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  1. Bub's little 'boyfriend' will now be in the same class next year. Cue happy mummy and happy bubs.

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    2. Spikecollie


      Here's a family photo (their's not mine) of my little guy...he's the smallest, I guess. No clear memories of his face etc. - but he was my little bunny!



    3. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      Crikey, didn't realise how similar we were, I think everyone has some kind of autism somewhere, my Aspergers isn't that extreme, it gives me a lot of mood and anxiety issues but also pleasure in enjoying what I love, there's also several people who have suceeded with the condition, Chris Packham being one of them. He remembers as a child having depression, but also when studying and enjoying the wildlife, he would get so engrosed that nothing else would matter to him, I'm the same but not quite as extreme as that (I can do the things I enjoy but still able to socialise etc.) Life's a struggle at times but also like I said, gives a lot of pleasure. I remember being excited (and still am) about showery days and waking up hoping that we'd get a nicei shower line plonked straight overhead. LOL.

    4. William Grimsley