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  1. I've just been to Seaham and up to Houghton on the back roads past Warden Law. Crazy drifts coming across the roads, visibility was down to zero.
  2. Not sure I just grabbed it from the Northumbria Police Facebook page.
  3. Still light snowing in Washington with strong winds. Someone put 50p in the snow machine.
  4. Looking at the satellite loop more closely, if you look at the far right of the image, you can see showers setting up and moving east into more southern areas of the region. They are difficult to see at first as they are obscured by the light cloud moving north above them.
  5. Streamers setting up over the peak district heading north? Storm Emma is going to be throwing some humid air our way that'll be lifted and hit the cold air we have.
  6. It's just that the radar for the South of the region looks quite depleted now, however the Met Office have extended the amber warning to 10am tomorrow and have included more of the South of the region. Looking at the satellite loop we now have cloud moving north over the top of the clouds coming in from the east, could cause some interesting interactions.
  7. Must be something brewing that we're not currently seeing on radar.
  8. I think the higher ground backs the air up due to it loosing forward momentum as it gains altitude. This backing up reaches far out to sea when there is a constant wind source. This causes the showers to form out to sea in the areas that the air is being backed up. These streams obviously change their location based on the direction of the wind.
  9. It's a strange one today, although the radar looks less intense it's actually snowing more than yesterday.
  10. 2nd snow day from the school so sitting watching the blizzard with a cup of coffee.
  11. Yeah it really has been quite hit and miss. I've just drove the other half to work at the RVI and there's a marked difference in snow levels between here and there.
  12. A couple of extra inches last night, it looks like I got stuck under a streamer from about 1am for a few hours. I think those extra couple of inches are enough for me to declare this cold spell worse than 2010 in my area. Snow machine looks to be stepping up a gear at the minute.
  13. Back in the game in Washington now. Looks like the streamer that has been running tantalizingly close have finally moved north a smidge.
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