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  1. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Huge storm moved up the coast last night, and right over us. Regular shotgun thunder and forked lightning right over the house! Some of my video was out of focus though and hadn't properly charged up my tech. Lightning kept tripping the plug circuit but not the main lights. Bit weird. Then the power to us and the whole harbour was going on and off so we just lit candles and turned all the breakers off until it died down later on. Good old storm - though the rain was really heavy so had to peer out the bathroom window for most of it
  2. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Currently laying in a garden paradise right next to the sea in Sardinia (it's one of those nice air BnB jobs ) and having a quick check on weather sites it looks like storms either tomorrow night or monday morning. The garden looks out over the sea toward Italy's west coast so I hope any good night-time storms would go overhead and then be visible as they pass across to the east. Greatest thing of all though - is that if there are no storms, I won't care too much... the wine and food here is totally amazing!
  3. I made a game for iPhone / iPad but nobody is playing it :-(

    Nice try thanks for giving it a go
  4. I made a game for iPhone / iPad but nobody is playing it :-(

    Ha no, sorry... I'd love to learn android but I'm struggling to make 4 years' of iOS training pay for itself! However, if an app gets popular enough I do know people who may be able to port it so never say never...
  5. I made a game for iPhone / iPad but nobody is playing it :-(

    Awesome stuff - thanks
  6. Hello all, I'm wary of self-promotion online and as a result do very little - which is usually why my apps fare so badly in the real world. However, I've just spent a month finishing a really simple game for the iPhone (and iPad) and it's just sitting there with hardly any downloads, or feedback or anything. My stepdad plays it a lot, so does my mum and a mate of mine thinks it's great - but for a free app that's hardly likely to even pay for my coffee this morning so I've had to think about how to spread the word. If this is considered a shameless plug by anyone then mods feel free to remove it and I'll go back to ranting about storms in the convective thread, but for anyone willing to take a punt on a new idea please head on over to the App Store and give it a try: "closest to 10" Thanks for giving me a chance and reading this far ;-) Hope you like it Richie / FBFBEct
  7. Haslemere had a good little storm yesterday
  8. Dying off now by the looks of it. Got to Dorking and saw some really good distant flashes but it's just too far for me this one. any idea if there is more to come?
  9. Not a great day for proper thunderstorms, so I'm staying in the pub with my laptop, Xcode and a beer... :-) good luck to anyone hoping for a quick bit of bangflash - but this isn't the sort of set up that excites me much - too much hard work keeping track!
  10. Feeling like - unless there's another Indian summer on the cards like, soon - we're done for this year. One big storm and that's 2017 right there. Truely awful - considering the last 2 months were mostly grey, cool and showery - and looking at the shocking number of failed plumes (in fact I only really consider 2 to have made any impact). Last night really sums it up. You could draw a line where the lightning stopped and it would have neatly hugged the UK coastline up through Kent. Just 50 miles north or east and it would have been at least visible from our area - but no. Too much to ask for two thunderstorms this year. Just putting together dates for a late September holiday and I will certaintly be considering potential for Mediterranean storm possibilities as part of the decision process.
  11. Aaaaaand busssssssssst!
  12. Skies look like they could but they probably won't
  13. Some interesting skies over dunsfold
  14. Hmmm - conflicting information regarding the chance of imports and / or clipper in the far SE later. Would love a distant overnight display
  15. I hope this signals some vaguely unusual and interesting weather - and not just more 18->22° days with variable cloud - which is basically what we've had since mid July