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  1. The most beautiful perfect day, sunny, hot, apple blossom full of bees, lots of garlic clumps transplanted, tasty burgers for tea :-)
  2. My parents in Diss got actually bruised by the hail, fearing for their windows too, super storm!
  3. It was so beautiful today, I was stuck inside at work for the whole thing, finished at sunset :-( Hoping for some fresh air tomorrow afternoon....
  4. I ACTUALLY FOUND MY 25 DEGREES SUNNY PATCH TODAY! It was in my greenhouse - I have been made ill by a Beast-From-The-East-type-COLD and am off work this week so I took the radio into the greenhouse and sat spinning wool and feeling much happier in the sunshine. I do not want a third Beast, I am hoping (probably fruitlessly) that this latest batch of model runs are wrong....
  5. Staring out the window towards the East, I see there is a bank of cloud approaching but a great big patch of clear blue sky coming first, I have not seen that all day. Took the washing in, nicely freeze dried and stiff.
  6. Will it get as far as Oxford, do you think?
  7. So many frogs happily mating in the pond today, newts out crawling and basking on the paths and playground, I hope they don't all get frozen solid.
  8. Gorgeous beautiful sunshine in Eynsham; today all the frogs finished mating in the pond by the end of the rainstorm yesterday so sadly there is no more frog action to see, but lots of spawn. I hope they don't freeze to death by next week.
  9. The predicted thaw is in full swing, even the drifts are going, birds are singing, the bus service has resumed, lots of puddles, blue sky and occasional sunbeams. The thing I will miss most apart from the actual snow and sledging is that interesting weather became the News, whole TV shows were dedicated to the Beast from the East, and people got to show generosity and compassion for each other in abundance.
  10. We pretended it was cold outside today by staying in and ignoring the thawing slush, but it wasn't really chilly outside at all. Better sledging in powder, I didn't fancy wet sledging, I'm happy to wait until next year....
  11. Lots of fun today, no school for kids or me, epic three hours out with sledges, cosy house when we got back, all my predictions and bragging to colleagues about the incoming snow was justified and turned out to be correct, wonderful Netweather model watching rewarded with proper Narnia-like outdoor beauty and luckily for us, no mishaps.
  12. Radar says Oxford is going to get some just about now, and it is indeed lightly coming down now, not like the big daytime fluffy flurries we had off and on all day today, the kids were very excited, but hopefully thickening up soon. Quite exciting. Not sure whether to go to bed soonish or not....
  13. My partner was away in Europe in a tour bus where the cold was so deep the inboard toilet tank froze when they got to Berlin, -22 or something. I was at home with two toddlers, we ran out of proper firewood and had to break up some old fence panels from the garden piles to burn in the log fire. Not comfy weather. Much better now as we have a stove which warms the room properly.
  14. Totally perfect day for kids at school, every twenty minutes, yet another snow storm of fluffy white dusty flakes, nothing sticking but everything looked wintry, some of the kids still coming to school with no coats.....
  15. If I don't get some noteworthy snow this week then so far I owe two homemade cakes and a packet of little chocolate eggs to some of my classes to whom I rashly bragged about my inside Netweather knowledge, even showed them forecast charts.....come on Beast!