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  1. Wonderful intense lightning and rainstorm over Boar's Hill from about 7:45 onwards, fantastic heavy downpour and brilliant display.
  2. This is very exciting to see Carinthian, hooray for chunky piles of snow!!!
  3. I am sure we are more likely to get another anomaly now we have already had one, but I'm not sure if it will be so soon. Curious and fascinating, but rather worrying.
  4. Amazing loud roar last night over Boar's Hill, 3:30 am? Wind. This lunchtime, walked through Eynsham in wild wind, pairs of crows in a big flock swooping over the village, all together, but definitely in pairs. Torrential rain at 2:50pm, stayed at work until it was all gone, lovely to have a wild stormy day. Spring is in the air.
  5. Very nice snow day, thick, crunchy, perfect building material and sledging surface, radar last night showed it falling before it actually fell but the delay allowed all colleagues to get safely through parents' evening before it started. Woke at midnight to find it was already nice and thick, school was announced as closed by 7:15, lots of fun outside and plenty of cosy time by the fire afterwards, very happy to have seen this snow event unfold the way it did.
  6. It definitely won't snow that day, I can guarantee that.
  7. Because the days are longer to enjoy sledging etc if you have the time Christmas is too busy and mad travelling to enjoy disruption Feb is sometimes boring and cold, but then gets quite fun if you have a snow day, as long as you are safe
  8. We timed our school activities well this year, Year 7 trip to Bath on 5th July, Year 12 Fieldwork on the Gower Peninsula 9th July?
  9. Just had a perfect transition from sunny morning, hot humid sunny picnic in the park in Abingdon, getting drenched in first heavy warm rain around 2:30 -3 as we headed back up to Boars Hill, then proper storm approached to our west, then another came overhead, absure deluge of rain which was proper flooding stuff, then it cleared around 6pm, and a nice area of quiet vortex just south of the big storm over Oxford went right over us, black clouds swirling in opposite directions. Blackbirds all back out singing again, all over and done, got good lightning for a while and on the radar we seemed to be close to where one patch of storm sprung out of nowhere. Exciting!
  10. My best bet to ensure storms is to lay out two entire Jacob's fleeces on the patio in order to sort carefully into white and brown piles in the sunshine. This is what I will do now ?
  11. Hoping the ones away to my NW will do a bit of back building and come to Oxford for round two, last night was too fast and quiet, although the flashes were amazing.
  12. Caramba! Rain just arrived! f****** amazing fork outside my back door, direct hit over Oxford.
  13. Right, time to get dressed and have a look outside, I want to see it arrive.....
  14. I might wake the kids up to see it if it is a real cracker, better than telly ?
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