likely based on that approach and you quickly get an insight into the real reason this disease is so contagious and spreads so easily and quickly.
  7. I think it's pretty certain that this disease is much more widespread across the world than the authorities are yet in a position to recognise. Cases are popping up in many heavily populated (but often poorly reported on) regions, so it seems inconceivable that, given how easily it appears to spread, many many more people are not already infected, and a good few of those already infected people are not moving around more widely thus spreading it further. I will be very surprised if this doesn't become a global pandemic on a very large scale.
  8. ECM across same timeframe, not quite so hysterical............... Still gales, but no hurricane and no blizzards for anyone away from Highlands
  9. Here's an interesting take on how this might be tackled: Empty half the Earth of its humans. It's the only way to save the planet | Kim Stanley Robinson | Cities | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM There are now twice as many people as 50 years ago. But, as EO Wilson has argued, they can all survive – in cities
  10. Strange given that he was in the car Lawrence was driving, so whilst drunk he was just a passenger. Surely the major gross misconduct was Lawrence and Mount. But maybe they're too valuable as assets to sack..............
  11. Aye, and it's reflected on here, nearly a whole page of posts and not a single one about actual games of football......... Football sold its soul to Mamon a long time ago, and is now starting to really see the result of that. And having said that I still maintain that the Championship (aka Division 2) is still the most exciting league in the world.
  12. Been moderate to heavy sizzle in Buttershaw for the last hour or two, now a genuine covering on all surfaces. Lovely and wintery ?
  13. Exactly Karl, certainly there's no point trying to pin any detail to next week, but there is now strong agreement that it will be a cold week, and that it certainly will be cold enough for snow for some, and almost certainly cold enough for significant snow for some. Where and how much is of course not yet clear, but the probability of a significantly colder week is very high - in fact the probability of next week being by some considerable margin the most wintry so far this winter is very high.
  14. Lights flickering at the moment, could do without a power cut today, a bit cold to be without power.........
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