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  1. Up all night because bubs had the worst stomach virus I have ever seen and now i feel sick, keep your sick children at home grrr

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    2. Dami


      It makes me wonder who these people are that makes these rules. They are young children, I hardly thing my little one will wave me good bye with one hand and disappear over to town with the other. Young kids get ill, the other week over 3/4 of bubs class were off most of the week, down to some bug, now it looks like it is claiming those who didn;t get it in the first place.I actually have to get my hubby to phone in my little one, the way they speak to me sometimes, it's like being back at work.

    3. Gord


      One of the reasons why I left full on teaching to do supply. Having things imposed on me that I felt were morally wrong. i went into the job feeling like I could make a difference...how naive I was. Having much more fun doing supply and actually feel like I'm now doing some of my best teaching ever as I don't have to worry about the politics!

    4. Dami


      I could go on and on about the politics and my child hasn't even reached proper school yet.

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