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  1. What a disappointment - lunchtime on a temperature display in Liverpool around 1pm:18C. Where was all this heat we were promised? Cloudy and chilly with thunder during the afternoon. Hopefully we'll see something more respectable during the next couple of days.
  2. Given we are rapidly approaching the SAD season I thought it appropriate to do a BUMP Given the increased sunshine most of us were lucky to see through August did anyone notice a heightening of spirits? (I did). I also took every opportunity to sunbathe before I eventually have to unearth my sunlamp.
  3. Max today here was 29.7C in a sheltered W-facing garden with last night's minimum 15.1C. Looks like this could be the last hot day this year as this wretched excuse for a "summer" limps towards its grave. A day of blue skies with some cirrus, it's been over five years since we had a totally cloudless sky.
  4. Did summer '16 actually arrive? The past three months have been basically a cloudfest, at least during conventional waking/working hours. That dratted grey lid that appears to be down to orographic lifting over the Mid Cheshire Ridge now our prevailing wind has shifted from SW to NW. Of course our now permanent Autumn will continue unabated into September.
  5. Lynn Tegid (Bala) water temp measured at 22C which is slightly higher than usual for the time of year. I was using a snorkeller's watch to measure the temp rather than my calibrated glass thermo which I didn't pack in my kit due its fragility.
  6. Sunny with some grey Sc clouds a little larger than "fair weather". According to my garden sensor it's 21C, Liverpool ATIS is reporting 20C. Still quite a breeze.
  7. As you get older your body's ability to accurately "measure" its core temperature becomes increasingly impaired. Thermoregulation is the job of the hypothalamus. Now I'm aging I find it cool outdoors topless at ambient temps around 20C, ten years ago I was comfortable at 15-16C. My ability to withstand extreme cold still works as it should, but that's a different mechanism.
  8. I initially wrote off today as yet another grey, cold and damp Autumn day yet when I left the swimming pool it was sunny and warm, although still windy.
  9. Hopefully it will happen shortly as soon as the Sun starts behaving itself again (and hopefully not the beginning of a Grand Minimum )
  10. I mostly remember 50's and 60's summers because of my schooldays' 6-week summer holidays. When I left school in '67 and started working I'd started riding motorcycles which means I had to take notice of the weather, especially during the winter which added the extra risk of icy roads.
  11. The summers during the '50s differed from those of the '60s just as the summers during the '70s differed from the '60s. For certain reasons my long-term memory is exceptionally keen, but basically I don't especially recollect much from 1979 onwards.
  12. You weren't there, I was. My comments are actual observations, not secondhand from reading books.
  13. Sorry but I disagree. I experienced the summers of the 1950s and '60s so my observations were actual, not secondhand from dry figures. Both decades saw mixed summers with 1959 almost rivaling '76. In contrast winter 62/63 was the coldest of the 20th Century with the summers of '62 and '63 being shockers despite what the dry figures suggest. Summer sunshine figures sometimes give a wrong impression because any sunshine was recorded during the small hours when most of us are asleep, with the waking hours plagued by Cu infill as with the past few years. As Stainesbloke remarks, in my day we had four distinct seasons in the right places, not the "Forever Autumn" we endure nowadays.
  14. Yes, the Anomalous Northwesterly strikes again. That affects me because a NWesterly results in orthographic lifting over the Mid-Cheshire Ridge leaving my locality sitting under a "grey lid".
  15. Three water temps recorded over my camping weekend: Irish Sea, Abergele, 20C (tide had come in over warm sands) - the top end of what I'd usually expect. Llyn Brenig 18C. Bandit swim in Dwr Cymru reservoir but we weren't caught by the warden. Llyn Tegid (Bala) 19C. A little low, should be around 21C as it was last summer. Didn't use my accurate glass thermo as it could've been broken amongst my kit. My watch reads about 1C above ambient because my skin temp is slightly higher than the surrounding water. Upper pic is at Abergele, the lower is from Bala. Don't know where the Brenig one has gone.
  16. Looking at the jet stream forecast, was that feature in the last week what looks like a juicy Bartlett?
  17. But you didn't have to go to work on two wheels in dark, icy mornings? No matter what we do to the clock, we still have only around eight hours of daylight around the winter solstice. Bear in mind that under GMT, schoolkids go to school in the light, and leave school in the light (or did before the days of the "school run" but that's another can of worms).
  18. ..............as was done between 1968 and '71, an unmitigated disaster. Going to work I had to pick my way along dark lanes often covered with patchy black ice on a motorbike because my start time was 8:30am and it was still dark. Under GMT the sun had already risen and started work on any black ice. The road accident rate shot up due to the number of schoolkids knocked down by dozy drivers not fully awake.
  19. Yesterday evening I had to put the lights on my bike at 9pm when I rode home back from the recreation centre. Oh well, that's it over for another year.
  20. I actually lived through those times and my remarks are based on my impressions at the time. During a previous part of my misbegotten life I was involved in research and actually collected raw data. I saw at first hand how stats can be manipulated to suit the requirements of a sponsor. My recollections of the 1950s and '60s are extremely keen - there's a reason for that. That's why sunshine stats are meaningless - most of this sad excuse for a summer has been overcast with any sunshine recorded occurring in the small hours when the majority are asleep.
  21. Sixties school holidays were mixed. 1962 was a shocker, as bad as '15 and this summer. '63 was not quite as bad but still awful. I left school in '67 but I still remember the period of the school holidays - '68 was thundery while '69 wasn't very good - we were forced to abandon a holiday in North Wales due to very poor weather. '63 I vividly remember because my school holidays were marred by persistent overcast if not actually wet (as with this summer) while the very last weekend was spectacularly vile with driving rain very cold. I went back to school that Monday (2nd September) to cloudless blue skies. Bear in mind that until 1967 the Bank Holiday was at the beginning of August.
  22. Hopefully it's sunny intervals and 23C where we'll be camping in North Wales on Saturday
  23. Cloudy first thing with a heavy shower during the morning. Sunny intervals this afternoon but still breezy and at only 19C not really warm enough for sunbathing. Hopefully that promised 23C for Saturday is still on the books.
  24. I'm only 20 miles from you and yes, there is a noticeable difference. Wind direction has changed and I suspect we are now under the influence of Polar Maritime air. Not particularly chilly overnight, my minimum was 15C however currently I'm seeing only 19C at the warmest part of the day - Liverpool ATIS is reporting 19C with a DP 13C.
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