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  1. I'm sure that storm warning was meant to be 'orrible fine rain. Beddy doing me proud again.
  2. I keep missing out. It's so unfair! anyways. beer anyone?
  3. Just had my phone beep for a thunderstorm warning. Looks like I'm missing out again we shall see.
  4. here i sit broken hearted, wanted thunder and only ******

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    2. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      I only got wind yesterday with no sign of the promised rain.

    3. zmstorm


      I guess there is bad weather then 🙂

    4. Dami


      nope. I missed it all 😞

  5. The transformer or whatever it's called is maybe 2 mins away from me ( in an enclosed brick housing) and gets a strike now and again, but have had power off all night in the past and hated it.
  6. had a power cut here too, but it lasted maybe 10 minutes. (used to it here though in windy weather)
  7. This storm is kicking off a bit on lightning maps. A few miles east dammit!
  8. Hubs tells me it poured last night. I don't know. Double archers and lemonade knocked me out. FOR SHAME
  9. Yes it was a great storm which back built. The one in the morning was very different. I'm obsessed with storm clouds and noticed that it looked quite stormy and the sky the 'right colour' for thunder, so i got dressed at 6:30am and went out with my phone to film it. So i was standing there looking and nothing, no lightning, no thunder, feel a bit of rain so headed back in. About 5 mins later i headed up stairs and thought i saw a flash and 'boom' then another flash. Dammed storm had been trolling me.Then there was the loud bang and then it went away like it had arrived.
  10. yep we did have a few and I was out in the morning storm at 6:30 (lol) and on the same day we missed a storm by miles but could hear the thunder Would of had one yesterday but they all broke up before they got here, all for a really heavy shower,
  11. So jelly of your holiday, looked amazing. bedford totally missed out while you were away, so I doubt we will get anything
  12. The Birds are certainly grouping up and about to embark on their journeys if my village's facebook is anything to go by. I am a great lover of the September - December period. Maybe comes from being an Autumn baby. Looking forward to the cooler nights and cosy evenings, not so much wind storms. Strange coming from someone who lived basically on the seafront down south, but I'd rather see a good thunderstorm.
  13. Just had a really heavy shower. Seems the curse of the stuffs keeps on giving -buy warm stuffs and it's not going to be a cold winter. stuffit.
  14. happiness is buying stuff for cold weather.

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    2. Dami


      still after the holy grail of a coat, black, puffer, waterproof, hooded with a fleece lining. 

      But do not fear. The mornings are always chilly😜

    3. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Happiness is dreaming about falling snow and waking up to find 9 foot of snow has fallen over night.

    4. Rush2112


      Strepsils and paracetamol (lol), big warm hugs are free.

  15. ugh is this it? Horrible fine rain showers? phooey.
  16. windy and cruddy. No rain. quite cool. If it thunders i'll let you know.
  17. please snow this year🤗

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    2. Dangerous55019


      Morning Dami. :oldsmile:
      Looking forward to the boots, coat and scarf season I see. Lol :oldgrin:

    3. Dami


      morning @Dangerous55019 oh yes. Bored with summer clothes now.

    4. Dangerous55019


      Looks like your wish has been noted @Dami:oldsmile:
      Ok... Its still a long way out... But if I'm reading these charts for December, January, February and March correctly, it looks like a lot of northern blocking!! With low pressure over us here in the UK! :oldgood:

  18. Well still here 'cos someone said thunder. Under a warning for wednesday too.we shall soon see.
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