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  1. 37.3 London area on Thursday ? can’t see the all time record being broken but I reckon July record will be!
  2. I am in Brighton and can confirm I am peeing myself in excitement. Heading to the beach shortly!
  3. I was at shoreham airport earlier today and saw nothing but I am currently in the line of fire for the storms moving east along the south coast
  4. I left Brighton yesterday for Kingston, anyone know what the chances are today for SW London?
  5. For gods sake I've had absolutely nothing this year some distant thunder and flashes but nothing within 30 km...
  6. My dad's in Belgrade (Level 3 area) for work and I've asked him to take photos at least
  7. http://www.wetter.com/wettercom-live/dortmund/5295e2f857bad/ This has a good one of dortmund if you scroll through the cities
  8. The airport of dortmund is further east than the city, that's why it hasn't been battered yet
  9. It's approaching dortmund now http://www.dortmund-airport.de/index.php?id=1170&cam=2&L=0
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