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  1. There are many out there. I've noticed the data presented is quite often considerably different. On the go in using the met Office app but recently I've found the hourly forecasting quite off mark. Perhaps the set ups recently make it difficult? Any alternative suggestions welcome.
  2. A distant flash of lightning seen in Epsom with a shooting star for good measure!
  3. Saw some good convection earlier in and around North downs. Had five mins of light rain.
  4. On another thread about this very storm. I can confirm daytime darkness and a mid morning thunderstorm of epic proportions. It was during schools hols but I was at my school. Remember flooding and walking home bare foot.
  5. The morning storm of August 6th 1981 (I think), london, was the worst and first I experienced. Proper daytime darkness and constant thunder and lightning. I think this storm is searchable.
  6. One from a few weeks back, amazing sonic experience! Huge respect to the person who took this footage to leave it unfiltered.
  7. The other thing I was thinking is that the perception of storms, or using advancing technology to track storms has perhaps made us judge the intensity in a different way? There was nothing like no nothing whether a direct hit was on the cards. Also I think there is quite some distortion that also goes on in memory. But I will say that those night-time plumes certainly lasted for a considerable amount of time. Perhaps less industry has made some impact over the localized weather in London?
  8. Does the arrival time of the storm make a significant difference? I have a feeling that in the 80's most of the plume style events landed in London between 2-3am. The 90s seemed to have an arrival of early to late evening (but still daylight). Some of the worst and most intense (prolonged) storms appeared to be the evening ones. The early hours provided fantastic lightning displays, I distinctly recall those crawlers. Perhaps it makes no difference at all!
  9. Then there's this from 1995. It's a spooky setting and although I have no direct knowledge of this, it's some of the darkest skies and most tempesteous storm that is around from the UK. In a few parts... Part 1 Then's theres this..
  10. Then there this from 1992. I actaully remember this one as well for two of the loudest thunderclaps I ever heard. This video captures the intensity of the thunder given the not so close promixity of the strikes. I think this was one of the most highly charged storms I experienced growing up and have certainly not felt the windows rattle to that extent ever since. Enjoy!
  11. Long term viewer of this site and thanks for the great content. This is meant as a fun and hopefully informative thread to see to apprepciate some storms that may not be that well known. Perhaps even historical. I'll start with one from 1994. For those that haven't seen this, it's a fantastic delve into the past for what I believe was the mesocyclone on June 24th 1994. I remember this storm rolling into North London at around 7pm. A lightshow to remember! and part two being this...Notice how dark it becomes
  12. On another 31st May day (1911) - this happened at Epsom Derby. https://rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/wea.808 Interesting setup.
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