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  1. It'll be a whole different ball game by this time next week - we'll probably be talking heatwaves and plumes on the horizon. Currently speaking though, yes, looks quite chilly and generally uninspiring - but I cling like a limpet on to the small chance the models have got the wrong end of the stick in the long term... Mind you I'm heading off to Italy in 3 weeks so it's not bothering me too much ;-)
  2. Already looking rather good for some disorganised convective activity. Loads of showers popping up over west London already
  3. Chemtrails are real
  4. Did you know that if you put a hamster wheel in your garden wild mice will run on it?
  5. Rubbish day really. As usual despite favourable forecasts specifically for our area it was the midlands who got the spoils. Where did it all go so wrong?
  6. Lovely skies tho. Nice and clear
  7. All convective possibilities have faded now. Yet another unsurprising bust for us - not even a heavy shower
  8. Ah my hopes will be suitably tampered this year. Heading over to Italy in May (in fact booking it today) so there'll be some lovely storm opportunities out there. i'm sure we'll get something today
  9. Sunny spells round our way. Very warm when it does. Things starting to perk up shower-wise over towards Basingstoke - looking good for later this afternoon hopefully some nice cloudscapes, hefty showers and a thundery bonus mixed in...
  10. What's this I read about possible imports from France tonight? I'll admit it looks like they won't make it on shore by the sounds of it - but the odd flash bang will do me fine if there's a remote chance...
  11. Every forecast so far this week has been either north south or west of our precise location. A frustrating 2017 storm season for the central south begins in earnest...
  12. Hoping for something from this next set of showers sweeping in from the Basingstoke area... saw a bit of mammatus earlier - wondering whether to head for higher ground and look for some structure
  13. Kicking off over the channel with a few strong and very localised thunderstorms around St Malo. Looking forward to some hefty showers here this afternoon - forecast looks good for our area at least
  14. Last night watched "The Station Agent". Great (but very slow) film about isolation, friendship, dwarfism and ... um ... trains. I made a list of unique films we need to see, and each time we watch one I discover another three to add to the list - so now it's huge!
  15. Thought it was an ambulance or police car passing down our street and then a huge and impressive peel of thunder broke out - we both jumped up and ran to the window! Strike was somewhere around chiddingfold I think - about 10 mins ago. Wow! Roll on 2017 storm season