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  1. Nothing showing much on LightningMaps but i assure you we have lots of thunder and lightning all around us here in Worcester.
  2. Very bright flash of lightning just a moment ago and a really big boom of thunder...Rain has picked up a bit now as well.
  3. Quite a few flashes now to my south, from my location they seem to be to my south east, some 10 miles away but the thunder really is deep and quite loud but nothing showing on LightningMaps... quite odd.
  4. First lightning seen just south of Worcester with a deep rumble of thunder...
  5. Sun has been out here for a little over 45 minutes and it's got very warm and ultra humid now, currently 22c here in Worcester however i think i'm going to take a run further south today, maybe Swindon area then sit and wait then a run across to Bristol / Gloucester. Fingers crossed we all get something good today again.
  6. I was wondering the very same thing, does anyone know what causes false returns on the lightning maps such as Lightningmaps and Blitzortung?
  7. We have blue sky here in Worcester and nothing stormy looking to our South East but it's really warm and very humid.... Just needs that little spark but sadly i think we are a little to far south today ;-(
  8. Well from 85 kms away it's looking good and hopeful it makes it's merry way over to Worcester in the next hour or two. Showing lightning is now 68 kms away from me now.
  9. Just seen the first flashes in a clear sky from the storm near Oxford some 85 kms away, so close but yet so far....
  10. Think the activity that has moved towards Oxford has now started to move in a more westerly direction so sadly i think Worcester will miss this light show tonight but fingers crossed for later today. Really excited for the possibility of a corker and everyone who was lucky enough to catch the storms in the south east it must be amazing down there tonight.
  11. Fingers crossed, think we might be in for a shout around 2am, if it makes it all the way across here then position looks a little to the south of Worcester.
  12. Beginning to wonder if the storm just moving into the north west of London will have enough juice to make it all the way to me in Worcester tonight.... Fingers, toes and eyes all crossed.
  13. So what do we have moving up from the south? Is this snow, freezing rain or just rain? The question is will this reach us at all....
  14. Just taken a total snow measurement in a sheltered part of my garden, currently we have just a shade under 21cm. Quite amazing really.
  15. Not good if you need to urgently pop out to the shops.... This was just around the corner from my house at 2:00pm this afternoon.
  16. Yep this has been a good snow event that's for sure, still snowing and by the sounds of things we could get some more tomorrow but local radio is going for morning snow showers then possible rain later in the evening and heavy rain showers on Sunday.
  17. Still Snowing steady here in Worcester and can't believe how amazing some of the drifts look, took this photo just down the road from my house.
  18. Temperature in Worcester has dropped from +0.4c down to -1.6c in just over an hour and the snow is amazing, a mixture of small flakes like yesterday and much larger flakes plus the wind has just picked up again....
  19. This is the heaviest snow i have seen in Worcester for a very long time, all the footprints in the garden are almost gone already and only been snowing for about 1 hour.
  20. Yep a perfect snow day and by the looks of things we could get quite a bit of snow.
  21. Heavy snow now here in Worcester....! Much heavier than yesterday and larger flakes.
  22. Snow is starting to pick up now in Worcester along with strengthening winds, the temperature has now fallen in the past hour from -3.1c to currently -3.8c. Lets see what this evening brings however i fear that the heavy snow will be way out west but you never know.
  23. Worcester 1 hour ago was -7.3c the current temperature is now -5.8c
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