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  1. For once in my life, I am happily cleaning the house. The smell of bleach is strangely comforting, a hang over from 'the baby days' 

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    2. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      The mild and unseasonable winter (more like an extended autumn) has not helped as there seems to be more colds and viruses going around in winter.  Headaches are awful, especially the ones that are had to shift.  I hope all your cold symptoms will lessen.

      Thanks, I will glad to share my poems, here are two of them:

      1st poem

      Oh, Mr Big Stuff, why are you in a huff?
      Where have you put your toupee wig?
      Do you want to have another cream puff
      and will you eat it, when you're on the oil rig?

      Mr Big Stuff, who do you think you are?
      You will never, ever be getting my love!
      I am not impressed with your new jaguar!
      So, why do you keeping on wearing my glove?

      Now because you wear all those fancy clothes!
      And driving in your new flash big car!
      I am also not impressed with your romantic prose!
      So, do not ever ask me to go with you to the wine bar!

      2nd poem

      I'm so alone with my clone called Joan
      who loves to have a good old moan.
      My feelings about you are still the same
      when we first met at the ballgame.
      I feel empty without you playing the kazoo
      or teaching me magic spells and voodoo.
      So when you come back with your backpack
      and a photo of a yak having a snack.
      So, you've been gone, so very long
      and now I've wrote a song to help me keep strong.

      Once you've come back from Dundee
      to sit down beside me, drinking a cup of tea.
      These are the words that I'll say to you,
      take a pew Sue and share a bowl of fondue.
      Welcome home, to my new astrodome
      and here is the latest garden gnome called Jerome.
      Come on in and make a din with my violin
      as I'll get the gin and play the mandolin.
      Close the door and we'll have more
      of Hungarian goulash and wine brought from the store.

      I thought of all the things that I want to say
      about knitting a beret and building a bob sleigh.
      The things that I will say to you, about the favoured few
      who have spotted cuckoos making their debut.
      When you are here, bringing lots of laughter and cheer
      as we share premium beer while wearing our biker gear.
      When we are together, we always blether about the weather
      especially when we're at the end of our tether.


      1. The marine meteorologists were weathering the storm as they recorded their findings on a ship was in the harbour. George the señor (senior) weather forecaster who headed the met office team on the Aquamaria ship which was anchored while in harbour in the Bay of Biscay while the Storm Jorge was blowing.

      2. The weather forecasters where feeling the pressure as they presented the online weather forecast which got a frosty reception. They where frustrated at the constant change in the pressure from low pressure to high pressure in a matters of hours.

      3. The rock singer rock climber was much boulder than her wife who decided to climb the world's tallest mountain. The rock climber would always Everest when making her way up the mountain. When asked what she was going to do with her gone so long, she responded, "Alpine for her return, when planting pine trees and plant climbing flowering plants in our back garden."




    3. Dami


      it's all wonderful! ?


    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Thank you Dami for your kind compliments.?

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