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  1. You wanna see selfish people? come down our icy road and watch the drivers.

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    2. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Glad I don’t drive dami ... I would get done for road rage :oops:

    3. Dami


      last snow we had when i had my car, My car spun 360 down the end of the road, thankfully no one was coming down the road and i missed the parked car. I was going like 5 miles an hour.

      These days its very hard not to cross at what people do - no one gives a crap.

    4. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Jeez shows how dangerous the roads are in these conditions! And your right they don’t care ... I’m sitting out looking at the cars now and waiting for another bang ! Our eldest is due Home at 1am he is a “good “ driver but I think it’s best I wait up for him 

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