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  1. Freezing rain. Supercooled water that flash freezes on impact. Leads to sheet ice on roads and causes icing on power lines the weight of which can bring them down. Freezing rain is more of a threat to power supplies than snow. I saw a lot of that in the winter of 1962/63.
  2. Still nothing here. Odd how Runcorn Old Town is getting snow, but the New Town is getting nothing. Perhaps down to the geography of the area. The New Town is built on the ridge that finishes at Runcorn Hill, mostly 60m asl. Perhaps the ridge is deflecting the wind in some way. Odd.
  3. According to radar we should be seeing snow. Currently cloudy, dry, punishing cold wind but just a few swirling flakes.
  4. Cloudy and currently dry with just a few flakes swirling around in the breeze. Current temp: 0C
  5. Cloudy this morning, no sign of any overnight ppn, overnight min. -5.6C, currently -0.7C. Dry but although I haven't ventured outdoors looking at the trees I'd say moderate breeze F4.
  6. Currently clear with some small, ragged cloud but at 9:28pm outdoor temp is already -5.2C. Dry with very little breeze.
  7. Mostly fine overnight but some snow from an overnight shower. Overnight min: -6.5C, currently 0.5C. Fine at first but the heavy shower clouds are building and now currently cloudy.
  8. Currently clear with some cloud. Dry with some lying snow remaining. Overnight min last night -2.1C, currently -1.2C. Might switch off my heating and go to bed early when I can read a book.
  9. Woke to 1-2 inches lying snow, currently cloudy with very light snow.
  10. Currently dry, cloudy and -2.1C. Little wind in my back garden but I haven't braved going out in the front as that faces East.
  11. Clear overnight with min of -2.7C, fine first thing but Cu bubbling up and now cloudy. Current temp 4.0C. I live in a minor UHI.
  12. Now dry and very breezy. The very small amount of snow on the ground has melted.
  13. Been cloudy all night. Wind got up and now light dandruff snow which started about 10pm.
  14. Oh well, it's all over. Clearance arrived from the west and now sunny.
  15. What a lousy winter's day. Moderate rain, breezy and only 4.1C.
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