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  1. Wow it sure is warm out there, I'm just sitting in my room with the window wide open and it's like its not even open as its really stuffy in here. But I enjoy that because it tells you its proper summer weather happening right now
  2. The storm woke me up at 3:05am due to a loud piece of thunder, I hanged out my window for some time but it was mostly just heavy rain, there was a couple of lightning around but nothing compared to last week's storms so after about 20mins i went back to bed
  3. Some people on here seem to never be pleased. I bet if we had a few days 40°C days there will be people not happy because its not 50°C or they'll complain that there are downgrades pushing the temperature back in the low 30s as if winter will happen when it's not extremely hot
  4. More like panic attacks than headaches with those such temperatures.
  5. I'm also heading to bed now, I recorded over 10 mins of footage of the storm crossing over my location I'm sorry for the lightning quality, I haven't used my camera in ages so I've kind of forgotten how to focus with it properly and obviously wasn't thinking when a insane storm is currently going off over me. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the video
  6. The lightning is freaking insane! this is so lovely and im so glad i've recorded a great bunch of it
  7. I have to say that I don't enjoy all this cool and wet weather we're having, but you have to admit it's giving us some amazing cloudscapes. Such as these wonderful cumulus clouds I took going to college, it's not amazing as I was on the bus and they were close to behind me so I couldn't get a proper good image in the morning.
  8. There is some lovely convection in the distance from my area which I presume are the cells near London from looking at the radar. Reminds me when I'm in Florida during the evening hours when the sun starts to set whilst still being able to see in the distance of bubbly cumulus and cumulus congestus clouds building up but eventually just fizzing out as the sun sets.
  9. I believe I've heard my first thunder of the year, but gotta see if it really was thunder and not a bin rolling around outside update: yep definitely thunder, too bad its just skimming across me
  10. wow, thank you for introducing me to that site it's exactly what i've been looking for as im always interested what kind of weather is happening around the globe edit: looks like Florida has gone into the furnace
  11. Still not a single storm has happened where I live. But I'm not too fussed because I'm going on holiday to Florida in July where currently they're having recording breaking temperatures so I believe I'll get plenty of my storm starved stomach to be back to full
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