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    Wild swimming, bare-skin winter swimming, vintage radio collecting and repair. Retired industrial electronics engineer. Experience of industrial chemistry and hazardous chemical trained. Fitted with implanted cardioverter/defibrillator which means I'm officially a cyborg. All round moaning old fart.
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  1. I have the 7.5mg tablets but I cut them in half so yes, I'm on 3.75mg. Fortunately I don't have a addictive personality.
  2. In the UK melatonin is a prescription drug but I get mine from iHerb in the US where it is marketed as a nutritional supplement. It's perfectly legal to import for own use but don't give any to anyone else because technically that makes you a drug dealer. Not taking melatonin at the moment because I'm currently on Zopiclone. Zopiclone is strong hypnotic only available by prescription from a GP. I have it because I suffer from chronic insomnia.
  3. 7.5mg Zopiclone and you'll sleep like a log whatever the temp.
  4. Chilly overnight then a mixed day of cloud and sunny intervals. Although the high winds have now abated but still chilly for "high summer". Be interested to see if tomorrow's promise of half-decent temps comes off.
  5. Wet overnight and a mixed day of cloud and sunny intervals. A max of around 17C isn't anything to write home about. Now back to the slate grey sky.
  6. Very wet overnight and when I got up there was a definite autumnal feeling to the morning. A few sunny periods later on lifted the temp to around 20C which sparked heavy, blustery showers but unfortunately no thundery activity. Currently clear so I expect tonight could be chilly.
  7. Well, we actually managed 20C whoopie doo. Mostly cloudy (naturally) with sunny intervals. Next load of rain expected overnight.
  8. Out with a friend today and had a chance of catching some rays as we had mostly blue skies with fair weather Cu and a max of 23C. Back home it's 20C and cloudy and according to Netweather's forecast we've spell of torrential rain tonight to look forward to.
  9. Cloud now melted away that will lead to an unseasonably cold night. Wish this polar maritime air flow will do one.
  10. Day started sunny but of course the slate grey skies have returned. Very chilly NW breeze and a miserable 16C isn't very good for mid-July. Getting sick to the teeth of all this damned cloud all the time.
  11. Yet another autumnal day - slate grey with spells of sometimes heavy rain. Not particularly cold at 17C but not what you'd expect in high summer.
  12. Very low light at 8:30pm - on a mid-summer evening! Demonstrates well the persistent very heavy overcast. Cold as well.
  13. When I was a schoolkid (1950/60s) school broke up mid-July and lasted six weeks to the last week of August. Bear in mind up to 1967 the August Bank Holiday was at the beginning of the month. And yes, August usually suffered from crap weather.
  14. Another autumnal day. Rain first thing then heavy overcast.
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