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    Things that tick you off?

  2. Dami

    Did you know.

  3. Dami

    Did you know.

    is that the nice bit (asking for a friend)
  4. Dami

    Things that tick you off?

    My house is a tip, what with tons of back to school stuffs and birthday coming up stuffs and man with van knocks on door with more stuffs and then expects me to take in a parcel from next door. Now it was DpD and would been next day or named day, so why weren't you in? Rude man to boot. Said no. humph.
  5. Dami

    Things that tick you off?

    Ghosts in general. do you exist or don't you. own up.
  6. Dami

    Things that tick you off?

    I just blame the cat.
  7. Dami

    Things that tick you off?

    Buying a magazine to find it's almost all glossy ads for clothes I'll never buy. Oh the Chips from chip shops. For some reason they can't fry'em right.
  8. Did 'alf rain, it did, poor neighbour got wet getting to her car splashing in the puddles. Sent Hubs on a mission to get snacks and it was still raining. It's stopped now.
  9. Well might as well get the ball rolling early this year. No storms today.
  10. December. The first time in my life I saw snow in this month fall.
  11. Anyone would think we hadn't had a sunny day, yet alone weeks of unbroken sun and high temps. It didn't rain once during school. It's not exactly cold either, am catching up with chores and baking cookies and by five if it was like yesterday here it will be warm enough for shorts. Storms here haven't proven their worth either, but I expect the heavy downpours because summer has them. It doesn't spoil anything for me. I don't think summer has finished and it's been warm in September too. my summer rain coat has never left my wardrobe.
  12. sun is out, no doubt to help the storms I won't get as normal. this calls for homemade pub lunch.
  13. Dami

    Breaking news

    Reports of a loud bang had been dismissed by local curry club.
  14. It's muggy and cloudy and not at all cold. note to self, it's still too warm for joggers and a t-shirt. had a few light showers this morning.
  15. Dami

    Things that tick you off?

    zombies. just annoying.
  16. laying in the bath listening to the rain was very relaxing and cosy. I miss cosy.
  17. Dami

    The cashless society

    well considering my old job, managing a cash office now doesn't exist, I would say yay for progress, not.
  18. seems my thunder rain dance has worked. I can hear thunder and the winds got up.
  19. Heard thunder lass? wooooooooooooohoooooooooooo:yahoo:

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    2. Dami


      no in the garden.


    3. lassie23


      has it arrived in your backyard yet

    4. Dami


      gone and well gone. 

  20. would just love to hear a bit of thunder. Just a few bangs not asking for the storm massive. sunny here now.
  21. beddy missing out again. oh well, there's always chocolate.