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  1. The relentless slide into autumn carries on. This week a total cloudfest with little or no sunshine during normal waking hours. No doubt someone will quote sunshine stats but at this time of year any sunshine occurs during the small hours when most of us are asleep. August so far has seen clear nights followed by infill during the day which melts away around sunset, pretty well par for the course for the past few years.
  2. Both of my parents smoked but this was 1950 when the tobacco companies claimed that smoking didn't just not harm your health but a benefit ("Smoke Craven A cigarettes for your throat's sake" - actual '50s ad). A claim that was vigorously and thoroughly refuted in 1956. I was born four weeks premature which is risky nowadays let alone in 1950 (the NHS only came into being a year earlier) and have a congenital heart defect that was only discovered in 2001 when I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I'm also Aspie however that can be genetic. Car pollution wouldn't have been a concern as there were very few cars on the road compared with now but of course we had pollution from coal fires.
  3. The two most savage winters in the 20th century where 1946/7 (before I was born) and 1962/3 which I most definitely remember. 1981/2 wasn't too far behind.
  4. Felt distinctly chilly tonight riding back from my swim session, was actually wearing a fleecy hoodie which I haven't needed for months. Also needed lights on my bike coming home, another unwelcome sign of approaching autumn. Mind you I'd just got out a swimming pool with water at 29C, and being lazy I didn't actually pedal, just let the motor do all the work.
  5. I was always under the impression that 1969 was during the late Sixties I'm obviously mistaken. "But you stated matter of fact" - I didn't. A subjective opinion isn't a "fact". "You only mentioned subjective experience " I wasn't quoting "stats", I was describing a subjective experience. That's all I mentioned: a subjective experience although I know the temp. was in the Seventies F but that's not a "stat", it was the temperature I measured in one particular area, under particular circumstances for my own interest. Again, that's why I don't frequent or post in the "formal" forums. "If that's how we do things I may as well say it was 36C yesterday because I was doing physical work outside and felt pretty hot.". Precisely, you've answered your own question. My impression of today is distinctly autumnal: cloudy, windy, showery with the max here a miserable 19C and the prospect of a distinctly chilly night. That's not a hard "stat", that's my subjective impression. Perhaps I should do what I used to do, emphasise that all my posts are subjective because I don't keep weather records any more, although I did during previous years.
  6. Sorry, but stats are irrelevant to me as when I post about the weather it's my SUBJECTIVE experience. Some people don't seem able to understand the difference. This is the Moans, Ramps and Chat thread not one of the formal threads, where I avoid posting.
  7. Tonight I'm going swimming at my local leisure centre, doing so outdoors would be a thankless affair. Looking at the future prospect, it looks like Summer '18 is now done and dusted, at least here in the NW with early autumn now here.
  8. No, my long-term memory is very keen. In my neck of the woods the last weekend in September saw temps. in the 70s F as I remember wandering round Chester overdressed for the heat (we used old money in those days). Summer '69 was mediocre at best with our intended holiday in North Wales rained off - we bailed out and went home so that late September mini-heatwave was a welcome surprise. I'm not interested in stats, but how I experienced the weather at the time. It became noticeably colder during early October as I had to ride a bike to work so was very aware of the chill. Likewise sunshine stats are misleading as often any sunshine occurs during the small hours before most of us are up with the almost inevitable grey lid slamming down around breakfast time - which has been the case so far this week.
  9. The end of September 1969 saw a mini-heatwave but then was a sharp descent into cold and cloudy conditions at the beginning of October.
  10. Feels distinctly autumnal today which is of course par for the course. True to form the hot weather finished promptly just as the schools broke up. Probably Atlantic dross all month until the start of September when high pressure will re-assert itself just as the autumn term begins. Been the same for most of my 68 years with the exception of 1976 when the autumnal weather did actually wait for the arrival of September.
  11. Summer 1976 finished with a bang - literally. The hot weather broke just after Late August Holiday.
  12. It's not UV but a specific wavelength of blue light (if I remember correctly its 450nm). I've got a pukka SAD lamp but will have to bring it out as soon as the nights really begin to draw in.
  13. There is a school of thought that we are entering a Grand Minimum, which I agree with. However it might take a few more years before the cooling trend can be confirmed.
  14. I did during summer '76. We were so short of water they were going to have tankers full of treated sewage to use for wild firefighting and irrigation. As soon as a Minister for Drought was appointed, the weather broke. Here the heat broke just after the late August bank holiday with some spectacular thunderstorms. Before someone starts quoting stats this is from memory and of course subjective.
  15. Anyone on two wheels, pedal or motorised, should take it very easy. After weeks of drought this rain will turn the roads into greasy skid pans.
  16. I'm dreading the return of winter as do anyone who suffers from SAD, also the huge heating bills.
  17. I'm concerned over the possible outcome of ex-TS Chris stirring up the atmosphere. The past few years' summers have started well but as soon as we had an ex-hurricane or ex-TS arrive on the scene in July or August the result was the ushering in of an early autumn. Bear in mind my location - the south-east fared well but not here in the NW.
  18. Winter 62/63 was the most severe in living memory, however summer '62 was appalling: LP dominated, cloudy, wet and chilly. The best word to describe summer '63 was mediocre with a wet end to August. However autumn '63 was quite spectacular: Warm and sunny, much better than the preceding summer.
  19. Actually, you are completely wrong. I was diagnosed with heart failure back in 2001 and given 5-6 years - I'm still here. My longevity has been attributed to the physiological adaptation that comes with the training for bare-skin winter swimming. That has been confirmed on several occasions by those healthcare professionals tasked with looking after my carcass. Unlike acclimatisation to extreme heat which you lose after a few weeks after exposure, cold acclimatisation lasts for the rest of your life.
  20. I've never smoked but if I did and wouldn't stop I wouldn't get that £20,000 box of electronics in my chest that's keeping me alive.
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