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  1. I hope this signals some vaguely unusual and interesting weather - and not just more 18->22° days with variable cloud - which is basically what we've had since mid July
  2. Lots of lightning on the radar, I imagine some good cloud structure on what looks like a squall line. Any pics?
  3. Got a couple of stills of a bolt from the Lewes / Brighton cell - was watching it with the missus just outside Guildford - man that was a HUGE flash!
  4. Got some big flashes here in Godalming. Sat in pub garden with a pint enjoying the booms. lovely!
  5. Haven't kept up to date on things for a while as this summers been a bit awful since late July - not surprised to see there's nothing exciting in store for our parts despite a moment of excitement when I saw the lightning pic on the NW homepage
  6. Skies tonight looked wonderfully convective in an elevated way. Nothing forecasted tho - but wondering if we are getting the remains leftover from French storms yesterday?
  7. SE & East Anglia Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/2017 onwards

    Lovely sunshine in Maidstone! Actually quite hot outside
  8. Had a "thunder shower" earlier - wouldn't call it a thunderstorm meself (but it was part of a larger system of heavy showers so I guess it's borderline)... Happened just as we were about to watch Mike Dennis at a local festival - shameless plug but check him out on YouTube - he was a good sport and carried on anyway and we watched under an umbrella as the thunder rumbled around us, nice little storm :-)
  9. Seagulls a serious pest?

    There is a 'team' of seagulls who reside on the roof areas around Clifford Street in central London. One of them has developed a personal grudge against suited males, and on one particular day against me when I had been working on the roof... On the day in question - upon leaving the building - one of the offending birds started swooping down and squalking at me. Not realising at first I just ignored it but then it released a 'payload' (yes - you can guess what!) and got me all over the head and the back of my coat! This onslaught continued until I could get indoors again. What's more, it seemed to remember my face, because I was back up the street 15 minutes later and before I knew it, the little b**std was swooping down and trying to get me again! Happened on my next visit too - and I've seen a couple of them 'attack' several other people. It was nothing violent but these seagulls are very intelligent and potentially quite dangerous birds due to their size so I definately would say you've got to be careful around them.
  10. Fading memories of 2010

    You bury your icicles?
  11. Convective/Storm Discussion Thread - 8th July onwards

    I think it's all over folks. White strikes have gone from the lightning radar and now any solar heating is done so I think that's all for today. Still plenty of big showers about though
  12. Convective/Storm Discussion Thread - 8th July onwards

    I think the Gloucester and Bristol areas will the breeding grounds today for cells which will likely bring very heavy and potentially thundery showers to Hants, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. One can only hope this is the case anyway
  13. Convective/Storm Discussion Thread - 8th July onwards

    I'm living in a box:
  14. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Yeah what's happened?? We *finally* get our thundery breakdown and the very next day all the heat is stolen away for us... is it a punishment you think?