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    louth, lincolnshire.
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    any extreme weather be it snow, extreme heat or cold and my main interest thunderstorms......would love to go storm chasing one day.
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    snow, storms.sunshine

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  1. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Weather Chat

    I would save your petrol money if I were you .
  2. Bleak Lincolshire coast. Sunny spells and wintry showers. 15.02.16




  3. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire - Weather Chat

    Radar showing rain/ snow mix but just light rain here. Temp 2.5 C. DP 1.6 C
  4. Beautiful rainbow clouds this morning.



  5. I eventually bought my own Davis Vantage Vue from this place http://www.weatherstations.co.uk/ I e-mailed them before with a few questions and they replied with very comprehensive answers.(very professional and slightly cheaper too for the bundle) Having owned a number of other weather stations before I can honestly say that this one is worth the money. It has a rugged, profesional build that fills you with confidence that it won't let you down. You do need the datalogger to take advantage of all the information available but after the initial shock of paying that extra amount for what looks like a plug!, it is worth it in the long run. The Davis software that comes with the datalogger would seem to look like something from the 1980,s , so I quickly ditched this in favour of the cumulus software which is free or by a donation if you wish. This has enabled me to set up my own basic website http://www.louthweather.co.uk/ and cumulus software also allows you to upload to other websites such as met offices WOW, Weatherunderground, PWS and my favourite Twitter https://twitter.com/louthweather . I've owned the Davis for nearly 6 months now and it hasn't missed a beat yet. Teamed up with Cumulus software makes a great little set up. I hope this may help some people who might be thinking about buying a Weather station in the near future. Cheers guys and keep up all the good informative work you do on here.
  6. My dad bought the Davis vantage vue over a year ago. He had many other weather stations before which always failed in the end. The davis has been faultless, accurate and ruggedly built. Everytime I see it I look with envious eyes. There is no doubt in my mind which one I would go for. Also many of the parts can be replaced should they fail. This is a fantastic all in one unit with more weather data than you can shake a stick at....and I want one!!....you won,t be disappointed!
  7. storm clouds gather over louth

    From the album stormy skies

  8. stormy skies

  9. my album

    snow and floods in w london
  10. funnel cloud at mablethorpe 17.07.09

    From the album my album

    i spotted this funnel cloud offshore just to the SE of mablethorpe lincs on the 27.07.09 with some incredible cloud developments during the afternoon.
  11. DSCF0960.JPG

    From the album my album

    funnel cloud at mablethorpe 2009
  12. DSCF0960.JPG

    From the album my album

  13. easter sunday 2008 23/03/08

    From the album my album

  14. louth flood 25.06.07

    From the album my album

  15. louth floods 25.06.07

    From the album my album