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  1. 9.6c for me please.
  2. 6.3c for me please.
  3. 3.6c for me please.
  4. 2.2c for me please, pretty sure we'll see snow this month!
  5. Merry Christmas to all SNOW obsessed watchers and more importantly contributors, on what is an addictive web site this time of year.
  6. 5.5c for me please.
  7. 10.5c for me please
  8. Your initial punt looks ok to me, so i'm going for 15.8c thanks.
  9. 15.5c please
  10. 10.5c for me please.
  11. walking wainwrights coast to coast over 10 days starting the 2nd of may. hoping to see some snow on the cumbrian fells.
  12. 7.7c for me please.