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  1. That "storm" that was over Northampton/Milton Keynes is now going opposite direction, heading for London, what's going on with the weather...? It was moving north' ish, now south' ish, how's this possible?
  2. Nope, been over and checked, light reflecting off a weather balloon near venus and refracting off double yellow lines mate!!!
  3. The Leicester snow shield is on full power still, I took this photo only 5 minutes ago... When I say we have no snow, I mean we really have no snow at all!!!! LE3 0BB
  4. Same with thunderstorms, we either get nowt, and only here and see other people's storms, or we get ommered!! Leicester, that is....
  5. The Leicester snow shield is on full power, been turned up to 11 to help keep the snow away... Its working unfortunately.. Just tiny flurries breaking through....
  6. Is this some sort of low pressure area developing, seems to have a bit of rotation going on..... If not, what is causing this......?
  7. LE3, West End of Leicester.... @ 15.00hrs Tuesday 27th Feb 2018. Report. Suns out, few wispy clouds, no signs of any convective activity within 15 miles... Ish, current temp is stable at -0.7c, still as a cup of tea on a frozen mill pond, no sign of any snow in the next couple or 3 hours, nothing lying anywhere either...!!
  8. Diddly squat in Leicester City (West End) its gone dark a couple of times, but little to nothing fell out the sky, not even any polystyrene!!!
  9. We had a blob like that over Leicester for most of the afternoon........ Did it snow all afternoon.............................? No, it snowed for around 10 mins at 13.30 till 13.40...... Then again at 15.00 for about 5 mins, then again at 16.30 for around another 5 mins, yet nearly the whole time we were under that pink stuff on the snow map... It really hasn't been trustworthy for this event.....
  10. This ere' Polar Low, is now gonna miss the East Midlands, especially the more South Eastern parts Inc South Notts, Leicester, Northampton, etc, and Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, could get battered..... Hope it gets a slight southerly knock on the next runs.....
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