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  1. Jon there's always a membership for you in SACRA 😆
  2. Been snowing all day not amounted to much steady drip drip this afternoon. Now the drips have frozen abd still powders on falling. Hoping it will pick up later. Definitely not been hammered here even though I am in Amber warning area.
  3. Very windy no laying snow very wet nothing to see here or get excited about
  4. Apps are a waste of time this close to the event. Don't forget the sea is a huge warm body of water convection will happen and the ppn will build up and come in as snow. Its a now forcast ignore apps and models. Its a low pressure system that will drag I cold air as it moves away.
  5. Just looked at med range forcast model for Friday. Let's hope its right.
  6. That met office forcast is pants for my area. Told my family to be prepared for snow. Regretting it now.
  7. How old are you lol 😆 I remember buying bottles of that to take to parties as a teenager. Can you still buy jt?
  8. I agree icebox the water here has stopped draining away and started coming back up through the paving slabs lol heres to some dry weather. We can only hope
  9. In my opinion all peeps living approx South of M20 towards coast are going to be dissapointed with this winter. We are just not going to be blessed being in the right place for snow. Expect nothing and you cannot be let down. One plus is that we will still have vaccine centre open and operating whilst up north may not. This means if they bring tiers back after lockdown we may well be the first down here to be free. And I would prefer freedom to snow this year.
  10. Awwww Mac my friend has one too. Always washing him. Cute dog though.
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