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  1. Not expecting anything of note but some electrified showers later perhaps?
  2. Looking interesting for tonight with those storms over Holland at the moment and specks of high level cloud appearing overhead
  3. Several sources I’ve seen suggest this week to be potentially convectively active - though mainly confined to the south and usually in the afternoon / evening period. Netweather itself mentioned it in their main forecast today.
  4. You say ‘spoil’...
  5. Hope so - the weather is lovely and sunny but do we really have to wait 3 months between every storm event?
  6. Maybe the heat from this discussion melted all the ice?
  7. Yeah I do see that, although one sferic appeared on Blitzortung - could be a false strike as no precip for that area on the radar
  8. It’s ‘should I stay or should I go’ time... I’m in Brentwood, and those skies are teasing me
  9. Yeah in Purfleet at the moment, and only a few little fluffy clouds about but it’s very warm here and though small they do have that look about them...
  10. Looks like a downgrade to only really affect East Anglia (if anything can get going at all). Shame as I was up for hanging about NE London area after work to see what would happen - but not worth it now. Interesting to see what happens though
  11. We never do well with marginal setups so i’m not holding my breath about the next few day’s potential. Was out last night /this morning watching out for the ETA Aquariid and it was a good reminder about what season we’re in - proper chilly - I had 2 coats on! Until we get humidity of some sort I think it’ll just be pleasant & dependable fine weather for the next few days - which isn’t a bad thing!
  12. Flash bang flash bang etc

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Mighty good storms around Vienna at the moment
  13. How long does it record for? Have a Nikon J1(?) which does something similar - only 5 seconds of slow motion capture from when you hit record, so while annoying it’s something i’m kind of of used to. Cheers for the advice though... it has a 30 day guarantee so I can have a play before I make a decision.
  14. Just ordered a Sony Xperia XZ Premium - 960 FPS @ 720p !!! Can’t wait to try it in the field (literally!)