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    Wild swimming, bare-skin winter swimming, vintage radio collecting and repair. Retired industrial electronics engineer. Experience of industrial chemistry and hazardous chemical trained. Fitted with implanted cardioverter/defibrillator which means I'm officially a cyborg. All round moaning old fart.
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  1. This was Christmas 1957, I remember it well, 57F and sunny (we used old money back then).
  2. I already take 4000i.u Vit D3 daily. It's been found that a normal D3 level in the bloodstream is protective against Covid infection. The government are planning to supply Vit D3 to the clinically vulnerable for two months.
  3. Still thundering, now almost continual near torrential rain. Seems that its my area that is affected as no-one else is commenting. Edit: Outdoor temp 20C, RH 86% @ 10:15pm
  4. Very dark now with frequent lightning and thunder. Weather radar shows an almost complete area of red across the area.
  5. Thunderstorm right over us with heavy rain. I watched it on the weather radar, it just bubbled up from nothing. Edit: current time 6:55pm
  6. Depends on the type of drink. Beer or cider are mostly water and if chilled very effective at cooling yourself. A dram of whiskey will give you a warm feeling inside however strong drink can interfere with the body's ability to control its internal temperature.
  7. I have the 7.5mg tablets but I cut them in half so yes, I'm on 3.75mg. Fortunately I don't have a addictive personality.
  8. In the UK melatonin is a prescription drug but I get mine from iHerb in the US where it is marketed as a nutritional supplement. It's perfectly legal to import for own use but don't give any to anyone else because technically that makes you a drug dealer. Not taking melatonin at the moment because I'm currently on Zopiclone. Zopiclone is strong hypnotic only available by prescription from a GP. I have it because I suffer from chronic insomnia.
  9. 7.5mg Zopiclone and you'll sleep like a log whatever the temp.
  10. Chilly overnight then a mixed day of cloud and sunny intervals. Although the high winds have now abated but still chilly for "high summer". Be interested to see if tomorrow's promise of half-decent temps comes off.
  11. Wet overnight and a mixed day of cloud and sunny intervals. A max of around 17C isn't anything to write home about. Now back to the slate grey sky.
  12. Very wet overnight and when I got up there was a definite autumnal feeling to the morning. A few sunny periods later on lifted the temp to around 20C which sparked heavy, blustery showers but unfortunately no thundery activity. Currently clear so I expect tonight could be chilly.
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