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  1. It's starting to show promise in northern England but I would temper your expectations until you see significant improvement - seems like a lot of the residual energy is gone now from the UK
  2. False strike over Southampton? Also I see the cold front destabilising to form cloud over north Wales on SAT24. Looks to be heading south-eastwards... was that the plan? I'm clawing at straws that we might have a rumble or two this afternoon - before I have things to do LOL
  3. I know, it's looking promising but in recent years it seems we have more opportunities and less storms. Even if each opportunity gives a greater chance of severe storms it seems there is less of a chance we have the right individual factors in play. fingers and face crossed for next week - I don't want to have to wait til September for a storm cos by then summer is gone!
  4. Well I'm many-times-bitten and twice shy now after seeing the energy we made this week so I'll get my hopes up only if I see a trigger!
  5. They entering the (now shifted) area of high CAPE and well-mixed air - the air that WE MADE!
  6. One small wish please Netweather: no sweeping statements about widespread thunderstorms later - I won't be able to handle it :-(
  7. Heard no thunder saw no lightning. Hardly fair but then there will be next week's disappointment to look forward to eh
  8. I think this breakdown has broken down for the central south
  9. We've got the trigger - just not enough heat!
  10. It's gonna be a patchy morning of stormy showers I think. Unfortunately this means cloud, which means lower temps for later and less afternoon potential.
  11. It's good to see we're getting our exports in order ahead of Brexit
  12. Guildford looks finely placed for that little channel number It's a lot colder today though, and I imagine Cape is thin on the ground compared with yesterday. However - I do expect something more than a shower looking at the radar(s)
  13. But just imagine what it will be like on the one day it does!
  14. Sorry I quoted the wrong person just now. Sure by next weds there'll be another chance to see something