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  1. Thanks for the Yamal comment - I just learned myself a thing or two about methane: https://www.resilience.org/stories/2018-09-05/methane-and-climate-10-things-you-should-know/
  2. Of course, always think positive - it’s nothing a super-volcanic eruption or nuclear winter won’t fix
  3. Reading this an other articles one really does begin to get the feeling that anything we try to do to mitigate the net ice melt year on year is all but futile. Looks unlikely we can change the ways of the ignorant masses in time to stop what’s already happening from escalating to a point in the relatively near future where we just lose control of the situation completely. Sorry to be so negative (and not support my thoughts with data) but I’ve been thinking about this for a good few weeks now and just don’t see much to be positive about It interesting too it mentions in that article that they spend 3-4 weeks with a (presumably petrol-driven) chainsaw to make it look nice year on year for the tourists - but surely it’s this sort of unnecessary use of fossil fuels the world over that’s contributing to the issue? I really do think a mammoth re-thinking of the way we all live is the only way we can come even remotely close to keeping this planet like it is for the next generation - but I really, really have my doubts if that would ever even begin to happen
  4. Yes I remember this it was an ICCCCCCGCGCGCCCCCCCCGCGCGCCCCCCG. Quite bright, too
  5. It seems like smaller (single-cell) storms have a nearly 100% pick-up rate but the moment you get several cells near each other it does miss a lot more strikes, possibly because there’s a lot more IC activity? or maybe the activity deep within the cloud is somehow unrecognisable on the radio? It probably evens out in the totals (when on average one strike counts as two and every other one is missed) - so I think the totals and strike rates are pretty accurate regardless - but I read the radar cautiously these days - clusters of strikes on radar don’t necessarily mean there’s a hugely active storm in the area
  6. It’s taking its time tho. Might call it a day. Only 8 more chances til we get the real deal - can’t wait!
  7. I think if the fork is big (read: powerful) enough it registers several times - perhaps because of the reflash? This is merely based on when I’ve been watching a storm IRL while monitoring the radar and I’ve definately had multiple registers from the same bolt. Curious thing is they aren’t always in exactly the same place, so there’s something funny going on in the way it detects it. This could well be it picking up the secondary forks... I just couldn’t say
  8. I’ve noticed that you can get up to 4 registered strikes for one fork of lightening on radar - so you can’t always take it on face value Does look like a good little storm though
  9. Not enough sun here, but there have been breaks in the cloud around and about - plus I’m seeing showers popping up on radar in Kent now, so we could see something over the next 2-3 hours before it’s dark... Really hope so
  10. Posted in completely the wrong place earlier - but some sferics showed up over to the west of Cambridge. Still waiting for some decent sunny spells here but there seems to be a lot of cloud still
  11. Bah! I’m hoping for more of a High Wycombe / Slough area, but we’ll just have to wait and see
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