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    Landscape/weather photography, spiders, anime, guinea pigs, ducks, paranormal, aliens
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    Love heat & thunderstorms, but despise Winter

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  1. nothing thundery here but I love it when the sun comes out as it really brightens the day, also pretty windy but i've had worse
  2. I have to disagree, besides the people who have been unlucky, the storms we've had have been great, temperature wise kind of bad but definitely could be much worse. So this July I say have been quite good.
  3. usually i'd be annoyed about my area not getting anything but I'm not because we've had the majority of the storms lately so the rest of the country can have a bit now, though I wish this overcast skies can bugger off
  4. This issue started after the "update" I got a few days ago with the forums, I've turned off my adblock and another extension which shouldn't be the issue but it's still not showing. I don't know if it's intentional but it looks really strange
  5. Wifi never has been good here, always seeing open reach vans everywhere around here and has a mind of its own. One day there won’t be any problems then the next it will constantly disconnect
  6. It’s getting better edit: thunder is now being heard from the cell behind me
  7. thanks, I am really glad it's ok, I may love weather a lot but only so much can come from a couple of seconds of loud thunder compared to a fried pc
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