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  1. Interesting in LE4, the "snow" has gotten heavier, the wind has picked up and the side roads are definitely becoming more covered. Still difficult though because it is the fine grainy stuff which just blows in the wind and doesn't stick.
  2. I live in LE3 and work in LE4. Yesterday there were heavy snow showers and today it has just been a constant light flurry. The snow is more like graupel and less like flakes.
  3. My new flat has storage heaters; I can turn on the electric fire to take the chill off but the cost is too high during the day! So I turned on the storage heater last night on the lowest input and lowest output. My 7 hours of cheap electricity turn off at 0830 and when I turned the heater off at 0630 the whole flat was really warm. May invest in a pair of fleece pyjamas for the winter.
  4. Dew Point of -3c at East Midlands Airport, -3c at Watnall north east of Nottingham and -2.1c in Mountsorrel just north of Leicester. Looks like a good set up if the ppn band holds up.
  5. Boxing Day was an annoyance. I live in the centre of Leicester and it started snowing quite heavily. Then it petered out, turned to sleet then rain and nothing remained on the ground. My twitter feed was full of pictures from Nottingham, Mansfield & Loughborough of snow. I shed a single tear and cursed the weather god.
  6. For a cool headed explanation and discussion of next week this video has clarified a lot for me Look Ahead - How to be a forecaster (16/1/15): http://youtu.be/PwyStITUtiE
  7. At work just NE of Leicester centre and it is tipping it down with rain. Dark outside with a bitingly cold feel to the air. Most unpleasant.
  8. You can see how the stratosphere at 10hPa has shown a recent rise in temperature. As for further down at 30 hPa not so much
  9. Warning from Matt Hugo and Recretos on Twitter: Please RT: 12z GFS is a "red" run, with high data shortage in the inputs. Should be fun
  10. The 1st December seems to be the tipping point as forecast is very split.
  11. Looking at the Met Office's forecast for Winter 2013/14 issued in November 13, you can see how useless these things are
  12. As it is Saturday afternoon and I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish, I watched Joe Bastradi's winter forecast on his website. He is predicting a US winter akin to 1977/78. He suggests that the models are having a difficult time at the moment due to the southern oscillation crashing and an easterly phase of the QBO. For the UK, that winter was very cold and snowy in January and February 1978. Could the same happen in early 2015? Who knows! I'm going to load the tumble dryer.
  13. Interesting forecast discussion from Simon Keeling. His "thunder zone" is not where I have seen other people believe it could be.
  14. If you can get up Mucklow Hill or Lickey Hills with a good vantage point you'll get a great south view.
  15. Well I love a good storm - plenty of booming thunder, flashes of lightning and torrential rain. But the precursor to all this I can't stand. My head is really hurting this afternoon. Already popped a few paracetamol. It is always a good telltale sign for me that storms are on the way.
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