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  1. With a paintbrush
  2. Look at the date of your quoted post. Steve posted that on 24th March for 30th March model run.. we are now 6th April. Please check date of posts before quoting them
  3. Thanks Daniel will be out looking up.
  4. Does anybody know if we will be able to see it tonight
  5. So when can I expect snow then. Cabin fever has set in i need a distraction
  6. A question sorry if it's been asked before. But how is the lack of flight data and ship data going to effect our weather models? And with the drop in CO2 activity will global warming be halted maybe even reversed a bit?
  7. I have heard that lockdown will start tomorrow eve
  8. I went to a farm shop today with a butcher in it. He had loads of chicken. I bought 2 stuffed chicken thighs some freshly made sausages and bacon. I think that if you goto a local butchers you will find what you want
  9. Tom I am thinking of you. I hope your wife gets well soon. And your son is ok.. SQ1 x
  10. FYI my daughters friend is married to a member of the army. He has been deployed to London as of tomorrow.
  11. If you are told if you dont go to work your fired ask for it in writing so you can take your employer to a tribunal for unfair dismissal or your union.
  12. Coronavirus: latest information and advice - HSE news WWW.HSE.GOV.UK Coronavirus: latest information and advice. Latest advice. I repeat what I said before. THE HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ACT IS AN ACT OF PARLIMENT. This means it is against the LAW to put staff at risk. An employer has a duty of care to his staff. If you are being pressured to going into work ask for a risk assessment from your company showing it is safe for you to work. They cannot fire you without good reason and this legislation applies to everybody. Hope this helps some of you.
  13. My daughters school is closed to year 10 and 11 from tomorrow she is a head of department. I am in centre parc this week they are closing down for 2 weeks on Friday
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