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  1. Just left Dungeness can confirm sferics in chanel nothing coming inland. But wind was so bad down here a tree has been blown over on the A259 near lydd
  2. Bluebell the fish and chips were great. Now watching the lightening in the channel wind still very warm
  3. Sitting in not so hot hot tub watching clouds bubble up. Humidity feels like temp has shot up looking forward to a cool down over the weekend
  4. I have 2 temp sensors in my garden. This is what my weather station is reading at the mo.
  5. I have been sitting outside watching distant lightening hope it comes my way but can still see stars overhead
  6. Nope. Been predicted to go up the country but as with a lot of systems the eastern side tends to be more active. Not saying they will make it to Kent but they have a good chance
  7. The activity seems to be increasing on the east side. I wish I lived a little bit closer to surrey These storms seem to be travelling NNE
  8. Am near Marden. Strobe lightening near constant distant thunder 20190618_232458.mp4
  9. Humidity here is 60% temp is 20 deg. Been overcast all day. Not a drop of rain. Yet my daughter in Ditton has had heavy showers. Bone dry and nothing on the radar yet. This maybe one of the many times the storms miss me we shall see.
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