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  1. Hope so! I’ve been working 12hour shifts Monday and Tuesday so missed all the action around manchester. Here’s to positive thinking
  2. Silcock Leisure .:. Southport Pier Webcam WWW.SILCOCK-LEISURE.CO.UK Silcock Leisure are a Fifth Generation Family Business with over 100 years experience in the amusement business with modern Family Amusement Centres and... probs from this. Bit wet
  3. Dark clouds, few rumbles Just passed over Orrell. Tame.
  4. Storm now passed over orrell. Still very warm and humid. Still potential for later? Picture taken West of location.
  5. Very possibly, it’s still building here. Cracks of blue sky surrounded by towers shooting up. Picture taken looking south west
  6. Still delays here at Köln-Bonn airport for flights into the UK is manchester airport really that bad?
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