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  1. I have news, the forecast based on the OPI and SAI index will be released Monday, November 10 see here: http://www.centrometeotoscana.it/forum/index.php?board=21.0
  2. -2.1 / -2.2 Should be the final figure, the second lowest since 1976 and just behind 2009
  3. Congratulations and I am very widely. As some would say, be patient
  4. I completely agree with you. In my opinion, the IZE could be lost if a SSW would be realized for example early in the season for example late December or mid-January. That is why I have big doubts about this index and very little back up because only until 2011 (while the OPI index goes back to 1976). Personally, I would rather use the IPO index and ISC without hesitation
  5. I for one OPI index is stable now and oxcille between -1.5 and -2.5 so the final figure should be within this range at the end of the month which is well below
  6. made in, everything depends on the shape of the axis and the inclination of the polar vortex and all that, we know that early November
  7. except that in December 2011 and January 2012 was very soft on Europe. The cold snap in February 2012 was a stroke of luck, thank you Russian anticyclone. And case studies from February 2012 was explained by Riccardo. The cold snap was expected three months in advance
  8. even better on the 12Z, just incredible. Positive anomalies have just tripled in size since yesterday
  9. in my opinion, very unlikely that Western Europe is not affected by cold waves if the IPO index is below -1.5 for example. Since 1976, every time the index was below -1.5, the Western Europe had enjoyed a winter with several wave of severe frost including France, Germany and Britain . I do not see why this scheme would stop our current era. Another thing, El Nino is also unfavorable to the waves of gel in the eastern and central United States. Europe would be more favored by cold repeating especially the Central part of Europe
  10. I think not. There are not really any aberrant values ​​GFS last night
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