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  1. Although I miss having storms as they're my favourite type of weather i get excited about, it's still nice having great summer weather and is my second favourite. I went to Pine Gardens yesterday close to Dover and took some lovely pics
  2. looks like yesterday still had the Kent skipper debuff enabled as we didn't get swearing is not big or clever all again from the weather, all i want is to have a hot day like yesterday and seeing something like this to be heading towards me
  3. just had a very small amount of rain with todays hot temperatures and now looking at the radar that is all we're going to get as usual
  4. another disappointment yet again with just my area getting heavy rain thought the day, i really hope some day this summer we get a decent storm.
  5. seeing all these models and people talking about plumes is good, but it also seem like people have forgotten how difficult it is trying to sleep when we have a plume over us . So yes, plume during the day is nice, but during the night it can go back to France.
  6. still got great amount of cloud here, only a few spots of blue in the sky, this really needs to change as this has got to be the most miserable summer I can recall
  7. yesterday was a great day, the sun was out all day giving the temperatures a nice boost and was able to chill outside in the garden. We did have a little bit of rain last night but nothing much and now it seems the clouds are breaking to hopefully bring another great day
  8. I don't know what's worse, it being summer and never having actual good temperatures or it being winter and never having snow
  9. Went to Brockhill yesterday and besides the screaming kids it was pretty nice, took 2 pics whilst there
  10. It's July. its meant to be the height of summer and here i am walking with a hoodie on, talk about such a season called "summer"
  11. Rain has just started to come down and had a rumble of thunder
  12. Nice, been a while for my location to be in the main spot today
  13. yeah they have but i haven't really been following, i'm only subscribed to pecos hawk on youtube as the other storm chasing people seemed to stop uploading for years now, this was two months ago with one of the most dramatic tornado videos i've ever seen
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