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  1. so all told we had about 2 inches in total. Still moderate snow here, thought we were getting a break and no we weren't. However what's on the path is melting and snow that hits you is quite wet and melts on contact. Wow really. Thought we might of missed out or not had much. It'll do me and bubs was a very happy bubs this morning.
  2. Got woken up at 4;20am this morning by next doors child screaming 'It's snowing' and believe me, it was loud. Then she started crying. about an inch here but it's normally more as you head into the village. Moderate snow still here with flakes getting bigger, looks like it will stop before we head out. 0.7c.
  3. Dami

    Apropos of nothing

    Nah he was looking at the SE thread last night, but he's already done Jesus christ superstar.
  4. Morning everyone. Hope we are are feeling better. Sorry if it offends anyone but I no covering to speak off. My temp is -3.1 outside. Look icy. Wouldn't like to have to de-ice a car this morning. whoops I've said too much.
  5. Gah what with the big boys club and the moans I’m going to enjoy my snow wouldnt like to offend with the little I give to the forum night all
  6. Right kk but it’s snowing a fair bit here waits for 20 likes
  7. Well my sleety nonsense has turned into that won’t lay snow nonsense. But snowing 🌨️
  8. Got sleet lass 

    1. lassie23


      i'm the only one left in my crappy club😣

  9. oh i dunno. been keeping a eye on it so I have and it's either moving V slow or it s breaking up before it gets to me.
  10. Bubs home from school, comfys on, mug of sweet tea and christopher robin on the telly. Cloudy and the breeze is getting up. any rain? I don't think so.
  11. meanwhile in darkest bedford the sun popped out for a bit and it's currently 5.5C. Myself paddington and pooh eagerly await the coming rain. 'but they said snow..' said Paddington. 'just not here,' said pooh. And pooh as we know is a bear of very little brain.
  12. Dami

    Apropos of nothing

    i have a headache and a quote bar. aren't i lucky?
  13. Phone going mental with Met0 updates. I now have yellow warning for the next eon.
  14. for laughs I asked alexa about the weather. Nice girl. tells me it's zero degrees and i can expect rainy snowy weather. Sleet love. gah.
  15. when you get a parent mail regarding snow procedures from bubs school. Well that's jinxed it.
  16. Dami

    Apropos of nothing

    I love being off topic !
  17. Dami

    Apropos of nothing

    can I say here that people moan about absolutely nothing. not you CC! I don't want to be dumped in the midland thread to make a few happy. moans and gumbles.
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