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  1. loving the snow atm,10cm+ going to make my job [delivering post to rural locations] interesting, to say the least!!
  2. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    snowing here atm. don't really care about accumulations, just happy to see some of the white stuff.
  3. November 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    6.3c for me please.
  4. October 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    10.5c for me please
  5. September 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    14.7c for me please.
  6. July 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts

    16.8c was my guess, would have been ok if it wasn't a day late.
  7. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    16.1 for me please.
  8. July 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts

    16.8c for me please
  9. June 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts

    14.7c for me please.
  10. May 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    11.1c for me please.