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  1. Some more rather potent showers moving in from the west, but doubtful if they will make it that far inland
  2. Looking towards Basingstoke. Lovely squall on radar but I think the electrical activity is up towards London now
  3. There must have been about 15 sferics along that squall and blitzortung hasn’t picked up any of them. Strange.
  4. Saw lightning about 15 mins ago before the squall hit and heard a boom, but otherwise it’s been fairly unremarkable
  5. Something to do with sea temps causing convergence and cooling aloft causing more extreme differential between temps at the extreme top and bottom of storm clouds ... I think
  6. We got an ESTOFEX ‘hard yellow’ for a lot of western areas for today, but no CW yet...
  7. I do have a thing for Mallorca, stayed in Palma (Palmanova nr Magaluf lol) and while next to one of the tackiest bits of the whole island (and during a stormy April) there was a kind of Balearic charm that drew me back with the O/H the following September. The second visit we stayed in Soller to the north of the island and there seemed to always be a storm in the evenings just beyond the hills out to sea. Could see the peripheral flashes late into the evening. They were really ferocious storms. (Menorca would have been a great spot to watch them I bet). Theres a town called Deia near Soller in the hills. It’s beautiful on a clear day. We spent an evening at an open air bar there and literally watched the sun melt into the horizon over the course of a couple of hours, and I practically fell in love with that spot (there was definately tequila in the beer!) Sadly three people lost their lives in a huge storm to the east of the island during the week we were there. Washed into the sea in a taxi . The weather gives, and it takes away...
  8. Could be the tops of some cells in the far distance. Depends on your cloud coverage. Might be car headlights heading over a ridge exacerbated by the fog. Could be an outdoor event - mist can make light travel a long way.
  9. Nothing happening with the squall, but I wonder if the eastern side will develop as it moves into *slightly* more favourable air?
  10. This is the (or a) occluded front. Whether it’s something expected is beyond me, and equally no idea whether to expect it to electrify but it’s not out of the question
  11. Nice surprise when I casually checked CW and Estofex just a moment ago. Currently in Sutton. Wondering whether to head directly to somewhere near Lewes after work and wait to see what happens
  12. Thunder heard in Milford, but no strike showing on the radar. Little cell just to the south I think
  13. Looks like today there’s little to get too excited about now. Shame, cos I’m in Kent today and it looked to be a sweet spot in earlier forecasts. Ah well, roll on April and the season kicks off again. Yum
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