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  1. Can’t find any stream to follow it but lots of tweets about magnum tornado touchdown
  2. Too much inhibition from the storms in the area this morning?
  3. The Sheffield storm shield is particularly strong this time of year
  4. It’s great footage - we have a better view than most of the chasers
  5. The car was sweating with fear. it might also have been rain
  6. Yeah wot I thought I saw, he’s in a good location at the mo
  7. https://www.earthcam.com/usa/oklahoma/vinita/?cam=route66east Vinita, with sound and high quality stream, could be good for later Already some lightning and thunder on this one
  8. It usually takes me a while to find a decent cam - so probably wise to start now
  9. Yeah I saw this Either that or it’s weathermug or wunderground cams which refresh every 10 mins... never seen the point of those since 1998
  10. Maybe a new thread for this to share camera feed links etc. Tried to view some storms near Chicago the other day but I just get weatherbug nonsense. Be good to know of some proper good streaming live and ahead of time
  11. It looks to me like it was almost a funnel, the scud briefly appears underneath and rotates too, but there’s not enough to develop properly. The cloud base was lowering too
  12. I’m hoping to do Boomtown Fair https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/ You don’t need to enter the lotTORy to win a ticket
  13. Wondering if this sunny spell will help spark anything off over round this way in the next couple of hours
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