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  1. Oh right cool I'm just north of Peterborough near spalding. Anything else going happen tonight
  2. It was like this when a storm hit Spalding around 6.15ish no wind and calm to possible 30mph
  3. I'm in pinchbeck about 2 mile out of Spalding. Was died still when it approached but then the wind went from nothing to about 30 mph and torrential rain. It actually scared me.
  4. Storm approaching do I need to unplug phone and stuff TV Ariel is in loft do I still need to unplug that help!!!!
  5. Storm approaching do I need to unplugged phone line and stuff. My TV Ariel is in the loft do I need to unplug the Ariel
  6. Yes constant thunder. Think it could be an impressive night but bloody hot. It's spitting again here but after that down pour roughly 20 mins ago it's bone dry again t was a good down pour as well. It was coming out end of guttering
  7. I just had a torrential downpour pour can hear thunder here rumbling constant
  8. I'm waiting lol I'm just located around 20 miles from Peterborough town called Spalding fingers crossed looks really dark towards Bourne
  9. Currently stopped for a breather been doing housework extremely humid here no breeze clouds starting to build. Think it's going kick off anytime
  10. Same here in Spalding and clouds are starting to look promising towards Bourne as well just a waiting game but very hot car was saying 27 on way home from work 40 mins ago
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