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  1. Lovely clear and sunny skies, my only wish is if it was summer still :c
  2. Just had a bit of lightning & thunder from this cell at 11pm
  3. sorry for my ignorant comment but what's so exciting about that?
  4. Atmogenic

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    I'm not even a coldie but seeing those charts at the end of December would make me very excited as well
  5. The cell just south of me just made 3 rumbles of thunder but unfortunately its not heading north
  6. Managed to get a storm in the end, sorry about the shaking between 3:00 -4:00 my arms were getting uncomfortable also what a lovely lighting trail
  7. nothing here yet except some high cirrus clouds but it does look like they're storms heading north just NW of Paris
  8. wow if that actually happens then not only will we have a new record but we will also have a higher temperature then Japan's highest temperature this week that was broken at 41.1C
  9. Southern UK has became a big pile of dark chocolate
  10. I forgot to upload photos I took yesterday whilst I went to Hothfield and went for a little adventure.. until I got lost but thanks to my phone I was able to get back safely
  11. Went to the beach on this wonderful day and took some photos
  12. Caught the anvil of that small cell over NE France whilst on a walk