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  1. Now that's the stuff I wish to see all the time during the summer but with some thundery activity from time to time to cool down from the heat and humidity
  2. yeah that pretty heavy shower that's nearly over Ashford looks menacing
  3. But you've been hogging all the snow for years
  4. Thank you and yes the only thing missing is the heat and humidity which I miss at this time of the year
  5. That picture looks similar to a picture I took 2 years ago while on holiday in Florida
  6. Some pretty heavy rainfall here in the SE with some gusty winds from the rain over us right now.
  7. Just came back from my walk and what a surprise another disappointment for me, it was very windy (stormy at times) but no damage to anything so it was just another boring walk around the fields , was hoping to at least see a few trees down in the fields but nothing
  8. Getting quite stormy here in Kent right now, going to go for a walk to see if there is any damage and to experience this strong gusty wind for myself.
  9. Just had a nice foggy walk in the fields and decided to take my phone with me to see if I could get any good pictures
  10. Went out for a nice snow walk and that wind is quite strong especially when exposed in the open and I could barely see what I doing with the wind blowing so much snow into my face, anyway did a short video of the snow and wind just outside one of my windows
  11. Finally after all these years, snow has returned! :yahoo::yahoo:

  12. 10 or 11 maybe, funny thing is that I went to Florida for 2 and a half weeks (July 28th - August 12th) and experienced more thunderstorms back at home then I did in Florida
  13. Annoyed not seeing any storms moving into my location, but I guess I did have my storm yesterday with all that lightning so I can't really complain
  14. I manage to record a bit of footage of the shocking electrical storm that came over Kent in the early hours of August 26th between 1:45 am and 2:10 am the video starts all quiet with a few flashes but it quickly gets more intense as the video progress
  15. Hello everyone, I managed to capture a bit of the storm in early hours of 26th August and my god was it a SHOCKER, I video recorded 21 mins of the storm from 1:45am to 2:10 am and I never seen so much lightning, it didn't even feel like I was in the Uk as there was so much lightning. Skip to 2:00 where the storm starts to intensify