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  1. lass, this is a family forum.
  2. Sunday dinner here i come!

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    2. Dami


      nah. But its not overly exciting unless you like smoked gammon joint, boiled new potatoes and veg. I got mash.

    3. lassie23


      posh pants

    4. Mokidugway


      Youl get fat 🤤

  3. It is still -4.1c in the garden. Heavy Frost. Lovely cold day (not) to take bubs to swim school. Never know what to wear as it is, but i'm going to freeze getting there, bake watching then freeze again. The weather is trolling me.
  4. stop it everyone. it's my fault telling hubs it was going to snow, which made him go food shopping. no idea what this 'sun' people speak off is, either.
  5. Well, I've worked out how to get Hubs to go to the shop. Tell him it *might* snow a bit next week. Then he panics he might not get out of the village so he and bubs have gone shopping. This is from someone who will tell me 'it's bucketing down' and it's only drizzle. I have not told him about the charts for next Friday, he wants his steak dinner.
  6. Dami

    Apropos of nothing

    Welcome to dami's boring posts. A short series of waffle. 1. You are going to get wet. The other morning i did what I always do, looked on here to grab the radar to see if i need a rain coat. Got a Error 500 so no radar. So I put on rain coat anyway, but it didn't rain. During the afternoon it started to rain. Grab umbrella which won't go up. Am late trying to get said umbrella to work. Get wet. Get blamed for breaking umbrella. Throw fit about how wet i got and get wet again turning on tap to do washing up. give up.
  7. Rallied the troops at 7am, garden said -1.8c, was 0c when we set out. Apart from Car windows, it didn't appear to be an overly heavy frost here. Maybe a touch of white on the grass. It was Cold to me but not icy as there was no wind and some cloud. Bubs calls this an ' Elsa day'. Tis a good thing that these charts change BTW, as one posted on the world that was twitter stated heavy snow on Hubs birthday, He wants a meal out, so not good. However 10 days out charts proclaiming a white out never interest me. A lot can happen.
  8. Dami

    The no sleet club

    still here as it only snowed this morning.
  9. oh geez. It was quite a heavy shower and it was SNOW. Yay I've seen some snow. Right bring on summer
  10. i actually felt hot in my jumper and puffer this morning, to the point i was sweating. Didn't feel that cold to me.
  11. When I went to collect bubs from ninja class there was a definitely nippy feel to the breeze.
  12. On Friday, there were mums in just a jumper and jeans waiting at home time. NO coat. In fact, if I hadn't got a cough I could of gotten away with it too. It's january, not May. Thankful due Bub and I both suffering that at the mo it isn't freezing cold, but I still would love to at least see some snow.
  13. There is too much shipping in that thread. I though most who post charts and stuff would be knowledgeable, but one can do a post and hardly anyone will comment, then another will more or less say the same and the post suddenly becomes 'popular' Drives me mad trying to learn a bit here or there so I have given up, for now. It rained last night. It's 11 degrees with cloudy skies, according to alexa. Bless her.
  14. Not just trolls, if a few of us get laughed at for fishing for likes, they have a whole fleet. Can't say the main contributor, but I i don't think i need to. Don't bother with the model threads. rather see a day to day forecast, not what might happen at day 10.
  15. Is the cold going to be like the summer heat because if i'm going to freeezeee my bum off then I want a reason! I am still salty from my lack of thunder from the heat. BTW I understand the pain about working in a supermarket when it snows.
  16. chance of wintry showers WOW! pops open the champers still in the fridge.
  17. This morning was mild and damp. I was wearing my scarf because a girl needs those 'cost per wear' on items. Enjoyed a nice peaceful walk home from taking bubs to school and to be fair it was the perfect temperature.
  18. Oh a look a rain drop, said no one ever. But I'm not worried it was dark and grey at least the sky looks like winter.
  19. Dami

    Is litter getting worse?

    We used to get a sweet old man do the garden beds in the village and keep the bushes in check and he was replaced with a couple of loudmouthed youths sitting on mowers who only do stuff if you speak to the council. Our village also does litter pickups and does the planting the old man would of done. Amazing that they get rid of 1 man who happily planted and weeded and cut lawns for 2 who just cut lawns.
  20. Dami

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    A better picture of sooty. Asking where the snow is.
  21. Dami

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    oh yes that certainly are and mine was loud too
  22. Dami

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    not a very good pic have plenty on my phone.
  23. Dami

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Sooty is not too impressed. But says HI and loves cold and snow.
  24. I have obviously missed the joke about no more nails.

    the shame.

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    2. Dami


      yeah I did too.

    3. lassie23


      nothing weather related lol

    4. Dami


      yeah mine was but not model related