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  1. literally looks great for tomorrow into Thursday overnight period across the Home Counties. How come there isn’t more of a fuss being made about this? * THERE MIGHT BE A THUNDER ! *
  2. UKWW not even turning to look today, so I’m not expecting anything. maybe a shower
  3. Could be worse... you could have had 2 tiny storms and one that you had to travel to
  4. In 2022 can they just put “10% chance of storms, anywhere, at any particular time” and be done with it? I really can’t believe the number of storm risk warnings I’ve seen this year considering I’ve only seen three actual storms, two of which being tiny and the other being one I had to drive to. What is going on? Season is nearly over!
  5. Rain in Hastings. Sounds heavy (I’m bunking in the car tonight) but it’s hard to tell from in here. ICON still big on the idea of lightning in the channel over the next few hours - but I’m not sure if it means anything more than sporadic stuff
  6. I’m stuck down in Hastings at the last minute with work . No point driving home now as I’m back here 8am tomo, anyone know if there’s going to be any activity in the channel later on? Ventusky seems to think so
  7. I’m up early and decided to get some cheeky work done on the sly. Lightning would be nice
  8. Tabloid media don’t like funnel clouds as they don’t elicit the same fear and concern as tornadoes. The cynic in me thinks the misuse of the term is deliberate
  9. There’s not enough solar heating to get things organised, so I think it’s popcorn mode for the rest of the afternoon with numerous heavy and perhaps momentarily electrified showers.
  10. Yeah that CZ really did a number on the roads. Was excellent to drive through tho splish splash try not to crash
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