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  1. Is it too soon to warn my older relatives to get more logs ready? They live in a freezing cold house, and do not necessarily have enough supplies in all the time.
  2. I noticed that too....My Valentine's pressie to my dear children was for each of them, a pair of cosy waterproof ski trousers, I am always hopeful that this could be the winter we can have more than two days of snow fun.
  3. Speaking of 1991, here is a photo of our hard work that year, built by me and my friends, we slept one night in it (needed more bedding but wasn't too bad!); it lasted until a week after the thaw. Excellent fun, I doubt we will get this much snow in the next few weeks, but if you have bored children nearby, tell them try and make one of these. It even had "stained glass" windows, food colouring and water in the freezer overnight.
  4. No moaning from me folks: my reverse psychology jinxes all worked (do not buy Davos sledge, leave a full load of washing on the line, leave new Christmas tree and half a load of logs out on the drive uncovered): so the result was a full day of snow, sledging, winter fun and exercise, plus the joy of finding out in the evening that all local schools have a Snow Day today. Proper Winter. Proper Snow. Narnia. Yesterday: all buses cancelled so Christmas Shopping in Oxford not possible, today, buses are running so sneaky extra shopping day/sledging on alternative pistes now a possibility. Very happy :-)
  5. Post your snowmen pics here!

    This is Olaf. He was made in the summer for the village scarecrow competition, out of old sheets and gaffertape. We decided to leave him up for months so he could get to enjoy some real snow - he finally got lots yesterday!
  6. I will add that ALL affordable Davos wooden sledges have vanished off Ebay in the past few days, missed my chance again. They'll all be back on next week after the Non-Snow-Event is over......(I am trying reverse psychology on the weather, again)
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Phone full, so no pics, but bright red sun at high noon is very very spooky, all the kids terribly excited at our school, much too exciting to concentrate.
  8. Hurricane Maria

    ah thankyou none of the links to uptodate images seem to load at work today :-( I will have to check at home later.
  9. Hurricane Maria

    Looks so ominous.....not sure how up to date this image is.......
  10. Hurricane Irma

    I was wondering about the evolution of life with respect to massive hurricanes etc, and wondering if it was a selection pressure (if they were frequent enough) driving adaptations in body shape or possibly always caused catastrophic removal of populations.? Might there have been some species who were able to thrive in areas where winds were exceptionally high, that we might not have noticed in the fossil record? Or did life only emerge out of the oceans once the most massive cyclonic weather events had died back closer to what we see today? The ocean stays pretty constant, much safer that being up on land.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    Errr.... I think he was referring to cholera epidemics etc, caused by diarrhoea ("loose stools") wiping out thousands of people, not referring to light breezes that might knock your stool (or chair) over causing problems.......
  12. Interesting about pollen, many yellow flowers are flowering in my holiday-neglected allotment and garden, eg lettuce, rocket, ragwort (very guilty for having that) and lots of Compositae species (things that look like dandelions), Hawkbit, Hawk's-beard and also thistles. Runner beans are also flowering, but I am not sure how widespread they would be as an allergen unless you live near a veg plot.
  13. My gazebo pole snapped about 12 days ago,we have been continually camping (in England) since then, on not one single day did we need cover from rain; glorious weather for festivals, cooking outside, swimming in the sea, setting up and packing away big canvas tents, sitting out late chatting with friends, playing all day on holiday. Absolutely amazing end to the summer, I am very grateful. One bizarre occurrence this weekend was my friends all sitting hiding in the shade of a fence draped in colourful cloths at a festival, absolutely no wind, boiling hot. A sudden wind whipped past out of nowhere, caught the cloths, flipped the fence into my pals, then ten seconds later - still air again, the only sign that something odd had occurred was a plastic carrier bag about 100 ft up in the air swirling around on its own. ....now then, one last day to dry all our holiday washing, pack the camping clobber back into the sheds and rescue my tomatoes before the chilly rain arrives.
  14. Camping in Dunwich in Suffolk, couldn't see horizon for all the trees but long period of super bright lightning flashes around 4:30, thunder was faint and a long time after the flashes, over a minute maybe? Very warm south wind blowing all night, only a tiny bit of rain. Does anyone know if Oxfordshire got heavy rain?
  15. Haha, I was lying in the sunshine reading about 15 mins ago, sweltering hot, wondering if I should find some shade, got up to move and saw the monster thunderstorm approaching fast, got all the washing in quick and heard lots of thunder but saw no flashes sadly. Loadsa rain, all pretty much gone past now I think. Nice one though!