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  1. Snow just started here. Very light though
  2. No snow for me yet just too far south missing me so close but no cigar
  3. I don' know what has happened to the nw extra forcast but all my predicted snow has turned to sleet. That cant be right can it?
  4. I am wondering where Maidstone falls in that line from Clacton to Rainham. As i am south of Rainham but not East. Can anyone in the know enlighten me plz
  5. I think the models are pushing the cold away too quickly. Also we still have the effects of another saw which I think may be messing with the models. If the snow is gone by Friday I will be happy. I am starting a build of a house on Monday and cannot do foundations in the temps we are predicted this week
  6. South East foreast mentioned 5 to 10 cm of snow for us between Mon and tues
  7. I do. They look at me as if I am mad lol
  8. I don' post much here but have been on here for quite a few years now. Gifs ALWAYStries to bring warmer air in quicker. Cold air is heavier than warm air. If you have ever tried to light a fire in the cold weather you would know the smoke comes out of the fire place instead of up because it can' push the cold air out of the way. It would take some serious warmth to move cold air over snow fields. And that in itself may mean any rain coming from the south could turn to snow. Anyway as others have said it is too far out to even think about. We might be glad to have less cold air after what may be over us next week.
  9. Lovely morning here woke to harsh frost. Just got into car to go to lunch it's been sitting in the sun and the temp on the dash read 22c lol. Dropped down to 8.5c when I got moving but the sun through the car window is lovely and warm. Roll on spring
  10. More snow than Monday for me
  11. Heavy grapple shower here
  12. Dry breezy and temp hovering around 4 deg. I wonder if I will get snow tonight? Hope so fingers crossed
  13. I feel that if we can get the cold air coming from the E or there abouts then with the sun we should get a bit of convection going and poss some snow coming across the land in our neck of the woods. Convective showers normally do not show up on models. How many times have you seen rain appear out of nowhere on the radar. Fingers crossed we see a covering of the white stuff.
  14. Got light snow here but not settling. Waste of good snow.
  15. Sorry to hear you have a rotten cold snowray. Get well soon.
  16. The positive things about no snow in our area is The schools stay open so no need to have days off to look after kids. No run on bread and milk No extra delays on travel. So my glass is half full not empty because if I look at things this way I can' be disappointed. On the bright side next week should be colder and brighter than what we have just had which is a good thing
  17. Snow Queen one

    Model output discussion - into 2018

    Sorry to hear your news BFTP. Chin up thinking of you. X I second others on here Steve has been very helpful. We lose good people when some of the posters here insist on arguing and slamming people down. I have been here for many years and choose not to post on here as I do not feel I want to leave myself SAY to be shot down by others. Kudos to all our very informative posters (you know who you are) you do us proud and I have been able to learn a lot from you. Now onto the models and I was looking forward to being busy on the SACRA thread but alas it seems I am going to have to wait a while Peace Sq1
  18. Drying up here. No snow either. Going to be a cold night
  19. Hope everybody is having a good Christmas. This latest low is not very exciting for me here as the last one delivered a flake or two of snow mixed in with a lot of rain. We had no lying snow and this event looks to be too far north for me again. Hope you all enjoy the white stuff.
  20. Rain came through here fell on hard frost made my road a bit interesting.
  21. No snow here. Had a dusting this morning drizzle now snow mostly gone
  22. BBC just trashed any chance for my area
  23. I'm in Maidstone I will miss out on it all. Rain predicted for me. Not unusual as every year I face the same problem the warm air gets mixed into the front/low and my snow turns into rain. Enjoy all those who get snow. At least I will be able to get into work on Monday lol