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  1. Fairly active little storm in Steyning, heavy rain and fresh air. Also a short-lived very localised storm at around 3 - 3:30am.
  2. If you're desperate there's always Posh Nosh in Shoreham Currently near Steyning, some lovely skyscapes out west right now.
  3. Hi Lu! Yes it was really odd, almost like the earth itself was creaking, that's the best I can come up with.. And cheers, only phone stills but fun to get. Your pics are great btw, hope you do well again tomorrow!
  4. Couple of stills from last night, as others have already mentioned there was a distinct lack of CG, with around 50 minutes of footage producing just a handful of forks. That said, it was an amazing night. Unreal humidity gave way to two rounds of some of the most intense lightning I have ever experienced. Seeing the cloud tops lit up from miles away whilst the local atmosphere remained completely still and silent only added to the build-up, and when rain did arrive it wasn't particularly heavy or intense. As the second round closed in, the intensity peaked with some pretty odd sounds. There was some very loud decent deep gunshot thunder, but mostly the atmosphere just groaned and grumbled almost without a break, and with such anger. Fantastic. Also heard buzzing presumably from static discharge around the most intense segments. Amazing photos on here today, great to see so many people got to witness it too, I hope those that missed out get a better opportunity soon (tomorrow?).
  5. This. Is. Insane. Intense lightning to my west, south east, and south. Long peals of thunder occasionally, humidity high, not a leaf moving. I'm seeing the off fork in the elevated stuff. No rain yet. I've seen a few storms in my life. This is already top 3.
  6. Almost constant lightning to my south and now, just about, distant thunder. The heat is unreal. Lawn has stayed completely dry. Could be a long night.
  7. I promptly fell asleep after that, hope I didn't miss anything Looks like the atmosphere is still marginally conducive to some activity so some may get the odd rumble for a while.
  8. Character building.. Pelting rain, medium-sized hail and some decent lightning passed over a short while ago.
  9. I've enjoyed this spell but feel the same, got unlucky with timing and position both days, sat in the dry slot for almost two hours this afternoon and despite hours of actual precip, some heavy, it just hasn't amounted to any more than a couple of very wet centimetres. But it's fine I'm over it
  10. Wow! Heaviest yet despite radar having me under the light stuff. Readily settling on all surfaces now.
  11. Guessing the radar is playing silly bu**ers again, where did the big lump of precip over Portsmouth, Southampton and IOW go? Still moderate snow here. 0.7°C dew 0.
  12. Loved looking through the pics from all of you who got good snow yesterday and overnight, it was a really fun system to watch unfold, not to mention frustrating at times. We ended up with a few cm's which has mostly faded and after a wintry mix of rain and sleet we're now having moderate to heavy snow which is, surprisingly, settling a little despite the sog. Temps dropping quickly.
  13. Actual proper snowflakes again and heavy! Not sure for how long but currently the channel is the gift that keeps on giving.
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