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  1. As far as I know plastic surgery is still allowed for disfigurements resulting from disease or accidents.
  2. But were're happy with growing tobacco and brewing beer (I am) so the same should apply to growing cannabis for own consumption.
  3. But we encourage the use of alcohol which is not only addictive but can cause serious health problems? (I don't use the "i" word). Alcohol is at the root of many of society's ills. I've seen some toking on s spliff and they are quiet and inoffensive. On the other hand look at many High Streets after throwing out time over the weekends: staggering all over the place, abusing or even offering violence against passers by, throwing up and peeing everywhere. Go to any A&E department over the weekends to see the results of alcohol misuse. " there is a viable link between Cannabis and mental health" there's a much stronger link between alcohol and mental illness. I'm not against alcohol, I take a pint of cider or Guinness with my evening meal but I just can't get my head around how some people seem to like drink themselves into a stupor, using money they can't afford. The claim that cannabis is a "gateway" to hard drugs is risible. As a non-smoker I can make same the claim regarding another very harmful, addictive drug: tobacco.
  4. I'm 68, asthmatic and with heart failure - I'm lovin't it. It's the lousy British winter that's potentially lethal for me.
  5. I experienced the summer of 1976, that was a real summer. Three months of sun and heat. Prior to then, 1959 was another scorcher. Today, another day unspoiled by bloody cloud thank heavens.
  6. Not really. Hawarden (nr. Chester) often features in highest temps. in the UK as it did yesterday.
  7. I'm off to Swindon then Swansea with a mate on a lorry delivery then back home. Looking at temp. figures it'll be similar to here, 26C max. Glad I'm just the passenger and don't have to drive.
  8. We deserve a decent summer after a.) previous poor to middling summers and b.) that awful, five-month-long winter we've recently endured. This summer does have the scent of 1976.
  9. I now prefer being warm especially as I'm getting on a bit. Couldn't do any winter swimming this year due to stay in hospital but I hope to do so next winter.
  10. Keeping warm in winter is very expensive. During the extreme cold during last February it was costing me nearly £5 a day for gas and electricity (smart meters so have an energy monitor). I live in a ground-floor flat so no roof to lose heat, have cavity insulation and double glazing. In contrast today's bill is so far 97p although that'll go up by about 20p when I run a hot bath later. That sum includes the standing charges, about 74p.
  11. However acclimatisation to heat lasts just a few weeks after exposure when heat tolerance reverts to normal. Acclimatisation to cold is very diifferent. Acclimatisation to extreme cold involves physiolgical adaptation through long training and you keep it for life. Check my avatar
  12. Could see my breath when bringing in the washing. Cold and not good for the Summer Solstice. We have more than enough cold for most of the year so I resent autumnal weather in late June.
  13. Possible 30C next week. Bring it on Immeasurably better than the cold, windy, wet crap that is the British norm.
  14. At the moment the local Police will generally look the other way should the individual have in their possession less than 2.5g but I wouldn't suggest blowing smoke in an officer's face while toking on a spliff. I don't smoke but I ate hash cakes during the Sixties and have also recently tried sniffing the smoke from a very small piece of lit resin stuck on a pin. Apparently you can make tea from the leaves, something I'll have to try sometime. I do take legal low-THC cannabidiol as a dietary supplement - couple of drops from a dropper under my tongue. Hash cakes and sniffed smoke have absolutely no effect on me, my GP told me that I'm one of a sizeable minority who can't metabolise THC. I'd be happy to see legal marijuana sold in pharmacies and tobaccanists (do they still exist?) with any tax and duty ringfenced to spend on our NHS. Bear in mind Police have a roadside test (Drugwipe) that can detect pot and other drugs in the bloodstream of a suspect driver. The rules that pertain to home growing of tobacco and brewing beer should apply to pot: grow on your premises with the proceeds consumed in private. No selling or even giving to a third party. Sadly there's no chance of pot being decriminalised let alone legalised by the current shower of ordure in power. Hopefully a 2018 General Election will return a new, more tolerate government.
  15. Thanks Paul, I added my image to my Flikr account and just added the URL to my post and, et voilà, it worked!
  16. I have to use a bike anyway as I have a bad heart and can't walk very far before tiring. This is my "bad boy": RichBit Top 860: alloy frame, magnesium alloy wheels, 21 speed gears, full suspension including hydraulic front forks ...................and electric motor (yes, I cheat).
  17. Tried to post a link to an image on my Facebook page but after entering the URL in the "Insert image from URL" box it turns pink and nothing happens. (Opera, Win 7 Pro)
  18. Torrential rain at the moment but no thunder or lightning. Edit: 18:41 first clap of thunder.
  19. Another day at Hatchmere but not as nice as last Thursday. At first I thought we were destined to tiles and chlorine today given this morning's murky, fairly chilly conditions but I saw small patches of blue forming amongst the grey so we decided to take a risk and go up to Delamere Forest. Cloud broke up to give sunny intervals with air temp. around 21C. Lake water temp. up one degree from last week: 20.5C.
  20. I'm not easily satisfied with the British climate but most of May has been brilliant. Don't know the maximum today but I suspected it bested the forecast 28C - currently it's 24C @ 6:45pm. Got taken up to go swimming in Hatchmere lake in Delamere Forest (Cheshire). The pics show the conditions. Cloudless blue sky until lunchtime when some fair-weather Cu bubbled up however the expected thunderstorms didn't materialise with current conditions calm, warm with some Cu. Given the savage winter that's only recently ended, the water temp. of 19.5C isn't too bad for the time of the year. In a good summer Hatchmere can easily reach 24-25C Temp. recorded using a calibrated spirit scoop thermometer as per FINA stipulation. Camera: waterproof Olympus Tough TG-810
  21. Yes, I know - I'm asthmatic. Had to use my inhaler several times. Fortunately I didn't have to be active as I was only the passenger during our delivery. Have you tried breathing the air around the A13 in Barking? Absolutely foul. I pity anyone who lives in the area. Edit: According to the Met Office air quality in London yesterday was 4 - low to moderate.
  22. I was with a friend on a delivery in London yesterday. 28C and I was only wearing shorts and trainers - bellissimo. Can't wait for the next hot shot.
  23. I'm physiologically adapted to withstand extreme cold, check out my avatar photo, however I much, much prefer the heat. We don't get much heat in this country, especially in recent years. We've just endured a miserable five-month winter. Isn't it time for some us to enjoy some heat?
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