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  1. when you finally get in contact with a friend who was very poorly years down the line and he's ok! Beyond relief. 🤗

  2. Dami

    Things that tick you off?

    That and seeing how many people you can anger/upset. Our quiet village is a nightmare, speeding cars, eggs thrown at people, people pushed into the road for a joke so on coming cars need to brake and I won't go on about our community's Facebook page spreading the love and how wonderful it all is, if you call moaning and taking the mick wonderful.
  3. Dami

    Things that tick you off?

    When your keyboard arrow button starts missing around but at least works and the company who built my lappy sends another keyboard to replace it and my control and alt keys don't work. Oh it will also tick people off that after ranting I'm giving up the net I decided not too in the end.
  4. Well might as well get the ball rolling early this year. No storms today.
  5. I am no good at dates, but the one that strikes out in my mind the most is one that turned day into night, so dark the street lights went on. Growing up and by the sea we had some great all nighters and even funnel clouds over the downs. I can remember my parents driving down to cornwall one summer and it just didn't stop lightning - and the sky once the sun come up was amazing, I had never seen so many tiny turrets in the sky to this day.
  6. Always someone has to moan and spoil it for everyone else.

  7. It's ok I got the crud, cool wind and general again, 'it thundered and you didn't get any' weather. pooey.
  8. I think there is more than this, when I was trying to look at the storm chase stream my firewall kept blocking the page, so i'm guessing another ad? Not gone there since.
  9. typical summer ish storm ish Bedford weather, storm breaks up in two, makes up and becomes even more stormy. The window cleaner has a lot to answer for;
  10. Finally got some sun so maybe this will help a bit although when I can my surprise the other day it had been cloudy all day.
  11. Still got the cruddy it 'stormed but you didnt get one' cloud. Nuff said.
  12. I honestly think it's getting near beddy and making a run for it. It did this the other night too. Not happy.
  13. Bedford storm shield at maximum captain
  14. not expecting anything today, cos you know not greedy.
  15. Aye considering I'm out for now.
  16. From yesterday, while I had a storm to my south I also had the thunder head of the MK storm.
  17. Perfect for me outside warm humid lightning in the distance and the odd rumble shame it won’t get any closer but it’s a bonus
  18. Been out in the garden listening to the thunder and seeing the odd flash. Wasn't expecting anything so a nice surprise.
  19. In the garden listening to the thunderstorm 🌩 yeah baby x
  20. Looked like i was going to get a shower and according to radar it's gone, that is not good. Also could see some thunder heads and they are gone too. Darn you storm shield.
  21. could do with that big storm back building towards me, very warm and humid here breeze gone. Also a fair bit of cloud, so not sure if that will choke anything or its a sigh of something actually building, would love to see some cloud porn.
  22. Still going -oh my the rain - lightning more to the back of me, goes quiet then it comes again.