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  1. Rain has got more intense and the wind still is strong yet still not name
  2. For once I can actually say this is a proper storm, unlike the "storms" we normally get with some brief gusty winds and then some moderate rain for about 1 or 2 hours then its gone.
  3. I swear mother nature is deliberately doing this to us, it's like she is telling the storms "watch out you're entering England territory, Divert at once!" and any sort of activity that doesn't move out the way get neefed for not listening to mother nature's warning.
  4. Must be in very specified parts then as all i've had is a few flashes of lightning, one bit of thunder and the rest is heavy rain, there's been no wind whatsoever
  5. Just heard thunder and see a few flashes close to me but in the distance
  6. the lightning seems to be dying on both the radar and lightning maps, hope we don't only get just rain like we have gotten for the past few days
  7. I'm sorry but that sounds a really dick thing to say imo , I can understand how hurricanes can be exciting and such, but to say you want it to be more active where people's lives can be at state isn't something you should wish more of.
  8. I wonder what types of records you've seen broken mr time traveller
  9. Wow it sure is warm out there, I'm just sitting in my room with the window wide open and it's like its not even open as its really stuffy in here. But I enjoy that because it tells you its proper summer weather happening right now
  10. The storm woke me up at 3:05am due to a loud piece of thunder, I hanged out my window for some time but it was mostly just heavy rain, there was a couple of lightning around but nothing compared to last week's storms so after about 20mins i went back to bed
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