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  1. Ahhhh what a nice hubby to do that for you. I have to buy my own and pretend it has been in the loft a all year lol
  2. Ty so do i. Dami can I ask why you are sorting out your xmas decks lol.
  3. The limped high can only do one after Saturday because that's when my daughter is getting married. So I need dry weather at least to save the massive train on her dress
  4. A few big rumbles here but nothing special. Not even much rain I am on the edge of the rain coming up from IOW
  5. Heading toward Ashford dark wet not much else
  6. Very dark temp 18.5 on m20
  7. Out chasing this storm cloud down M20 towards coast
  8. Now that would be special if we kept this set up through winter. Its been nice having the heat. But the potential for a snow fest is a nice dream too
  9. Hello Dave Been manic this weekend gardening. Great weather recently for getting out in the garden but I must admit I would love a good storm we missed out on some last week. SQ1
  10. Lovely sun today in Maidstone. Currently 22 deg and feeling hotter in the sun
  11. It' been rumbling away with thunder here since 10 this morning. Had lots of rain too.
  12. Rain and 1 rumble of thunder so far.
  13. Calm here wind has dropped since the sun set
  14. Hi no I am going to a wedding reception in The Franklin Rooms