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  1. 37.3 London area on Thursday can’t see the all time record being broken but I reckon July record will be!
  2. I am in Brighton and can confirm I am peeing myself in excitement. Heading to the beach shortly!
  3. Cloud breaking very nicely down here on the south coast, hopefully bodes well for later on!
  4. You think so? I suppose we haven't done too badly this year so far, nothing of much significance so far though. We haven't had anything big down here since the whole July 2014 event and I was away for that!
  5. If I were to have an excursion out this afternoon, does anyone have any recommendations of vantage points in the North Downs which I could head towards?
  6. Wow! T + L still going here along with light/ moderate rain, at one point had 3 bolts of forked lightning within a few seconds of each other in completely different directions...spoilt for choice
  7. True, there does seem to be a lot around...on sat looks like it could clear soon though, fingers crossed....
  8. Same, I think most of it must be quite elevated. Although the two cells really aren't far away I haven't hear much yet.
  9. Distant thunder heard from the channel cells. I have a great view, but not directly south unfortunately!
  10. I can see distant flashes every 30 seconds or so from the channel cell, with the tower lighting up an unusual shade of orange with each flash.
  11. I was about to ask what the chances were of us Southeasterners catching an import this evening and overnight. I've heard rumours, but not sure what the actual chances are like.
  12. Some very convective cloudscapes down on the south coast, pushing in from the SW. Had a hail shower so far today but no thunder as of yet...feeling hopeful though
  13. I was at shoreham airport earlier today and saw nothing but I am currently in the line of fire for the storms moving east along the south coast
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