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  1. Report from Epsom. Two separate houses struck by lightening. That was a wild hour or so. Some heavy shot-gun thunder. Absolute soaking, which the ground has needed. Must of had a high cloud top as the light diminished quite a bit, not quite day time darkness! Feels much fresher now.
  2. View from Epsom. Was interesting seeing the w london / bucks cells build so quickly / electrify and then lose all power in the space of 15 minutes!
  3. Theres a line of cloud that looks like something will happen. From epsom looking west
  4. I can see the cloud tops to that cell on the left. Took a photo but less impressive than whe you see it first hand!
  5. Onto the third pulse of heavy rain in epsom. Been raining solidly for 45 mins now. No new thunder in 30 mins
  6. Very heavy rain and one low thunder rumble in epsom. Feels better!
  7. Im sseing some amazing inflow in the cell that passed through epsom and kingston.
  8. There are many out there. I've noticed the data presented is quite often considerably different. On the go in using the met Office app but recently I've found the hourly forecasting quite off mark. Perhaps the set ups recently make it difficult? Any alternative suggestions welcome.
  9. A distant flash of lightning seen in Epsom with a shooting star for good measure!
  10. Saw some good convection earlier in and around North downs. Had five mins of light rain.
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