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  1. It all melted here. Wish I had taken my phone out, we were blessed with some lovely clouds today.
  2. I saw the dark cloud, but couldn't see it property with all the trees round me,
  3. speaking on behalf of my cat, sooty, it is very nice to see a snow risk still there on these hallowed Forecast pages. Only Forecast I have seen with it, all say at least 8c , but still nice to see. I have been baking hot.For hubs to put the heating on is something but i had to open a window. Even my usual shower temperature was too hot.
  4. Headache sore throat temperature feel sicky shivery achy. Not been 10 days since i kicked the last bug. 

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    2. Dami


      a little bit, been out of bed this morning so its a start

    3. Gray-Wolf


      Be well Dami, horrid you've been hit again but at least you know the drill eh?

    4. Dami


      yep warm shower fresh PJ's small but tasty lunch and a cup of tea.

  5. Thought it was fun to find one of hubs old rain coats and go feed our newly delivered skip with rubbish. Pah it's only rain. And wind. Quote of the day ' I replaced the slow cooker because we use it a lot over the winter' Number of times used this winter : zero. That's how bad it's been. Oh and we still have our summer duvet on the bed.
  6. Although I appreciate people have had it much much worst, it hasn't been any worst to me than the storms I had growing up on the coast. In fact it wasn't a Sunday if it wasn't cloudy wet and windy. My parents loved watching the wild sea and a lot of people would sit in their cars just watching or even playing chicken with the waves. Considered idiotic by todays standards. But then again storms weren't named in those days.
  7. missed out on a heavy rain shower. It's so mild I don't need a coat or gloves. I DON'T NEED A COAT.
  8. mild and windy. A small, decaying shower complete with lines of white virga dropped it's load of a few drops of rain. I came home sweating in my trackie bottoms and hoodie.
  9. What happened to colds that built up slowly? Wham i've got a stinker of a cold, dizzy and headcahey like before. whyy

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    2. lassie23


      i thought parents evening was in smarch

    3. Dami


      nah. Always been Feb here. 

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I've had 5 colds in the last 3 months, whereas normally I don't even get 5 in a year!

      The subsequent 4 all came on gradually but the first of these, back in November, came on very suddenly.

  10. Oh well at least the wind was cold this morning. back to mild, windy and wet and
  11. alexa tells me it won't rain today. It's raining.and windy. Not going to jump up and down but there *could* of been some sleet mixed in. One flake. Now now what do we have 'ere. A cheeky *may* snow a little later for my area. Just a shower. Me : Not going to get excited Also me :
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