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  1. I wish I could of been as rude in my job as some people are in theirs. 

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    2. Mokidugway


      I used to be rude at work ,but I was numero uno :drunk-emoji:

    3. Dami


      Hubs didn't sound rude to me, he just asked a question, so was quite surprised that post van had been able to contact the other van so quick.  We have had some lovely post people so it was a shock to be spoken to like she did. 

      Although the Royal mail's service isn't what it was, considering my Birthday present ended up in the wrong town and was late as they don't deliver at weekends.

      Even then we weren't rude. I was brought up to respect them, my father would thank his postie every morning.


    4. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      Sorry Dami, perhaps it was just one of those things.