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  1. Here's an interesting take on how this might be tackled: Empty half the Earth of its humans. It's the only way to save the planet | Kim Stanley Robinson | Cities | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM There are now twice as many people as 50 years ago. But, as EO Wilson has argued, they can all survive – in cities
  2. Strange given that he was in the car Lawrence was driving, so whilst drunk he was just a passenger. Surely the major gross misconduct was Lawrence and Mount. But maybe they're too valuable as assets to sack..............
  3. Aye, and it's reflected on here, nearly a whole page of posts and not a single one about actual games of football......... Football sold its soul to Mamon a long time ago, and is now starting to really see the result of that. And having said that I still maintain that the Championship (aka Division 2) is still the most exciting league in the world.
  4. Been moderate to heavy sizzle in Buttershaw for the last hour or two, now a genuine covering on all surfaces. Lovely and wintery
  5. Exactly Karl, certainly there's no point trying to pin any detail to next week, but there is now strong agreement that it will be a cold week, and that it certainly will be cold enough for snow for some, and almost certainly cold enough for significant snow for some. Where and how much is of course not yet clear, but the probability of a significantly colder week is very high - in fact the probability of next week being by some considerable margin the most wintry so far this winter is very high.
  6. Lights flickering at the moment, could do without a power cut today, a bit cold to be without power.........
  7. Agreed, and it's really messy, for here the Met Office have: Now - Heavy rain (correct) 15.00 - Light rain 16.00 - Light snow 17.00 - Heavy snow 18.00 - Heavy rain 19.00 - Heavy snow 20.00 - Overcast What a mess!
  8. Moderate to heavy rain here, and no sign of any icyness on the ground
  9. Good, give me rain over freezing rain any day. Snow yes, freezing rain no - just extremely unpleasant, and downright dangerous if you are unfortunate enough to have to travel in it. Not bothered about 'seeing interesting weather' - watching my roof tiles getting blown off a few years ago was a good example of 'interesting weather' that's absolutely no use nor ornament to anyone.
  10. Crazy unpredictable division so far this year. After latest round of games Leeds back on top, an outstanding away win for Derby (and equally bad home defeat for West Brom), and a good away win for Forest. Form teams currently probably Derby, Brum, QPR and Norwich, with West Brom, Boro and Sheff Utd stuttering, and Brentford and Villa struggling (ironically). But it'll probably all look different again by the end of this Saturday's set of fixtures..............
  11. Looking beyond the stormy period of the next five days (and to me the Sunday 'event' looks like one of those classic 'southwards adjustment with each run' scenarios), there seems to be increasing cross model agreement for a much more settled few days at the beginning of next week, with high pressure very much in charge.
  12. Yes indeed Pete, Fire Incident officer was saying during an interview he suspected either a barbecue/cooking fire or discarded cigarette as the most likely cause..........
  13. Yes was walking on Marsden moor on Monday evening, could see the huge plume of smoke to my southwest, this must be one of the largest fires for a long time. And not hard to understand why, whilst in some of the deeper gullies there's still some 'squelch', the top layer of vegetation is absolutely crunchy tinder dry.
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