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  1. oh my real heavy wet stuff that knocked out our sky, not had that for a while. sos from guide camp to send swim suits!!!!
  2. Woke up to clear skies and then we had some mist over the river. Pic is out front of my my house, back is clear.
  3. Can't get out so not the best pics, but this is the cell going away. Just missed a lovely cloud to cloud in the distance before i took the pics.
  4. did you have a storm the other day? Ours is going away but it was nice to hear some thunder!
  5. i think the MK storm is making friends with its larger cousin
  6. Yay lightning detected in bedford and just had the thunder to prove it. very dark out.
  7. got thunder lass!

    1. lassie23


      no way😯

    2. Dami


      yes way!

    3. lassie23


      mine are all gone away

  8. she's a beaut. Can't complain i am seeing amazing dark skies.
  9. just started raining here. could smell though the windows. no thunder
  10. can we please take a moment to see where the storms are and where bedford is. thank you.
  11. flick all in bedford but the winds got up and i can see lots of cauli tops. Ah well the wind is nice if a bit hot. Storms are around my east.
  12. still no storms here. normally had at least one.
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