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  1. the fact that a couple of days ago when i was in traffic going home, the car temperature gauge showed 42°C which is the highest i've ever seen it and today its only 13°C really tells you why so many people are moody and grumpy in this country to begin with in the summer. I know 42°C is with it being still in traffic and above the road but I never thought i would see those numbers in the UK. The temperature right now on the other hand is as low as it is high in the winter, so pathetic.
  2. Went to Folkstone just for a day out and it's like I went to a different country, the sun was fully out and not a breeze at all just warmth and people everywhere. I'm glad I went down there to help rise my mood.
  3. amazing we've skipped past July and august and half of september and we've arrived in october. What a great 2 weeks of summer we had, looks like the rest of the northern hemisphere are having record breaking heat for October.
  4. freaking finally im seeing blue skies and the sun again, those 2 last days got to be the most miserable days this year. Yes we've had bad weather in May and cold in April but I think its the worst when its the warmest time of the year and getting ruined by crappy winter overcast skies
  5. As long as this dreadful cloudy skies dissipates, i don't mind if we get heat or not as the sun is warm enough now to feel good in the sun.
  6. What a miserable day it has been, not one ounce of sunshine through the clouds, completely damp and it actually got a bit chilly that i had to close the window, I hope tomorrow is better as i never want to experience another day like this during our summer season
  7. this must've been what i heard earlier that woke me up, heard a loud bit of thunder Also I know majority of people on here were active on the storm thread last night but in case you wasn't I did do a recording of the storms in case you wanted to watch it
  8. Well it seems one loud bit of thunder woke me up in my sleep but only that one bit of thunder, strange but im not going to be mad on something i love 🙂
  9. after going back and forth with the upload as its been ages since i uploaded a storm video. I finally did it 6:33 is the front of the house annnnnnnd storm 2 has arrived 😛
  10. yep, more flashy lightning and distance thunder with the occasional close one. But it's already late so i'm not going to do any recording of this one unless its really great
  11. well for the people who've called it a bust or stopped bothering, at least u can go to sleep without worry whilst people in my location or near it will not know when to get to sleep in case they miss some amazing thunder and lightning 😋
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