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  1. had a small storm pass through that did only a few rumbles of thunder, didn't manage to capture any lightning but the cloudscape was wonderful
  2. The EU storm map has given a couple of warnings over the big storms east of York https://www.eustormmap.com/
  3. The line of cells stretching across the far southeast has produce some cracking thunder and close lightning strikes.
  4. just had some thunder to the south of me but haven't seen any lightning only heavy rain
  5. Just had a short storm here with a few rumbles of thunder, but it did produce a lot of rain.
  6. Just seen a few flashes of lightning outside my window but only heard a distant rumble.
  7. Just had a small thunderstorm pass through Ashford, saw a few CTC but didn't record any footage. But I did take a few pictures of the wonderful Mammatus clouds today under 2 storms
  8. Caught some convection late afternoon whilst going out for a walk.
  9. Ok the video has been uploaded, the storm starts to get going at 6:00
  10. Had quite a nice night, had plenty of lightning and thunder but as usual it being night time, the quality of capturing lightning is hard and usually terrible quality, but I saved 3 lightning strikes and in the process of uploading my 20min video of the MCS as it was happening
  11. Got everything ready for this monster storm Camera - CHECK key - CHECK waterproof jacket - CHECK storm - WAITING
  12. Just had some amazing CTC and CG strikes here in Ashford, my dad had to wake me up to tell me and straight away I got up, opened my blinds to just see this wall of water in my garden and within a few seconds I heard rumbles and then a CTC lightning strike came out of the cloud. It was a great way to be woken up
  13. Model Output Discussions 12z 08/03/17

    Now that's the stuff I wish to see all the time during the summer but with some thundery activity from time to time to cool down from the heat and humidity
  14. yeah that pretty heavy shower that's nearly over Ashford looks menacing